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High Blood Sugar Level in Body - How Can You Control It?

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High Blood Sugar Level in Body - How Can You Control It?

Blood sugar control is the core of the diabetes treatment plan as by losing control over your blood sugar, you risk serious complications related to health. Frequent or ongoing irregular blood sugar levels can damage your blood vessels, nerves and organs. Irregular Blood Sugar Level is a major concern and can affect diabetic as well as general people.

The most common causes of uncontrolled blood sugar level are:
1. Skipping Insulin or oral glucose medicines.
2. Eating too many carbohydrates in general.
3. Have an infection
4. Exercising less or not at all.

Symptoms of increased sugar level in body
1. Increased Thirst: If you feel unusually thirsty and feel the urge to drink more than usual, you should check your sugar levels.
2. Frequent Urination: Excessive urination occurs when glucose builds up in your blood, and your kidney begins to work harder to get rid of the extra glucose. The excess sugar is thrown away from the body through urine.
3. Fatigue: Extreme tiredness or fatigue is common symptoms of uncontrolled blood sugar. If you do not have sufficient amount of insulin in your body, or if the insulin is not processed properly, then it stays in our blood. Hence, it does not get used up for energy.
4. Blurry Vision: High blood sugar levels can lead to swollen lenses in your eyes due to fluid leaking in, according to Joslin Diabetes Center. This changes the shape of the lens and makes it unable to focus properly, resulting in blurry vision.

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How you can control the level of sugar in your body

  1. Diet: Eat right. Consult a diabetes educator or dietician to help you figure out a healthy diet that works for you. Do share all your sugar levels, your preference with them. This would enable them to make a proper and more suitable diet plan for you, which will help you in keeping your blood sugar under control.
  2. Exercise: To keep your blood sugar control, do exercise regularly. Exercise will increase your insulin activity, after which you don’t need to as much insulin to help your body in processing carbohydrates.
  3. Medication: Insulin is a hormone that is normally produced in the body. But for people with abnormal blood sugar level, it is either not working as it should or the body has stopped producing it. People with abnormal Blood sugar level may need to take insulin in order to keep their blood glucose levels in a healthy range. Insulin helps your body to use glucose properly.
  4. Blood Glucose Monitoring: Monitor your blood glucose levels regularly in order to know how much insulin you require, especially before you take a meal. Keeping a check on your blood glucose levels will help you in adjusting your insulin medication as well as your meals, so that your blood sugar remains stable.

If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult the doctor and ask a free question.

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