Hair Fall

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Hello everyone!

I am Kajol Rathod, Clinical Nutritionist and Dietician at Harleys Clinic, Andheri West, Mumbai. So today we are going to be addressing a topic which we all can relate to very easily and have experienced at some point in our lives. Hair Fall. So, one of the major causes of hairfall could be inadequate nutrition in the body. What is it about nutrition that could help you tackle your hair fall? First and foremost being proteins. Your hair is made up of a protein called keratin. Now you require protein as they are the building blocks.

They ensure renewal and regeneration of new hair cells, the hair follicles. Ensuring uptake of sufficient protein in the diet from dals, sprout, pulses, egg, fish, chicken, dairy products could ensure that your new hair follicles which are generated are healthy and the new hair growth would be lustrous. Moving on second most important thing would be vitamin and minerals levels in your body. If there is insufficient vitamins and minerals level in the body you might tend to lose hair.

You might have come across words like biotin, zinc, chromium etc. Big words but very easy to get minerals and vitamins. Ensure to have 3-4 vegetable servings and 2-3 servings everyday and your daily allowances are met. There could be situations in life as when you are under lot of stress, pregnancy, postnatal or you are someone who is watching your weight but you still want lustrous and healthy manes. At such situations supplementing the diet with additional nutrients is never a question. Make sure you eat a healthy nutritious diet and do not stress over the hair fall which would further aggravate it. Stress could be another factor which could be making you lose your hair.

Now apart from being in stress in other matters how you can manage it with your diet. Ensure taking in Vitamin C in the form of fruits like oranges, lemon, amla, guava or supplement your diet with additional Vitamin C supplement so that your stress is handled by your body. Overall maintaining a healthy diet and ensuring that you are living a stress-free life could be a key for you to not lose your hair. For more diet related queries or to book an appointment with us kindly contact us through lybrate.

Thank you so much!

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