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Hair Transplant: Know Procedure Of It!

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Hair Transplant: Know Procedure Of It!

There are a few things in our lives which we don’t value until we lose it and our hair is one of those blessings that we are endowed with. For many such people, the hair transplant treatment can bring back the hair that they have lost owing to both external and internal factors. There are a variety of causes behind hair fall such as unhealthy diet habits, regular exposure to pollution and harmful UV rays. Also, our daily dose of stress and tension has a role to play in this respect.

What is hair transplant treatment?
If an individual is bothered about the thinning of hair at certain places, then hair transplant is a treatment worth considering. It will not only restore back the lost tresses but boost up the self-confidence as well.
Hair transplant is a kind of surgery which helps in moving the hair that you already possess to an area which has less or no hair at all. The treatment has been in practice since the 1950s in the United States of America although the advancement of medical science has contributed to making hair transplant much effective only in recent years.

How is the hair transplant done?
The hair transplant treatment is done in well equipped operation theater in the presence of an Anesthesiologist. In the most popular method of FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction  method, under local anesthesia plastic surgeon removes hair follicle grafts using a 8mm or 9 mm special punch from the back of the head. There is no need of cuts or stitches. The puncture wounds are instantly hidden by the hair present in the surrounding.

The next task of the surgeon is to separate the little grafts where each of them comprises a single or a few hairs. The type and the amount of grafts that an individual requires is based on the type of hair, quality, hair colour, hair condition and the size of the area where the hair is required to be transplanted. The actual process of hair transplant is all the same after this point. Once the graft is prepared, the surgeon would clean the area and numb the zone where the hair would be transplanted. Then slits or holes are created with the aid of needle or scalpel and finally, each graft is delicately placed in one of the holes. The whole process of hair transplantation may take 4 to 8 hours depending on the extent of treatment. An individual may require another session of the treatment if he or she decides to get thicker hair or if the problem of hair loss persists.

What you may expect after the treatment?
After the hair transplantation, the scalp may become tender, and the doctor may prescribe an antibiotic and a painkiller to alleviate the condition. It is normal for the transplanted hair to fall out but the new growth of hair should start within a few months after the treatment. Most people who are treated with hair transplant renewed hair growth within 6 to 9 months after the treatment.

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