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Last Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Food Poisoning - Know Diet After It!

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Dt. Binita DharaDietitian/Nutritionist • 11 Years Exp.B.Sc. - Dietitics / Nutrition, Masters in FPNS
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Food poisoning happens when a person eats contaminated food that contains e-Coli and fungus. Food poisoning may lead to vomiting, nausea, and stomach ache. When the person recovers from the condition, doctors may suggest bland food for some time. It is necessary that patient eat simple food with lots of fluid to regulate their digestive system. Clear liquids will help you to rehydrate your body and gain strength for the recovery.

Best Food to Eat After Food Poisoning

When a person is recovering from food poisoning, it is suggested by the doctors that patients eat food items which are easy to digest and light on the stomach. The best food items to eat after food poisoning is:



Apple sauce

● Toast

The four food items suggested above are bland in taste and high in starch. These food items are easy to digest and helps the upset stomach. It also helps in reducing the symptoms of diarrhoea. These are readily available and also works with kids. Since banana is high in potassium, it helps in the regulation of lost electrolytes. You can also introduce food items like yoghurt, bone broths, turkey, plain potato to gain strength after food poisoning.

Recovery From Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is life-threatening, and immediate doctors treatment is required. If you have consumed contaminated food in small quantity then there are chances that you will recover from food poisoning within 48 hours.

However, severe levels of food poisoning require hospitalization and an IV dose of medicines.

Food Items to Avoid After Food Poisoning

Food poisoning weakens your digestive system and pathogens in your body. So the foremost thing you should discard from your kitchen is the food that you suspect is the culprit of food poisoning. Also relax your stomach with clear liquids, juices, and soups. They are easy to drink and does not make you feel nauseated.

Avoid food items and drinks like:

● Alcohol

● Caffeine

● Spicy food items

● Dairy products like butter and cheese

Sugar juices

● Junk food

● Processed food like eggs and meat are not suggested by the doctors since they are heavy to digest and may bloat your stomach. You must try green leafy vegetables in your diet and keep your food clean and bland. You must also avoid food that causes bloating and gas.

Who Are at Risk of Food Poisoning?

Mostly, kids, infants, and pregnant women are at risk of food poisoning. Kids and infants are prone to food poisoning and may suffer from severe conditions like botulism and diarrhoea. They can also come in contact with cold easily which may result in stomach illness. Pregnant women are also at serious risk of food poisoning. Eating contaminated food during this fragile condition can affect the child in the womb. Conclusion Food poisoning is an unpleasant condition and requires medical attention immediately. This situation may take a few days to recover completely. It is highly dangerous to kids and infants as compared to adults. The person recovering from food poisoning should not haste into a regular lifestyle and should start with a healthy diet for fast recovery. Bland food not only helps in digestion but also relieves the patient from diarrhoea and bloody stools.

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