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Benefits Of Ayurvedic Treatment For Children!

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Benefits Of Ayurvedic Treatment For Children!

Ayurveda is one of the best alternatives to modern age allopathic medicines. The preparation of ayurvedic medicine is done with herbs and plants which ensures its purity and safety. Thousands of years of study and development makes Ayurveda a unique way to keep diseases at bay and helps in the growth of a stronger immune system in children.

Allopathic medicines are readily available and used extensively. On the other hand, ayurvedic medicines are herbal, natural, and safe to use. The treatment with ayurvedic medicines helps in the development of the better immune system in children and helps in fighting common diseases like colic, cold and flu, nausea and vomiting, and many more. Ayurvedic baby oil massages and ayurvedic preparations like Chavanprash are healthy options for kids fundamental development.

Ayurveda for Children-
The particular branch in Ayurveda is called Bala Tantra which is specifically dedicated to common illness in kids and infants. The ayurvedic preparations are designed to work for kids. It includes treatment for newborn, fighting common illness, maintaining internal organs healthy, and smooth functioning of mind and body.

Ayurvedic medicines do not have any side effects. Hence they are easy to use and safe for children of any age. The study of Ayurvedic treatment mostly depends on symptoms and possible complications. However, safe herbs and compounds are useful for most of the illnesses found in children.

Common Illness Found in Children and Their Ayurvedic treatment-
Here are some of the common problems faced by children and their suggested ayurvedic treatment:

Colic and Constipation-

Most of the kids face the problem of colic and constipation in their earlier years of life. With Ayurvedic compound mixtures, parents can ease their infants and toddlers from the pain. However, you must consult your Ayurvedic practitioner about the remedy you use for colic and constipation in your kid.
The Ayurveda suggest that usage of Eladi Churna and Hingwastak Churn will help kids to ease the pain of colic and constipation.

Cold and Flu-
With the change in season and increasing level of humidity in the weather, kids are an easy target for cold and flu frequently in a year. Generally, Ayurveda helps the kids to develop a healthy immune system with time. But if your kid is facing flu and cold, the home remedy you can try is ginger tea and tulsi tea. If you kid resists the taste, add honey for taste and sweetness. There
is an ayurvedic compound called Mahasudarshan that helps with fever.
However, before exercising this procedure, you must consult your ayurvedic practitioner.

Ayurvedic medicines are safe and do not have any side effects. They should be taken in proper quantity and only after consultation with the ayurvedic practitioner. The daily routine of kid determines the type of lifestyle he leads. Ayurveda studies the pattern of the kid and helps with the possible illness. It is essential for parents to understand that healthy habits in kids help them to
live an illness free life. Children need better care, cleanliness, longer hours of sleep, and a healthy and balanced diet. Children above age five can be given Brahmi Gritham to sharpen their memory. For brain and bones development, let your kids play as much as they want.

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