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Hair Transplant And Male Pattern Baldness

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Dr.Malay Mehta 88% (93ratings)
MBBS, MD - Dermatology
Dermatologist, Mumbai  •  10years experience
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 My name is Dr. Malay Mehta. I am certified MD Dermatologist. My area of interest is Hair Transplant & Cosmetic Dermatology specially face cutting. So today I will be speaking on hair transplant and what are the things one can do for the male pattern hair loss. Ok, so as far as the male pattern hair loss is concerned it’s a very common condition affecting majority of the men above thirty or above forty. So today we will be discussing whether one should go for the hair transplant and who is the candidate who can continue with the medicine and lotion. So when somebody is having the receding hairline when too much of scalpe is visible or sometimes what happens the baldness is too much so they are the candidate for the hair transplant. And rest of them who have just started hair fall who are at the early twenties and who feel like the hair loss is very recent they are candidate for medication and lotion. So two USFDA treatments available for such candidate who have just started having the hair loss are Minoxidil lotion and finpecia tablet they can have it ok. So this is the hormonal tablet and the lotion which will help the dilating the blood vessels in of an amount the blood reaching the hair follicle and that’s how they get the hair regrowth. We are discussing the indications of hair transplant.

If somebody is having the receding hairline or bald patch they are the candidate for hair transplant. But not all candidate with bald patches on their scalpe are candidate for hair transplant. So my advice to you sees a qualified dermatologist who then will be able to help you out whether this is the male pattern hair loss or some other condition which is going to give you the bald patch. Suppose there are other conditions like lichen planus, discoid lupus erythematosus, or lichen planopilaris or pseudo palaro plaus – this is a medical condition in which what happens so much inflammation around the hair root area and the distraction of the hair follicle take place. They are not the ideal candidate for hair transplant. Why they are not the ideal candidate for hair transplant? Even if you put the new follicle over the affected area there is a disease or the inflammation is going to distract the new hair follicle.

So they are not the ideal candidate. So once you go for the biopsy first followed by medical treatment. Ok so now we move onto the hair transplant. Those patients who decide to go for the hair transplant they have got two possible treatment option one is FUT method or strip method and second is FUE method. FUT or strip method these days are not very popular just because of the fact that over the donor area or the back of head they would end up having the linear scalpe. So these days it is not very popular and the patients are more demanding towards the FUE procedures. So we at our center exclusively do FUE method hair transplantation. So when we say FUE method hair transplantation we take the hair follicle individual hair follicle from the back of the head area so we call it the donor area and we implant it on the recipient area so where you have the bald patch. So result depend on the three things the depth of the follicle in which it is being implanted, direction of the hair follicle at which angle it is been placed. So when we say the direction of the hair follicle at the frontalis we tend to keep the twenty-degree angle with the scalp area. Just behind that area, we tend to keep the twenty or forty-degree angle. And when we go little backward we keep the angle around forty degree. So it also camouflages the bald area and at the same time, the result looks more natural.

So we talk about three things, the depth of the hair follicle, density of the hair follicle and the direction of the hair follicle. So when we talk about density we densely pack the hair area the bald area the result become so natural. So if at all you want to consider about the hair transplant there are many clinics who provide this service but you need to make sure who is the doctor who is consulting you and is he the same doctor who is going to do the follow-up. So many of the hair transplant center is budding up over the places and the majority of the times it is the technician who is doing the services. That’s how off late we are getting more of the failed cases. In such a case, the donor area is been damaged too much and it is difficult for the correction as well.

So as far as the result is concerned you need to select your doctor, select the center to see how many procedures he or she has done it and do try to connect with the follow-up cases of the same center. So what do we need to do post the procedure. On seven days we call patients for the follow up, to crust removal and you can see the nice amount of the hair which is been grown up to like point five centimeter to one centimeter of the length and till then the patient has to take the antibiotic and the anti inflammatory tablet and probably after a week or so the patient sometimes do see a shading of the hair and at the end of six or eight months they again regrow the natural hair. That’s how it takes probably one year to have a complete result. Thank you.

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