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Bell's Palsy- Facial Muscle Paralysis & Homeopathic Remedies For Treating It!

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Bell's Palsy- Facial Muscle Paralysis & Homeopathic Remedies For Treating It!

Bell’s palsy is a muscle paralysis that occurs on one side of your face. The dysfunction of facial nerves can cause sagging on a side of your face. Due to Bell's palsy, the facial nerves lose the ability to control regular facial movements.

Usually, if a person gets Bell's palsy, then he or she may be encountering the following symptoms: 

  1. Weakness
  2. Paralysis
  3. Drooping eyelid or corner of mouth
  4. Drooling
  5. Dry eye or mouth
  6. Excessive tearing in the eye
  7. Impaired ability to taste

Generally, the symptoms start all of a sudden and worsen within two days. Symptoms can be mild or severe, depending on the severity of the disease.

Inflammation around the facial nerves causes Bell's palsy. But there is no particular reason behind the infection. Mostly, viral infections are the reason behind it. Research states that (herpes simplex) or the cold sore virus, (varicella zoster) or chickenpox virus is responsible and causes Bell's palsy.

Homeopathic treatment for Bell's palsy 
Treating Bell's palsy with homeopathy is safe and effective as it has proven to cure Bell's palsy from the roots. The top 10 homeopathic medicines, which have proven to produce good results on Bell's palsy patients, are discussed below.

  1. Aconitum napellus: When one side of the face gets paralyzed due to the exposure to cold, then aconitum napellus works well. Symptoms such as trepidation, fear and weakness on face muscles strongly signify the need for this medicine.
  2. Agaricus: When the facial muscle of one side feels stiff and the opposite side of the face encounters pain and twitching, then you might need this remedy. Symptoms such as anxiety and over-excitement are some indications for the need of this medicine.
  3. Cadmium sulphuratum: When Bell's palsy affects the left side of the face due to exposure to cold, then you might need this medicine. Symptoms like feeling cold and experiencing weakness strongly indicate the need for this medicine. Apart from this, the patient might encounter symptoms such as deformation of mouth and tendency to close eyes often.
  4. Causticum: This remedy works well when Bell's palsy affects the right side of the face. The patient might feel difficulties while opening or closing his or her mouth. In fact, the patient often tends to bite the tongue and inside of the mouth. Symptoms such as restlessness and weakness, are indications that you need this medicine.
  5. Cocculus: When you suffer from one side of facial paralysis with symptoms like dizziness, weakness and lack of sleep, these indicate the need for this remedy.
  6. Dulcamara: One-sided facial paralysis with symptoms like difficulty in speaking clearly indicate you need this remedy.
  7. Nux vomica: One-sided facial paralysis with symptoms like irritation, being impatient etc. are treated by this medicine.
  8. Platina: This remedy works well on one-sided facial paralysis which feels painless.
  9. Hypericum: Facial neuralgia, itching, toothache, tension and shooting pain are the symptoms, which indicate the need for this remedy.
  10. Belladonna: One-sided facial paralysis with symptoms such as twitching, facial neuralgia, pain etc. indicate the need for this medicine.

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