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Causes & Symptoms Of Anti-Aging

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Dermatologist, Mumbai  •  31years experience
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Hi all,

I am DR Gayatri Bharadwaj practicing for last 25 years. I have 2 set ups in Mulund & Dombivili where all the advanced cosmetic procedures are done. Today's let's talk about anti ageing. Now ageing is inevitable, but ageing gracefully is a choice that you can make. Now there are various causes of ageing specially the extrinsic factors like the pollution the sun exposure that your head or the diseases that you have suffered the cosmetic exposures that used. So all these stress that you have head all these starts on your face once after 40 years of age it shows the lifestyle that you have led. Now one of the main causes main symptoms you can say of ageing is dry skin. So to prevent this because dry skin once the skin is dry it appears dark and wrinkled. So to avoid this use moisturizing face washes don’t use very hot water and moisturize and hydrate your skin with very good moisturizers like which contain seramides and hyaluronic and whenever you are going out use a sun screen also and that also will prevent loss of collagen and elastin which is a supporting tissue of the skin.

And another problem is you start getting blemishes uneven tone and pigmentation hyper pigmentation of the face and this can be because of wrong use of cosmetics which contain strong perfumes the after shaves. So to avoid this also we can treat these things with chemical pills lasers and microderm abrasions. So there are various procedures depending on your skin type we can help you overcome that. And maintenance is very important. After once these results are achieved you have to use some creams night creams which will cause skin rejuvenation and helps your skin staying looking fresh and clean. Now there are deeper signs of ageing like you know deep wrinkles sagging loose skin. So this can be treated with treatments like radiofrequency. In this, it takes about one hour and there are radiofrequency waves pass deeper into the skin and they cause skin tightening.

The collagen which is loose becomes tight so the immediate results are also seen as well as it stimulates more collagen. So the skin starts appearing more firmer. Now there is another technique called HIFU that is High-Intensity Focussed Ultrasound – in this what happens is once you start ageing the fat starts collecting in the lower parts of the face and you get a double chin. So this HIFU is a very deep ultrasound which tightens your skin and dissolves the fat cells also. So this also is another procedure to make you look younger. Then, of course, there are everyone must have heard of BOTOX that is other neuro toxins which paralyse the muscles which are hyperactive like for example, you get these glabellar lines to frown lines makes your face looks angry even if you are not. Then there are these deep nasolabial folds all these can be also filled with fillers. You know so that the results are immediate. And they remain for about one year to two years. Then there are crows feet can be treated with neuro toxin. All these procedures make your face look plain and clear. Another important concern for many people is the double chin. This can be corrected with HIFU as well as we give lipolytic injections. In that we give multiple injections at least four five injections in the double chin where the fat cells are dissolved.

So this can last about for eight to ten months. Then there are other things like drooping of the angles of the mouth which can be corrected with neuro toxin. One should concentrate on other body parts also. Its not only the face because the neck also shows your age. So the wrinkles on the neck also should be treated as well as your hands and feet. Very good results are achieved with chemical pills. Then there are stretch marks this also can be treated very easily with derma rollers. Now PRP Platelet-rich plasma is a very good treatment – in that we withdraw the blood and centrifuge per layer which contains serum with platelets and stem cells growth factors that are introduced into the skin either with derma roller or injections are given. Derma roller is a roller with about 200 pins. We slowly move it on the skin. So multiple pinpoint pricks on the skin. After this we apply the serum.

So this causes skin rejuvenation and gives excellent results and is comparatively very cheap and effective treatment. Loose sagging skin can also be treated with thread lifts. Nowadays there are threads which we pass through the skin and pull the skin up. This effect also this is an office procedure and it can be done within one hour and the results are also seen immediately. And the number of days pass the threads which are passed inside they dissolve later but this stimulates the collagen and the skin tightening is seen. This also can remain for eight months to one year and if required can be done again. All these procedures can be done depending on your requirement on how much the skin appears loose. As we grow old the hair also needs to be taken care off – it's becoming dry and there is thinning of the hair. This happens because the circulation goes down. So we have medicines we have various types of treatments where the circulation can be increased and once the hair starts getting nutrition the hair grows back again. Then there are other treatments if with local applications the hair does not grow then we can go to look at other options like hair transplant hair implant etc. for more inquiries and for any other information regarding these treatments you can contact me through Lybrate.


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