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Childhood Diseases And Homeopathy

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Dr.Rajiv P. Bhanej 89% (47ratings)
MD - Homeopathy, BHMS
Homeopathy Doctor, Mumbai  •  21years experience
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Hello friends!

I am Dr. Rajiv P. Bhanej. I have done my post graduation, that is MD in homeopathy from Mumbai. I am practicing homeopathy since past 20 years in the Western suburbs of Mumbai that is Malad and Borivali and Charni Road. I am being expertise in dealing with pediatric cases through homeopathy. Generally, homeopathy medicines work right from birth to the last decade of the patients' life. As all of you are aware that in newborn especially children are more susceptible in developing upper respiratory tract infection and lower respiratory tract infection and homeopathy medication play a very vital role in dealing with these types of infections. In allopathy, antibiotics are the only answer to these kinds of infection.

Antibiotics are purely chemical-based medicines which when given repeatedly may hamper the physical and the mental growth of the child and thereby suppressing the diseases. In homeopathy, we take the detailed case of the child. We take into account the physical condition, the mental condition and emotional condition of the patient into the account. We take a deeper case history to the extent of the condition of the mother during the pregnancy. Also the mental state of the mother during the pregnancy. Also, the physical state and the emotional state which is very important in homeopathy history. All the children are reviewed to such a deeper extent. Homeopathic medication as such is the purest form of medication where only medicinal energy is been derived from a medicinal substance that is the plant, animal and minerals. Thereby the cure opted by homeopathic medication is gentle, rapid and long-lasting and without any chemical reaction.

Overall we see pregnant females who regularly take homeopathic medication are bound to deliver a healthy baby which helps in good mental and physical development of the child. Friends homeopathic medication are found to be successful in treating others childhood conditions such as growth disorders, nutritive disorders, and other mental disorders in children such as Dyslexia, ADHD and low self-esteem. Over the past few years of experience, we have seen a tremendous rise in autoimmune disorders due to change in lifestyle. Autoimmune disorders such as cancer. thyroid, infertility and sexual disorders are also being managed with homeopathy successfully. For more information, you can connect us through


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