Bariatric Surgery - Aftercare Tips You Must Follow!

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Bariatric Surgery - Aftercare Tips You Must Follow!

If you have taken the big decision to go ahead with bariatric surgery, one thing you need to prepare for well in advance is the additional effort that is required after the surgery to ensure it is a success. The results will be evident only after a few months post the surgery. This period requires your constant attention.

Listed below are some after-care measures that are essential for the success of a bariatric surgery.

  1. Hospital stay: Most patients are advised hospital stay for four days, during which the hospital staff will ensure the sleeve is working fine. No food is allowed for 48 hours. Diet is gradually advanced from water to clear liquids, about 50 ml to 100 ml and then to 150 ml.
  2. Wound care: Depending on whether a laparoscopic or open surgery was done, the number and location of incisions will vary. However, the wound should be maintained clean and it should be ensured that there is no infection of the site. Wound care should be done by the nursing staff if required. Suture removal, if required, should be done as per doctor’s advice.
  3. Pain management: Finish the course of antibiotics and pain killers to ensure infection is completely gone. Pain would continue, if the infection is not completely controlled.
  4. Diet: The first two weeks would be a completely liquid diet. The next two weeks will consist of a pureed diet. After these four weeks, solid foods will be introduced.

Foods to avoid after a bariatric surgery include anything with a higher protein content and anything that has too much oil as the stomach’s ability to digest these is reduced. Refrain from:

  1. Carbonated beverages
  2. Hard meat
  3. Nuts and seeds
  4. Fried foods

Food items to include post bariatric surgery include those which are easy on the stomach, including:

  1. Liquids such as soups, broth, juice and milk
  2. Pureed cooked vegetables and eggs
  3. Soft mashed food including meat and vegetables

Adherence to this will reduce complications. While eating, the patient should also remember to chew nicely, eat and drink slowly, increase water intake throughout the day, and avoid fats and sugar. It is advisable to eat three proper meals a day and avoid snacking during the day.

Remember that the need for bariatric surgery arose in the first place due to uncontrolled eating of oily food. After undergoing a bariatric surgery, diet pattern is definitely going to move to a healthier side with reduced fat and sugars. It is not an easy shift, but definitely required, if the surgery is to be a success. Imagine the new you and you will be able to do it! In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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