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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

5 Wonderful Statistics on Why Laughter Is the Best Medicine Indeed!

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Dr. Honey PunjabiHomeopathy Doctor • 11 Years Exp.BHMS,NDDY
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A mundane life is something every person dreads. While people fail to find time to indulge in modes of entertainment regularly, there's a handy way to relieve them of stress. The key to remedy their woes is in their own hands. If you have been trying to reach after such a solution for long, forget the forage and laugh your way to glory. Hundreds of people, consciously or unconsciously, have been benefitted by the positive effects of laughter. So, the next time you see a swarm of people laughing in the nearby park you should probably join them.

The following statistics state the health benefits of laughter:

  1. Laughing can help you burn calories: If you want to burn some calories the easiest way is to laugh for more than a while. Laughing for a few minutes can effectively burn ten to forty kilocalories. In order to make this kind of progress last, a person needs to laugh for an hour each day. Laughing can also reduce fifty percent of your anxiety thus heightening your energy levels.
  2. Laughing allows you to see from a different perspective: Being absorbed in your subjective perspective can be very bad for the decisions you make. Humor encourages you to maintain constructive distance from a problem in order to come up with a different perspective. In over seventy percent cases of clinical depression, humor has prevented patients from being overwhelmed by occurrences.
  3. Your cardiac health can be improved through humor: Being happy keeps your heart happy. So many people cannot workout even if they wish to. Severe injuries or other illnesses could hinder a person's intention of exercising regularly. They should laugh to treat their cardiac conditions. Laughing can make your heart pump as much as walking at an unhurried pace does.
  4. Laughter can increase the number of T cells: T cells are cells that make up a person's immune system. Laughing puts T cells in action and they immediately start defending your body against infections and diseases. Laughing can treat sixty percent of the common diseases human beings contract. One can deal with the threat of common cold or viral fever through his or her knack for humor.
  5. Laughter can deal with hypertension: Hypertension is a threatening condition faced by millions. Not caring for high blood pressure levels can result either in a stroke or a heart attack. The simple way to control hypertension is to laugh as much as possible.