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Homeopathy For Prevention And Treatment Of Osteoporosis

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Homeopathy For Prevention And Treatment Of Osteoporosis

Our bones are composed of calcium deposits, and with age, the amount of deposits gradually reduce, leading to porous bones called in medical terms as osteoporosis - osteo for bone and porosis for porous. As the bones grow porous, they are more brittle and prone for fracture. In severe conditions, a person's limb length can also be altered, leading to stooped and shortened stature.

Osteoporosis is more common in females, especially after menopause, as there is a strong hormonal connection to osteoporosis. An advice for females post 40 is to include calcium and vitamin d supplements, thereby delaying the onset and reducing the severity of this condition.

Once it does set in, there are various medications available; however, as with most allopathic medications, there are side-effects. Well-known as it is, homeopathy treats the individual and not just the disease. Listed below are some common treatments, which improve calcium and phosphorus metabolism, reduce bone loss, and improve bone mass.

Calcarea carbonica - This works well in patients who have issues with calcium absorption, get tired easily, are anxious and stressed out easily. Cold often worsens the pain and there could be swelling of joints and neck and back pain. There is also a strong craving for sweets in these people.

Calcarea phosphorica - This works very well in cases where the spine has been affected. Patients with softened spine and curved body benefit very well from this. This also can be used where there is associated anemia and increased bone pain due to cold weather. At an emotional level, people with general dissatisfaction and a strong desire to travel and wanting a change of situations can also benefit from this.

Calcaria iod - In addition to bone loss, where there is muscular and fat deficiency, this supplement has been proven to work well.

Silicea (silica) - Delicate people who are often very nervous and get tired easily and have a low resistance to infection get benefited from this medication. The spine is the most affected, and there might even be fractures and pus or fistula formation. It helps in healing broken bones and removing bone splinters. This works well in cases where calcium assimilation is affected by improving calcium assimilation.

Symphytum - Popularly known as 'knit bone,' this medicine is believed to help unite fractured bones very effectively by promoting strong callous formation. Not just new fractures, this also helps in patients who have pain in old healed or partially healed fractures.

To conclude, there are many remedies that can help treat osteoporosis and its consequences, the above being the few popular ones.

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