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Borderline Personality Disorder

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Ph.D - Psychology, PGD in Sexual & Reproductive Counselling, M PHIL (Clinical Psychology), MA Applied Psychology, Post Graduate Diploma In Coaching
Psychologist, Delhi  •  36 years experience
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Welcome to psycho-wellness centre and dignity clinic. I am Dr. RK Suri. I am having 34 years of experience in terms of providing psychological support and issues related to relationships, career counseling, psychodiagnostics, behavioral issues, lifestyle management, coaching, mentoring, child psychology and education, anxiety and stress, depression and OCD.

People have been coming to me for various sexual dysfunctions, personality disorders, anti-social personality disorders and the issues for poor performances in relationships. There has been a significant increase in terms of people having anxiety and depression issues. I am finding that in the last two decades and in the last one or two years, there is a tremendous interest in people to discuss, share their concerns about their well-being, happiness and whenever they are feeling something is not working out, maybe on account of not doing well in academics, not doing well in life, or not doing well in business.

They do come, consult and discuss. And over the time during consulting, my approach is to provide them a framework of understanding and diagnosing the key issues and the concerns and challenges which they are facing and then we do a behavioral assessment and psychological assessment. Psychometric evaluation is the core of my assessment and it has been a beautiful journey of last 34 years during which I have researched more than 5,00,000 people in different forms of their lives in different sectors predominantly for assessment for jobs, assessment for psychological issues. Even the senior management or senior leadership issues for behavioral assessment have been assessed and been provided solutions to reach the top of the ladder and they are happy.

Day in and day out, people are finding it useful to solicit psychological support at the time of crisis. The crisis intervention approach is coupled with relaxation therapy which I have introduced in different formats of my practice using cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety, depression, OCD. It has been found to be very, very useful. Even the schizophrenic people who were dependent on drugs for more than 15 years, in a s

an of one year or so, many of them have eased on medications on account of cognitive behavioral therapy. The relationship issues of partners before marriage also called premarital relationship issues, post-marital relationship issues have been deliberately discussed by the patients and they found solutions. The overall process of soliciting the help and easing out their problems; the insight is becoming a useful mechanism and one of the things that I focus on is wellness. For that we have retreat programmes for couples and couples with spirituality try to link all the five dimensions of life like physical health, social & economic health, psychological health and the spiritual health. All these five components will try to balance it out in terms of the functionality and providing divinity and happiness to my valued customers. Thank you very much …

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