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Aging Skin Problems

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Hello everyone.

I am Dr. Prerna Taneja. All of us want to be successful and success comes from confidence. Confidence comes from looking good and feeling good about yourself. As we age, the confidence levels go down. When we are aging, not only there is a decrease in the energy of the body but also in the healing capacity and skin and hair go through a lot of changes. Let us talk about the aging skin problems which are mainly open pores, freckles which is the sunspots or pigmentation on the face. Also, we see in the aging skin that there are fine lines and wrinkles. As we age there is a volumetric loss that is there is a loss of fat in the middle third of the face which leads to the sagging of the skin.

Now how do we take care of all these issues? So you know aging as we age there is an investment that we make beforehand if we take care of the skin beforehand especially when you touch 25, if you start taking care of your skin then the aging process gets decreased or delayed. Now how do you take care of your skin? Always invest in a good cleanser which should be pH balanced, an alcohol-free toner, a good moisturizer which should be an ideal blend of the which ideally replenishes the water and the essential oils in your skin. Also invest in a good sunscreen, a medical sunscreen which has to be applied every 3 hours, be it you are outside the house or inside the house. Also, invest in a good medical facial so if you are able to stimulate your skin to produce natural collagen, aging will be delayed. So always invest in a good medical facial.

Now if you have reached that age of 30 plus and 35 plus and you have all these issues like open pores, sunspots which can be freckles or melasma or you have fine lines and wrinkles or you have skin sagging there is nothing to worry about. There is a solution to everything. Medically we have 360-degree solutions for all your aging skin issues. Chemical peels are one of the most natural ways to stimulate your skin. Don't go by the name of the chemical just because don't think that it is because it is named as a chemical it is going to harm your skin. Chemical peels actually stimulate your skin to produce natural collagen and that is how they lead to a younger looking skin. If the problem is more, then the doctor will tell you to go for a laser rejuvenation session where laser penetrates deep into the second layer of the skin and gives you a 360-degree regeneration. In cases where we have skin sag which is in the initial stages or fine lines we treat it with thermage.

Thermage is the most innovative skin stimulatory process which stimulates the production of natural collagen. If the fine lines and wrinkles are more you should go for the most advanced treatment which is called as the ultherapy. Ultherapy is actually equivalent to a non-surgical facelift procedure, it is that good. In case you want instant results then you must invest in the newest range of fillers and Botox. As we age, there are changes which happen within our hair also. The hair starts to get thinner; the density of the hair starts to decrease so that you see the bald patches or the widening of the center line of your hairline. Also, you see that the quality of hair becomes brittle, it becomes very rough with age. So what how do you take care of all these things? Early in life always invest in stimulating your scalp because ultimately the health of the hair depends on the health of the skin of the hair that is the scalp. Invest in something called the Nutra therapy for the hair which essentially stimulates or nourishes the hair roots. If the roots are healthy, the hair quality is going to be good. But as we age we see the thinning of the hair, the baldness coming in; to counteract this we have options of PRPs and growth factors. Growth factors and PRPs essentially replenish or nourish the hair roots.

PRP is taken. PRP is actually a growth factor which is taken from your blood but as we age, the quality of healing factors and growth factors in your blood decreases. If the quality is not good then the nourishment they can provide to the hair roots is also decreased. So to improve on that, we have growth factors which are medically available and they are one of the most advanced treatments to stimulate the hair roots to produce hair. Always remember that diet plays a very important role in hair regrowth. When we are talking about hair regrowth always remember to take a protein-rich diet, add a lot of fruits and vegetables to your diet, add vitamins like biotin to your diet. Also, ensure that you are not anemic or have iron deficiency. Increase the use of citrus fruits in your diet. This all this whole thing will help your hair to regrow better. Age is just a number. Look good and feel good.

Thank You

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