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Last Updated: Jun 22, 2024

Homeopathic Remedies For Musculoskeletal Problems!

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Dr. Yogesh KhandelwalHomeopathy Doctor • 17 Years Exp.BHMS
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The human body has a sophisticated system of bones, joints, muscles, cartilages, and tendons which coordinate marvellously to allow for various bodily movements. Due to various reasons, however, these get affected leading to inability to move, stiffness, painful movement and reduced range of motion.

Most of these are chronic conditions and require lifestyle changes with diet modifications, exercises, and weight management. This is where homoeopathy plays a significant role in these conditions, where the disease is controlled over a period of time with the restoration of improved quality of life.

  1. Cervical or lumbar spondylosis: The neck and spine is a very important part of the musculoskeletal system. They also house the nerve and blood supply system to and from the brain and the rest of the body. The spondylosis leads to chronic neck pain and/or back pain and can be very limiting for the patient. Conium, Kalmia, Gelsemium, Silicea, and Calcarea Phos are some commonly used compounds which control the symptoms of spondylosis effectively in spondylosis affected people.
  2. Backache: Backache is a symptom and the underlying cause could be multiple including sedentary lifestyle with prolonged sitting, stress, obesity, accidents, injury, trauma, etc. Whatever the cause, in most people, it turns out to be a chronic issue requiring repeated use of painkillers, which bring a host of side effects. Homeopathy has effective remedies which can be used safely for prolonged periods, including Arnica, Rhus Tox, Kali Carb, Bryonia, Mag Phos, etc. The doctor will ask for potential causes and associated symptoms before deciding on the right agent.
  3. Rheumatoid arthritis: An autoimmune disease that lead to generalised inflamed joints that are swollen and red, stiff in the morning, and get worse during cold weather. Causticum, Bryonia, Caulophyllum, Ledum Pal, and Colchicum are some effectively used remedies for managing symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.
  4. Osteoarthritis: This is inflammation of the joints associated with old age where degeneration of the cushioning cartilage affects joint movement leading to stiff joints and painful movements. Depending on whether the hip, knee, or finger is affected, the following compounds are used: Colcynthis, Antimonium Crudum, Bryonia Alba, Calcarea Carbonica, Sulphur, Rhus Toxicodendron, and Pulsatilla Nigricans.
  5. Gout: Excessive uric acid in the body leads to accumulation of urate crystals in the joints, leading to painful swelling of the joints. The most affected part in the body is big toe followed by ankles, knees and wrists. Colchicum, Benzoic acid, Ledum Pal, Antim Crudum, and Sabina are some of the common ingredients used in managing gout.
  6. Calcium deficiency: Calcium is extremely essential for healthy bones, and calcium deficiency can lead to weak/brittle bones and osteoporosis that are more prone to fracture. Especially in women over 40 years of age and growing children, calcium supplements are advised for good bone health. Calcarea carbonica, symphytum, calcium phosphate, and silica are useful in restoring calcium levels through homoeopathy.

In all these conditions, in addition to supplements, the doctor would also provide some dietary recommendations and exercises targeted at the affected joints to improve overall health.

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