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5 Foods You Can Eat Post A Gym Session!

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Dt. Neha Mohan Sinha 90% (48 ratings)
M.Sc - Dietitics / Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Lucknow  •  16 years experience
5 Foods You Can Eat Post A Gym Session!

Workout can be quite exhausting at times and we may run to our favorite guilty foods to make us feel better after a hard day at the gym. This can make the whole gym routine redundant. To avoid those sugar cravings, these are 5 foods that can help you stay in shape by cutting away at the fat and also are great to eat:

  1. Chicken Soup (for your soul and body): Chicken is an excellent source of lean protein. They also supply the body with important nutrients such as niacin or Vitamin B3 which is essential for carbohydrate metabolism. They are also good for recuperating when stressed or sick. Chicken shreds can be put in soup too as it helps with digestion and clear soup is free from fats and helps burn adipose (fat) tissue instead. Chicken soup is great for the soul!
  2. Fruits and nuts: Fixing a meal that too a wholesome one, might not be possible for everyone, especially if they lack the time or culinary skills and equipment. An easy solution is to buy dried fruits and nuts from your departmental store and mix them in a sealed plastic bag. Avoid cashews despite their taste as they have a higher calorific content. Nuts will provide an adequate dose of protein for the day while the dried fruits will supply essential carbohydrates as well as vitamins and minerals. These carbs are simple and help in restoring glycogen in the muscles as compared to complex carbs and make them the ideal post workout snack to munch on.
  3. Tuna: Most fish are good for your health as they are considered healthy white meat. Tuna is great for munching on as it is versatile and can be blended into quite a few foods. A tuna salad with minimal dressing is not only tasty but healthy as well if mixed with greens like lettuce. Tuna has healthy Omega-3 fatty acids which are good for the heart. For making it a convenient food that you can carry to the gym, make sandwiches with it!
  4. Eggs: Eggs are probably the best wholesome versatile foods. It’s delicious in any which preparation. Steer clear of using your egg whites in desserts and try using minimum oil or unhealthy ingredients in making a dish out of eggs. They are high in protein content and despite popular belief, the yellow should be consumed too unless your doctor advises against it. Poach them or fry them in olive oil. Steam them or blend it in your milkshake if raw eggs aren’t your thing. Egg protein is the most utilizable protein by the body in all of unprocessed foods. Boil or bake them, take them in plenty! Get creative and try experimenting with your eggs in totally new ways and if you are an amateur cook, these are perfect to start your culinary experiments with.
  5. Chocolate Milkshake: Chocolates are mood boosters. Opposed to popular belief, they are good for your teeth as well as they promote saliva secretion which helps in cleansing the mouth. Added with milk, they can become a wholesome snack as milk supplies essential calcium for bone development. Apart from the great health benefits, chocolate milkshake is also supremely yum!

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