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Anorectal Disease - An Overview!

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MBBS, MS - General Surgery, Fellowship of Indian Association of Gastrointestinal Endo Surgeons (FIAGES), Fellowship of Association of Colon and Rectal Surgeons of India (FACRSI)
Proctologist, Mumbai  •  21years experience
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Hi everyone. I am Dr Laxman salve. I am MBBS with General Surgery. I practice as a laparoscopic surgeon and Proctologist. I have more than 13 years of experience after MS.

Today I will like to enlighten you about something about proctology. Proctology is a science which deals with anal diseases of the anal region. They are mainly piles fissures fistulas rectal prolapsed and many other things. Perianal abscesses just to add one. These are the problems which are becoming very common problems in day to days life because of the changing lifestyle. It happens in all the age groups like in childhood from say 2 years old baby to 65 or 70 year old male or female it can happen anybody. Mostly they are common in young people because of irregular diet because of unhealthy diet they are having this constipation stomach related problems and because of that they suffer from piles fissures or fistulas.

To tell you something about piles it is enlargement of the blood vessels around the anus which if they become too much enlarge and if stool causes friction over those blood vessels they bleed. It is called as Piles it is mostly painless bleeding. In fissure when the hard stool passes from the anus it causes tear in the anus and it causes bleeding. Usually this bleeding is painful bleeding. Patients have lot of pain they fear to go for motion in the morning. To tell something about Fistula and Ano. It is a condition where there is a tunnel develop between the anus and the perianal skin. Fickle matter or some pus discharge comes out of them from the perianal skin and it soils the perianal region. So sometimes patients may have one or two or multiple openings. That external opening may be very much away from the anal region also.

These cases are very difficult to treat. Patient suffers with very much pain discharge or discomfort. A fistula is known for recurrence and that is why the surgeon has to balance the surgery with respect to in continuance recurrence pain and size of the wound. Now there are many technologies developed so much that we have developed so many methods to deal with such complicated Fistulas. Laser is one of them. To tell you some more there is Vaaft Fistula Plug Fibrin Glue these are the other things. But laser works out very effectively. And it is after all the skill hand of the surgeon and the expertise and his experience of handling these cases is more important in the treatment of the patient’s fistula problems. If you have any problems about the perianal conditions like piles fissures fistulas you should consult a proper Proctologist and take his opinion and get a proper treatment. This is a very sensitive area and to get rid of all these problems like in continuance and recurrence. Lot of fear is attached to this. To get rid of all these problems you should consult a proper proctologist. To know about me more you can consult me on Lybrate. Thank you.

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