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Acne is not just skin deep

Dr. Atul Taneja 91% (852 ratings)
MD (AIIMS), Clinical Fellow,Skin Oncology(New England Medical Centre & Boston University,USA), Clinical Fellow.Photomedicine(Mass.Gen.Hospital,Harvard Medical School,USA), Clinical Fellow,Laser Surgery(Mass.Gen Hospital,Harvard Medical School,USA)
Dermatologist, Kolkata  •  25 years experience
Acne is not just skin deep

Acne or pimples is most commonly seen in teenagers and young adults, just around the time the body is undergoing hormonal adjustments. Thus, acne is not simply just a skin problem, but often an indication of internal bodily disturbances. Of course, there are other combinations of aggravating factors at play, like genetics, active sebaceous glands and bacterial organisms that reside within the sebaceous glands. An otherwise easily treatable condition, acne can result in permanent scars if left untreated, often resulting in low self-esteem, social isolation, depression and even suicidal ideation.

  • The skin acts as a window to internal disorders and many individuals with acne are found to have internal hormonal problems like polycystic ovary syndromes or insulin resistance syndromes. 
  • Females can have associated excessive hair on the chin, hair loss on the scalp, weight gain, menstrual abnormalities and infertility.
  • Diet does not have a major role in causing acne but cutting down on foods with high sugar content and milk may be useful.
  • Certain medications and creams containing steroids can precipitate an outbreak of acne.
  • Heavy and greasy cosmetics will aggravate acne.
  • Special soaps, face washes, lotions, and so-called unscientific “blood purifiers” are of little help.
  • Acne scars are repaired with newer dermatological technologies and techniques.
  • Just like with any other medical condition, each individual is different and will require a unique investigation and treatment plan. This is based on many factors like other current medical conditions, climate, age, sex, skin type and variety of acne. If you wish to discuss any specific problem, you can consult a dermatologist.
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