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Backache - All You Should Be Knowing!

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Backache - All You Should Be Knowing!

One of the most common health issues of the present age is a backache. It is no more restricted to the elderly but has infiltrated among people of all age groups. Back pain may result from a medical condition or an injury.

A backache among the Elderly:

For persons near and above the age of 50, lower backache is a major health condition. It is characterized by the following symptoms-

Acute pain in the morning and evening
• Tenderness around the affected area of the spine
• The stiffness of the waist

Certain medical conditions namely Facet Joint Osteoarthritis, Degenerative Spondylolisthesis, and Spinal Compression fracture are common causes of a backache in the aged.

A backache among Young Adults:

With the rise in the number of working young adults in the country, more and more people between the ages 18-25 are falling prey to back pain. With the advent of technology, teenagers and young adults tend to spend most of their time on phones and laptops for work or leisure. This has negative effects on their posture.

Back pain may also result due to injuries acquired from any sport or excessive and extreme exercises at the gym.

Neurological Treatment to cure Backache:

Proper neurological treatment can go a long way to treat issues of the lumbar region and spinal discs. There are several ways to diagnose a backache like-

• X Rays
• CT Scans
• Discography
• Nerve Conduction Studies

Surgical Methods to Cure Backache:

• Spinal Infusion - This is the most common form of surgery for chronic back pain where the doctor joins the spinal bones together.
Laminectomy - This surgery is used to treat lumbar spinal stenosis. Here the doctor removes the affected part of the bone or ligament. This surgery relieves acute pain and is often accompanied by spinal fusions.
• Foraminotomy - This surgery is used to cure pain associated with a compressed nerve in the spine and is accompanied by spinal fusion.

Ways to Relieve Yourself from Age-Related Backache:

To cure a backache one can opt for physical therapy under the guidance of a trained physiotherapist. For treating acute pain, cold ice pack and warm baths are effective. Other measures to adopt are-

• Exercise Daily - There is no better way to prevent back pain other than this. Take out an hour every day from your busy schedule and indulge in moderate exercises like meditation, yoga, swimming etc.
Improve Posture - If you spend 7-8 hours daily in front of the laptop, you should maintain a correct posture. Make sure the height of the desk and chair align with each other. Do not slouch while working on your desktops and phones.
• Keep your weight in Check - Overweight exercises pressure on your lower back involuntarily forcing you to slouch forwards. This can prove to be fatal for your back. Eat healthy and exercise minimum 3 days a week to stay in shape.
Quit Smoking - Apart from the damage it causes to the lungs, smoking restricts the supply of nutrient to your spine and narrows blood vessels. Consult your doctor for programs designed to prevent addiction to smoking.

A backache among all age groups can be prevented easily just by resorting to a healthy lifestyle. In case of severe cases, it is essential to seek expert medical advice regarding the correct surgical procedures.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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