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How Ayurveda Can Help With Alcohol Addiction?

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How Ayurveda Can Help With Alcohol Addiction?

Ayurveda is a system of medicine that originated from the Indian subcontinent. It is one of the alternative therapies of medicine. It is also the world’s oldest form of medicine.

What is Alcohol Addiction?
Alcohol addiction is defined as a chronic disease in which individuals drink alcohol in excessive amounts for longer periods, thereby creating a physical and psychological dependence on alcohol.

Statistics of Alcohol Abuse
Alcohol is banned in some parts of India, such as Manipur and Gujarat. Around 62.5 million people are believed to drink alcohol in India. Alcohol consumption is widespread in Western countries.

Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction
The patient may experience the following symptoms:

  1. An inability to stop drinking (once drinking begins)
  2. Physical discomfort on withdrawal (when not drinking)
  3. Extreme agitation or anxiety
  4. “Blacking Out” Regularly
  5. Neglecting Your Responsibilities
  6. Persistent insomnia
  7. Nausea or vomiting
  8. Seizures
  9. Hallucinations

Role of Ayurveda in the Management of Alcohol Addiction
Ayurveda believes that people who are addicted to alcohol are trying to escape their problem and inner tension caused by emotional stress. The effects of these intoxicating substances alter the balance of the mental health, and patients start believing that they are being helped, but they are creating further imbalances in the body. Ayurveda aims to restore all the imbalances that have been created. It also improves the individual’s ability to deal better with stress.

If the patients can learn to manage their stress, they can stop resisting themselves from abusing it, and the need to abuse alcohol will cease. The regular practice of yoga postures can improve health and help people to deal better with stress.

In this system of medicine, the patient is asked for the details of the disease, a full picture of the patient’s lifestyle, diet, physical fitness, emotional level, and the current health situation. It also includes a complete examination of the patient and an examination of the pulse and patient’s vital parameters. Other factors, such as the appearance of the skin and eyes, will also be carefully recorded.

After completing this full assessment, the conclusion will be made. Depending upon the analysis and evaluation, the appropriate treatment will be given.

Meditation is the best way for the people who are trying to get out from an addiction. It not only helps them deal with emotional stress but also increases their ability to manage the stress factors that occur in life. Overcoming an addiction is very difficult. If an individual stops alcohol consumption abruptly, he/she may experience withdrawal symptoms, and these symptoms can be life-threatening. Therefore, it is always advisable to consult the doctor before taking any such step.

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