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Last Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Excessive Yawning - What Causes It?

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Dr. Jigar P ModiaGeneral Physician • 16 Years Exp.MBBS, MD - Medicine
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Yawning is a healthy habit that everyone indulges in. A person usually yawns when they are drowsy, tired, or bored. However, excessive yawning is not a normal habit. When it becomes too much of a habit, then it is worth looking into the reasons as to why you are yawning this much. There are different reasons for this, but some of the most common reasons are connected to the nervous system, brain, or even the heart. This article is primarily aimed at bringing you some of the most common reasons why you may be yawning too much and when you should see a doctor.

While there are many different causes of excessive yawning, the most common cause can be an underlying sleep disorder. Let us look into the causes of excessive yawning and the different types of sleep disorders that may trigger it.

Sleep Deprivation:

Do you find yourself yawning all of the time? If so, then it is possible that your lack of sleep is causing this excessive yawning. In fact, excessive yawning can be a warning sign of poor health or sleep deprivation. You must know that lack of sleep can also impede your body's ability to fight disease and could cause heart issues (such as a stroke), weight gain, and high blood pressure. It goes without saying that sleep deprivation is a serious issue, but it is also one that most of us ignore. So, if you think you are yawning a lot these days, you must recheck if you are sleeping well at night or not.

Certain Sleep Disorders:

Excessive yawning is usually caused by sleepiness or fatigue and is most common in conditions such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy, depression, or boredom. In healthy individuals, yawning is an indication that it is time for a change in activity, either because the person is tired or bored. Moreover, you must realize that excessive yawning can be the first sign of a serious sleep disorder. So, if you find yourself yawning all the time for weeks or months, you should not ignore it. Sleep disorders such as sleep apnea or narcolepsy can cause excessive yawning and make you feel drowsy all the time. It is important to get diagnosed and treated at the earliest once you notice that you are yawning more than you should. These sleep disorders usually stem from mental or physical stress or certain medications. They may also be directly caused by drug or alcohol abuse, or by certain medical conditions or diseases. Be aware that excessive yawning can be a symptom or sign of a number of other things, like insufficient sleep, lack of oxygen, and boredom. Excessive yawning can also be triggered in healthy individuals when they are in a boring class, a boring meeting, or even a boring movie.

Side Effect of Certain Medications:

People who take certain medications for depression or anxiety may feel drowsy, yawn excessively, find it difficult to concentrate, or have problems controlling their emotions. This is because the concerned drugs can bring about these side effects. Moreover, if you want to treat your depression or anxiety without prescription drugs that come with side effects, then you might want to consider Vitamin B-3 (Niacin) therapy or other natural remedies and treatments.

Exhaustion, Fatigue, or Boredom:

Yawning is a natural response to drowsiness, exhaustion, or boredom. In fact, it is a reflex that helps you stay alert. Unfortunately, it doesn't work all the time. That is why it is important to make sure you don't get yourself stuck in a position where you start yawning uncontrollably. Yawning is very common in people who have insomnia and drowsiness. It may be an indication that you are tired, bored, or, for that matter, sleep deprived. There are times when you suddenly feel sleepy and yawn for no reason. This is more likely to happen in the morning, noon, and afternoon. This is normal as your body is adjusting to the different time zones when you travel and may happen when you have jet lag. In addition, it is more likely to happen if you are in a warm room, the temperature is at its highest, and you are not active.

Some Neurological Disorders:

Feeling sleepy in the middle of the day does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong with your health. However, if you are experiencing excessive yawning for long periods of time, then it may be a sign of something else, such as a neurological disorder. Some neurological disorders can also cause excessive yawning and make you feel drowsy all the time. Having a neurological disorder like multiple sclerosis (MS) or Parkinson's disease may not just affect your physical presence but can also affect your mental health in a number of ways. Some neurological disorders can also cause excessive yawning and make you feel drowsy all the time. Yawning is a reflex action and is something that we cannot really prevent or control. However, if you are feeling excessively drowsy, you might want to check your body for signs of any neurological disorders. Hiccups, insomnia, and hyperventilation are some other symptoms that can be produced due to neurological disorders. If you are suffering from these symptoms, you should consult your doctor to make sure there isn't anything serious.


Yawning is a reflex that helps keep the body in sync with its circadian rhythm. In addition to that, yawning also helps increase the oxygen intake in your body and helps you stay alert. It is not uncommon to feel tired or yawn in the middle of the day. However, excessive yawning is always a symptom of something and should be brought to a doctor's attention. Sometimes, a person with excessive yawning may be suffering from a condition called sleep apnea, which is a disorder where the patient is not getting enough oxygen during the night. Furthermore, there are many different reasons that can cause a person to yawn too much. Stress, lack of sleep, and not being relaxed are just a few reasons that a person might feel like yawning too much or excessively. Lastly, we hope that this article was helpful for you and that it added to your knowledge of yawning. Thank you for reading our articles. We are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on a topic like this!

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