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4 Types Of Vaginitis

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4 Types Of Vaginitis

What is vaginitis?
Vaginitis refers to infections of the vagina. This condition results in inflammation of the muscular walls of the vagina due to contamination of bacteria, yeast or viruses and results in itching, soreness, reddening and pain of the vagina along with pungent odors and unusual discharge.

Vaginitis is a common medical condition that affects all women at some point in their lives. Most of the time, the problem is not severe and can be easily treated with simple remedies. But if the symptoms become chronic and remain persistent, it requires the immediate attention of a gynecologist.

What are the different types of vaginitis?
There are a number of different types of this condition, which have varying causes and symptoms. Some of the most common types of vaginitis are as follows:

1. Bacterial vaginosis
This is caused by the explosive growth of the bacteria that is usually present in small numbers in the vagina under normal conditions.

2. Yeast infection

A type of fungus is known as candida Albicans causes this type of infection.

3. Vaginal atrophy
This generally occurs after menopause and is caused by falling estrogen levels.

4. Trichomoniasis
This type of injection is sexually transmitted and caused by parasitic infestation.

What are the symptoms of vaginitis?
Common symptoms of vaginitis include the following:
- Vaginal discharge with unusual colors or odors
- The occurrence of pain during urination
- The occurrence of pain during intercourse
- Itching, swelling and irritation of the vagina
- Vaginal bleeding and spotting

If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Gynaecologist.

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