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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023


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Dr. Aneeta VermaPhysiotherapist • 16 Years Exp.PGD in Preventive & promotive healthcare, MBA (Healthcare), BPTh/BPT, Post Graduate Specialization In Preventive Health Care


I am Dr. Anita from Eva Physiocare. Welcome once again. Today I am going to talk about preventive healthcare. Basically, we are targeting from last 7 to 8 years since we opened the first clinic in Dwarka. We are basically working in preventing measures for those lifestyle disorders which are very much common nowadays. We are into obesity management, arthritis management, preventive measures for back pain, cervical and thyroid. So many diseases we are covering up in preventive healthcare. As of now, I am going to talk about Arthritis which is very common, patients getting an early age. So for this, we need some new advanced treatment at our clinic.

Arthritis basically is a degenerative disorder. I am targeting the knee arthritis. Knee arthritis is in four stages. There is a degeneration in the knee. There are four stages or grades in our medical language. When we see the patient, first of all, we make a diagnosis that what is the grade of arthritis. So if the patient is having grade 1 arthritis, we keep our patient on physiotherapy exercise, therapy and nutrition therapy that makes up major role in the prevention of arthritis and to manage it really well. When the patient is in grade 2 and grade 3 then we introduce a new advanced procedure which takes your own blood and acts as a stem cell therapy. We take your own blood, collect platelets and introduce them to your knees that helps to regain the joint. It helps to build up the soft tissues inside and it is not a 1-2 day procedure. It takes time but it is very helpful. Generally, the patient takes 2-3 settings for it and it takes 2-3 months to build up the soft tissues but it is very effective. Under the guidance you can regain from these without surgery. You can contact through

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