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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Failing Libido- What You Need to Do

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Dr. Yuvraj Arora MongaSexologist • 25 Years Exp.MBBS, MD - Pharmacology
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Your fantasies might have taken a backseat for the time- being or might have remained silenced for more than a while. The other processes of your usual life go on perfectly except for a few changes that you either consider as minute or you attribute them to any cause other than lowered libido. Failing libido can create hurdles in a man as well as a woman's life and thus should be treated at the earliest possible. Even if you don't care much about an impaired sex life; failing libido can bring about considerable changes in your overall health that can prove to be harmful in the long run.

The common causes of decreased libido can be listed as below:

  1. Terminal illnesses like cancer, diabetes and neurological disorders can hamper your sex drive.
  2. Acute exhaustion from performing at work, tending to a family or to a new born can rid you of all energy.
  3. An instance of sexual abuse in the past can result in lowered libido.
  4. A lousy lifestyle where you either smoke or drink regularly can prevent you from experiencing sexual desires.
  5. Irregular sleep patterns can be a contributing factor as well.
  6. In males testosterone levels may sharply drop due to aging. However, in females estrogen levels may drop after surgeries pertaining to the vaginal tract, after menopause or after childbirth and subsequent breast- feeding.

Ways to deal with your failing libido:

  1. Take Bupropion to help your case: Dopamine and norepinephrine are two basic hormones particularly necessary for a good sex drive. The consumption of Bupropion is capable of inducing the secretion of these two hormones.
  2. Try Eating a Mediterranean diet: A Mediterranean diet is perhaps the most reliable solution for a majority of diseases that plague men and women of modern times. This diet is known to treat failing libido in elderly people as well. A Mediterranean diet requires you to eat lots of vegetables and olive oil, while protein should be consumed in limited portions.
  3. Meditate on a Daily Basis: Meditation concentrates your complete energy on the well- being of your mind and body. It helps you to be conscious and aware of the sensations you feel or may feel. When continued over a long stretch of time, it can restore your interest in sexual activities.
  4. Make significant efforts to change your lifestyle: If you have an erratic lifestyle, sexual dysfunction is almost inevitable. You need to follow a routine to prohibit your libido from failing you.