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Gist of rujuta divekar's talk today organised by borivali medical brotherhood:

1. Throw out your weighing scale cause it is not a reflection of how healthy you are. 

2. Bmi is not an accurate representation as each of us is different. Instead two new terms have come into play- tofi and foti (thin outside and fat inside and vice versa) means you are unhealthy even if you look thin on the outside.
3. New research is showing that cholesterol is not directly the cause of heart disease.

4. Eat 4-5tsps of ghee everyday. It is good for the gut bacteria and will actually help in reducing abdomen fat.

5. Bring back rice on your plate. Not brown not white but handpounded. Eat rice at night too if you have grown up eating it. Leave the quinoa to the south americans

6. Stop looking at food as carbs, protein & fat. Instead look at it from farmer, trader, consumer point of view. So eat what takes the least time to come to you - eat local!

7. All fruit is the same. All have fructose- again eat local grown seasonal fruit.

8. Bananas are good for you.

9. Eat before you drink alcohol - eat early, drink early.

10. Weight loss industry has somehow managed to get everyone to believe that what tastes yuck is healthy and good for you. Don't equate healthy with yucky tasting food.

11. Keep moving. For every half hour you sit, move at least 3mins.

12.150mins of exercise a week is mandatory.

14. Weight bearing exercise is what one should be doing to keep bones strong and for stronger muscles.

15. Oil your hair once a week, rub ghee on your feet and drink plenty of water to alleviate bloating.

16. Salt is not bad for you. Don't go salt free. Use rock salt.

17. Sugar is also not bad for you provided you eat it the right way. Indian sweets are better than your pastries and brownies etc.

18. Work on strengthening your legs.

19. Don't believe that drinking green tea will make you lose weight. A myth that google and weight loss industry has promoted just because chinese are thin.

20. Red meat is absolutely fine as long as you watch the quantity. 

21. Latest research is linking wine to breast cancer

22. Eat so much that when you get up from the table, you should feel light.

23. Don't count calories

24. Most important - remove fear from your head while eating. (we all know about the mind-body connection by now)

25. Make lifestyle changes and don't follow fad diets which rob your body of essential vitamins and minerals)

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