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Eye Care - Basic Ayurvedic Tips For It!

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Eye Care - Basic Ayurvedic Tips For It!

The eyes are very delicate and highly vulnerable to injuries from outside environment. Eye care is very important, as some eye problems can lead to complete loss of vision. Ayurveda believes that optimal eye health is a balance between the tridoshas namely, Vata, pitta, and Kapha. An imbalance between these three can lead to eye diseases, triggered by the following:

  1. Prolonged straining of the eyes
  2. Daytime sleeping and prolonged nighttime awakening
  3. Exposure to environmental pollutants and dust
  4. Head injuries
  5. A cold water bath after extreme stressful exercise or being in the hot weather
  6. Alcoholism

Some of the common eye problems include:

  1. Dry eyes
  2. Dark circles
  3. Tired eyes
  4. Eye infections

Dry eyes: Though there is no constant flow of tears, the eyes are always covered by a thin layer of tears which covers the eyes. These reduces irritation, lubricates the eyes, and keeps it free of dirt. Reduced amounts of tears can lead to eye irritation and increased chances of infection.

Ayurvedic remedies:
- Two spoons of triphala powder can be added to water, boiled, and once cool, honey can be added before consuming it. This can be consumed on a daily basis to improve eye health.
- Castor leaves can be boiled in water, and once cooled, a cotton ball can be dipped in this and then applied on the eyes.

Tired eyes: Prolonged straining, allergies, fatigue, and reduced oxygen supply to the eyes can cause tired eyes.

Allergic remedies:
- Try washing the eyes with plain water as much as possible
- Try yoga asanas which will improve the blood flow to the eyes (standing on the head, for instance)
- Freshly cut slice of cucumber can be placed on the eyes
- Cotton dipped in rose water can be used on the eyes to provide a soothing effect
- Rest the eyes well by providing 7 to 8 hours of rest

Dark circles: Caused by sun exposure, age, allergies, lack of sleep, hereditary, fatigue, asthma, etc.

Ayurvedic remedies:
- Avoid use of bleach as they do not help in removing dark circles
- Include a well-balanced diet
- Use a light moisturiser and use light motion to improve the blood circulation
- Avoid scratching under the eye region
- Remove the cause of allergies, fatigue, etc.

Pink eye: Most common infection caused by viruses, bacteria, dust, or pollen.

Ayurvedic Remedies:
- Avoid repeatedly touching the eyes with hands
- Frequently wash hands with plain water
- Avoid sharing eye cosmetics with others
- Frequently change pillow covers and wash them in warm water with salt or soda
- Learn to take care of contact lenses.

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