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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Diet You Should Follow In Cardiac Disorder!

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Dr. Anand TembhurnikarAyurvedic Doctor • 26 Years Exp.BAMS, MD - Ayurveda
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When a person is suffering from heart disease it becomes very vital that you take care of his or her diet. The food and ingredients the person eats on a daily basis has a lot of influence on the overall health of the person. The wrong diet can increase the risk of the heart disease affecting the person a lot more. Therefore you should be aware of some important information which will help you to prepare the best diet meal for a person in a cardiac disorder.

● More Vegetables, Grains and Fruits - When a person is suffering from a heart disorder, serve them with lots of vegetables, grains and fruits. All of these contain nutrients amd fibre which keeps the heart and the whole body in a fine shape. They taste great as well. However make sure you do not use too much oil or cheese while preparing them.

Protein Rich Food - It is very much essential that the person receives a good doze of nutrients and protein frequently. Protein rich food includes meat, fish and vegetables. Make sure you prepare them with low oil and serve it light without much garnish. Protein rich food helps the cells and other heart tissues to become stronger and better.

● Control Cholesterol - Cholesterol is one of the most important risl factors that you will need to keep in mind while preparing a diet for a heart patient. Significant levels of cholesterol in the body can cause a lot of  different issues like increase in the blood cholesterol levels. So avoid eating red meat and high fat products especially fatty dairy products.

● Serve The Right Carbs - It is very much essential that you solve the right amount of carbs to the person suffering from heart disorder. Items like brown rice, oatmeal and quinoa helps to keep the blood sugar levels in control and the same time helps to keep a healthy heart.

● Eating Consistently and Regularly - When a person is diagnosed with a heart disorder, it does not mean that person needs to eat less. Doing that will make the situation even worse. The person needs to be served right food consistently throughout the day and regularly without any miss. This will keep blood sugar and cholesterol levels under control very efficiently.

● Stay Hydrated - Maintain proper hydration but avoid excess & unnecessary water intake. Avoid excess food. Go for proper exercise schedule.

So these are the important things which you should remember when you are going to prepare a diet for someone who is suffering from heart disorder.

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