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Dementia - Getting It Treated With Siddha!

Written and reviewed by
Siddha Specialist, Chennai  •  44 years experience
Dementia - Getting It Treated With Siddha!

Dementia is a dreaded psychological disorder in which the brain cells begin to deteriorate. It is different from regular senility. When the brain cells stop doing their work, it affects the brain function. This leads to a gradual loss of memory. At the same time, the person may also experience changes in personality as well as declining cognitive abilities, all of which are linked to the faculty of memory. Dementia usually affects senior citizens. However, it may happen to the young as well.

What are the Causes of Dementia?
Dementia may be prompted by -

• Alzheimer’s Disease
• Huntington Disease, a degenerative disorder
• Vascular dementia
• Atherosclerosis
Multiple Sclerosis
• Pick’s Disorder
• Parkinson’s Disease
Encephalitis, both viral and bacterial
• Lewy Body Disease
• Brain Tumour
Progressive supranuclear palsy
• Chronic Subdural haematoma
• Wilson’s Disease
• Neurosyphilis

Dementia in Siddha -
Siddha is an ancient and indigenous branch of medicinal science that was developed in Tamil Nadu. Siddha aims to get to the root of any ailment and eliminate it from the source instead of simply trying to eradicate the symptoms. Siddha believes that the human body primarily consists of three humours- Kapha, pitta and Vata. As long as the right balance is maintained, the human will be healthy. But if the balance goes out of whack or if the quantity of one humour exceeds the others, then that will make a person vulnerable to diseases.
When there is a Vata imbalance in the mind, a person’s memory begins to fail him/her.

According to Siddha, a person who has contracted dementia will exhibit the following symptoms -
• Difficulty with recollection and reasoning
• Confusion and disorientation
• Inability to make plans
• Impaired judgement
• Hostile behaviour
• Losing interest in everything around him/her
• Disturbed sleep
• Restlessness
• Hoarding
Delusion or hallucinations (in advanced stages of dementia)

The approach of Siddha towards neuropsychiatry revolves around the concept of ‘Kayakarpam’ – a mode of treatment that can slow down ageing and deterioration of the brain cells. Treatment of dementia consists of -
• Skinned ginger soaked in honey
• Paddy rice mixed with ghee
Amaranth cooked ghee, salt and pepper
Aloe Vera
• Black nightshade

Treatment of dementia also includes ‘thokkanam’. Medicinal oils are messaged onto certain parts of the body to activate the Varma points. This will release the ‘praana vayu’- the force of rejuvenation. Siddha also recommends regular meditation top slow down the progression of dementia.

Allopathy has not yet come up with a cure for dementia. But, Siddha can help. Moreover, Siddha medicines are safe and can be consumed without fearing side effects.

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