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9 Surprising Things That Are Killing Your Sex Drive

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9 Surprising Things That Are Killing Your Sex Drive

There is an increasing number of people with the issue of reduced sexual drive, and being a private matter, are not able to come out in the open to discuss it. However, this is an issue that can only be solved by a frank discussion, and when that is done, it might seem like there was no problem in the first place. 

Listed below are some things that can lead to a sexual drive. It is to be note that women and men have different reasons leading to reduced libido. 

  1. Reduced hormone levels: The most prominent cause is reduced levels of testosterone and estrogen, which are hormones required for development of sexual characteristics in males and females respectively. The levels can reduce depending on various reasons - from hypogonadism to loss of ovaries to psychological stress to medications to drinking and smoking. The first step in managing this would be to establish the fact that there are reduced hormone levels and pin the cause for it. Most people respond almost immediately to replacement therapy. Additionally, in some cases, the cause for reduced hormones can be addressed when identified. 
  2. Physiological problems: Especially in women, if there is painful intercourse, then the drive is naturally reduced. The reason for the pain could be spasms or infection and need to be identified and treated. Psychological constraints are another major reason that most females have painful intercourse. Counseling along with therapy if required can help these patients. 
  3. Medications: From anti-depressants to anti-hypertensives, though they are meant to cure some medical condition, they lead to some other condition. Drugs like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), tricyclic antidepressants (TCA), and beta-adrenergic blockers are famous for their ability to reduce libido. 
  4. Lifestyle habits: From smoking to drinking alcohol to junk food to lack of exercise, the effect on libido is very strong. Smoking decreases blood flow in general, leading to reduced desire. 
  5. Chronic diseases: Whether it is depression or diabetes, hypertension or Respiratory diseases, they all have an indirect effect on the sex drive of a person. Additionally, the constant stress of having to monitor health has effect on the overall health and definitely the sex drive. In some cases, this could lead to drinking and smoking and use of medications - all of which again can affect the sex drive. It goes into a vicious cycle and the patient needs to accept some facts and manage to work around the others. 

It is indeed very stressful when a person founds out that he is not able to have a good sexual drive. However, it is not impossible to manage with a little help and support, both from the partner and the doctor.

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