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Bed Sores - Know Risk Factors Of It!

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Bed Sores - Know Risk Factors Of It!

Continuous pressure on the skin often results in injuries to the underlying tissues, causing what are generally known as skin sores. Though they generally occur in areas that cover bony areas like hips, ankles and tail bones, the part below the waist is most susceptible to them. There are multiple reasons that cause bed sores. Some common causes include-

-     Immobility
-     Inactivity
-     Poor nutrition
-     Smoking

However, there are other more important causes that contribute to this disease. They are-

- Constant pressure
Continuous immobility often causes pressure on the skin that further damages it and the underlying tissues. Tail bone, hip bone, ankles and heels are more prone to bed sores due to lack of movement. However similar damage is also detected in elbows, spine and ribs.

- Friction
The friction that is caused when the skin rubs against another surface or when two layers of skin rub against each other, those that were moving in two opposite directions also result in bed sores. Sudden sliding down the chair or being transferred from a bed to a stretcher are common reasons behind it. 

- Excessive moisture
Bed sores are also caused by excessive moisture that softens the skin and also reduces its resistance. Profuse perspiration and unchecked urination are important causes. 

If untreated immediately there are plenty of complications that arise from this disease. Few of them are-

- Infections
Skin sore causes multiple infections on the body like Cellulitis and Osteomyletis. Cellulitis results in painful, red swelling of the skin that often oozes out fluid. On the other hand in Osteomyletis, an infection is caused in the bone resulting in swelling over the affected area. Blood infection called Bacteremia is also caused due to skin sores. 

- Septic arthritis
In this, there is severe pain and swelling of a joint making it hot, red and tender.

- Meningitis
Caused by the infection of the fluid around the brain and spine, this disease causes a severe headache with a stiff neck and nausea

- Squamous Skin cancer
This occurs if the skin sores remain unchecked for a long period of time. In this, the skin feels patchy and often bleeds.

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