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Diet - How To Follow It While Working?

Written and reviewed by
Dt.Sarika Nair 89% (74ratings)
Diploma in Diet and Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai  •  6years experience
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Hello everyone,

My name is Dt. Sarika. I am a diet & lifestyle consultant. I do online consultation as well. Today I am going to talk about the office going people. A lot of office going people come to me and most of them or rather all of them have the same kind of problem that time nahin milta hain. And how can they stay healthy when there is no time and even when a dietician says that aapko din mein 5 bar khana hain chhay bar khana hain it becomes difficult. That is a major problem. And quite understandably so because to carry so many tiffins especially in a city like Mumbai even other metros I stay in Mumbai so especially in a city like Mumbai it is difficult to carry & the worse thing is that rather than carry you don’t know what to carry. So how in the office also you can manage these things & what kind of snacks you can eat so that you can be healthy. First & the foremost is for all office going people you should not skip your breakfast. Whatever is your hurry you can get up 15 minutes early but don’t skip your breakfast. That is the most primary thing that you should be doing which would keep you full & which will avoid your binging later on. Because once you reach office till now your body instead of listening to your body and then your body tells you your body is hungry and then you reach out for whatever is available. So rather eat your breakfast gradually it becomes a habit. The second important thing is lunch carry your lunch eat from your canteen or take tiffin whatever you do have a salad with it. Now people tell me salads sab kon carry karega.

It's not difficult to just carry one tomato or one whole cucumber. You don’t need to peel it you can just eat the whole thing with the skin and it will give you many more benefits rather than throwing off the skin. So it is easy if you want to do it & third is evening the time between 5 and 6 you know that is the time when we all are hungry & that is the time when a lot of junk goes into your body because you don’t know what to eat you are hungry so you reach out for samosa vada very common foods that we people end up eating. What you can do is you can make good choices here a sandwitch a whole wheat sandwitch is a good choice if your office or nearby a whole wheat sandwitch is not available you can have the regular sandwitch without the butter & remove one slice of the bread. Have like an open sandwitch. You can carry chana the whole kurmura wala jo chana hai you can carry that & you can stache it in your office 2 to 3 days ka milake and you can have that’s a good snack. You can have sukha bhell avoid the safe you can have the sukha bhel. You can also have dry fruits & nuts ka combination which is called a trail mix.

So have more nuts like almonds & walnuts and a few dry fruits like dates or raisins or dry cranberries anything that you like. So you can just make a handful a small handful of trail mix & you can have that. Also, don’t underestimate the humble singdana. Singdana is a very healthy nut and a very ignored nut. So don’t ignore it you can have it but stay away from the salted singdanas which you get in the market because they are very rich in sodium and salt which we don’t need. So what you can do it just roast them on the tawa at home and you can have it just as a snack. Then fruits definitely are a very good snack salads are a very good food which you can eat. Aur chhota packet of yoghurt. Aur the non-flavored one is again a very good snack which is easily available in a store. You can have it you can have that and add a few nuts to it and comes to a wholesome snack which keeps you fill for a long time. If your canteen provides you idli go ahead have 2 idlis at that time aur 2 to 3 pieces of dhokla if your canteen is providing that. You can have that. These are the various snacks which can keep you full at that time in the evening when you tend to eat the wrong kinds of things. With a little bit of planning it is easier for you to manage your health & diet and everything in the office also.

Two very important things specially for the office going people one is a lot of tea coffee you know that mug cups are empty in office because that is your break time first and second it is the time when you catch up with your friends. You know the coffee machine or the chaiwala it’s the time when you talk to your friends. Avoid that too many cups of tea coffee gradually reduce them because we all know tea aur coffee is an addiction so gradually reduce it you can substitute by green tea or aapko nahin ache lagte hain toh just garam pani. You know just for the feeling of drinking something. So you can do that avoid too much. It will give you a lot of acidity and just spoils your whole digestive system. Drinking in too much tea & coffee and other things which every person who goes to office should do is drink a lot of water. People forget you all sit in AC most of the time. And AC is dehydrating but you don’t feel thirsty because you know you are not sweating so you don’t drink water and it is a vicious cycle. Water is very much underrated drink and it is extremely beneficial for so many functions in the body including regulating the body temperature preventing your muscle cramps in fact making your body more you know function in a better way and people just ignore water. So drink more water and believe me you will see the difference. Keep a bottle with you always on your table get up and fill it that can be a break and keep sipping your water. Last and most important thing that you should do is be physically active.

What you can do is take breaks every hour walk around in the office take stairs wherever possible you know that can be a very good exercise in fact climbing 2 to 3 flight of stairs in the evening can be a very good exercise for you and that way you can be physically active so please don’t give the excuse of time nahin hain and take care of your health because your office is going to retire you your health is not going to retire you. It is going to stay with you and you will need it the most once your office retires you. Please take care of your health small changes it is very easy very doable nothing fancy you should just have the will to do it. Stay healthy stay happy and you can reach me on Lybrate. So if you have any diet plans or if you have any query you can always text me. so again stay healthy stay happy and take care of yourself.

Thank you.

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