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Foot Care & Eye Care In Diabetes!

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Foot Care & Eye Care In Diabetes!

When you are suffering from Diabetes, you need to take extra care of your feet and eyes. Both these parts of the body are heavily affected during this disease. In fact, your diet should also be taken in such a way that it maintains good eye sight and proper foot care. Apart from drinking lots of water and controlling your diet, you need to take special care of your eyes and feet. Here are a few tips that might help you to take good care of these two parts of your body.

Foot Care:

  1. You must make sure that your medical practitioner does a complete foot care check up for you, at least once every year. If you have been suffering from any foot problems prior to the development of diabetes, then it is all the more necessary to take care of your feet and get it checked by the doctor.
  2. Make sure that your nails are properly trimmed and corns removed. Your feet should always be neat, tidy and clean. Even a little cut or injury needs to be treated immediately lest they spread infection into the blood stream.
  3. Always be careful of the socks and shoes that you wear. They must be regularly washed and cleaned. Do not wear soiled socks or smelly socks. It might only aggravate the problem.
  4. Go for regular foot massage and even a pedicure if need be to keep your feet clean and ensure proper, unrestricted flow of blood.

Eye Care:

  1. Visit you ophthalmologist once a year regularly so that any problem with your eyes can be detected at the earliest.
  2. Keep your sodium intake in check as well as your blood pressure levels. High blood pressure can damage the blood cells of the eyes. Thus, keeping your pressure levels in check is mandatory.
  3. If you are a smoker, it is best to quit smoking if you have fallen prey to diabetes. Smoking can damage blood vessels apart from the various other health adversities it normally causes.

Thus, these are some of the alternative lifestyles that you can look into while taking care of your eyes and feet during diabetes as these parts of the body are vital. Diabetes is a disease which starts affecting different body parts and weakens them one by one. Thus, special care is needed at all times when you suffer from this disease.

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