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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Fight Recurrent Cold, Cough & Allergies With Homeopathy To Enhance Immunity Of Your Children!

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Dr. Sangita MittalHomeopathy Doctor • 18 Years Exp.BHMS, PGDEMS, CCH, CGO
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There is no child who does not go through bouts of coughing and sneezing. These symptoms are usually associated with the common cold. But, they could also be prompted by seasonal allergy.

Common cold:

Viruses are responsible for the common cold. Young children are very much vulnerable to them. The intensity of common cold varies from one child to another, but usually, this annoying disease is accompanied by-

• Sneezes, persistent coughing, runny or blocked nose.
• Slight fever
Body ache
• Headache

The good news is, it does not last long, and the symptoms disappear within seven days. But if your child frequently suffers from common cold, there is a risk that it could develop into severe ailments like bronchitis, sinus infection, or pneumonia.

The common cold is more prevalent in children who have a weak immune system. They do not have enough White Blood Corpuscles to fight off the virus.


If your child’s immunity is not robust enough, it cannot produce antibodies that can neutralize allergens. Allergens are foreign bodies that can enter our bodies through our noses or through food and unless antibodies get rid of them, the body reacts violently to them.

It exhibits almost the same symptoms as a common cold-

• Compulsive sneezing
• Runny nose and watering eyes
• Coughing
• Inflammation of the skin
Rashes and itching

Allergies are especially dangerous for children with respiratory ailments as they tend to make conditions like asthma worse. It can also lead to infection of the sinus, lungs or ears.

Homoeopathy for the Treatment of Common Cold And Allergies:

There are no fixed guidelines for treatment in homoeopathy. It takes a more individual-centric approach. Since no two individuals are the same, treatment differs from one to another.

Homeopathy approach depends upon causative factor and personalized symptoms of worsening and soothing the complaints. Arsenic album mostly use if after eating cold or ice complaints starts. Aconite if exposure to cold air causes the complaints.

Homoeopathy is not only extremely effective in improving your child’s immunity, but it also does not produce the unsavoury side effects that allopathic medicines are infamous for.

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