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Mr. Santosh Pandey  - Acupuncturist, Mumbai

Mr. Santosh Pandey

91 (86 ratings)
Bachelor in TCM, Diploma in Acupuncture, Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Scien...

Acupuncturist, Mumbai

20 Years Experience  ·  1000 at clinic  ·  ₹300 online
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Mr. Santosh Pandey 91% (86 ratings) Bachelor in TCM, Diploma in Acupuncture, Diploma in Natur... Acupuncturist, Mumbai
20 Years Experience  ·  1000 at clinic  ·  ₹300 online
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If you hear a constant ringing in your ears without any external stimulus, it is called tinnitus....

If you hear a constant ringing in your ears without any external stimulus, it is called tinnitus. The sound can also manifest as incessant roaring, hissing, buzzing or clicking. The sound can be loud or soft, low or high pitched. Tinnitus can occur in one ear, or both the ears.

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Ageing is a process which is not always kind to people. One of the things which occurs along with...

Ageing is a process which is not always kind to people. One of the things which occurs along with ageing is cervical spondylosis, which causes extreme pain and stiffness of muscles. Although it may be an excruciating thing to have, it really does not mean that it cannot be treated, especially with herbal medicine.

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Namaskaar doston, <br/><br/>I am healer Santosh Kumar Pandey and today my topic of the talk is la...

Namaskaar doston,

I am healer Santosh Kumar Pandey and today my topic of the talk is ladies health, girl’s health and the problems they are suffering from so exactly what you guess. First in the younger age you see lots of pimples, acne and then later you see lots of acidity, hairfall, skin related issues and of course stress because of that so acupuncture is something which is helping them a lot with therapies and we incorporate acupuncture, acupressure, natural therapies and of course some other therapies which we have that hyperbaric oxygen and along with that we do for them colon hydrotherapy also that is very very important to take care of their health and acidity, hormonal issues and then most common problem nowadays is hairfall.

since you know ki aaj ka hamara jo rehen sehen hai jo Lifestyle hai that is something it's not very good I would say why? because it encourages khana peena, rehna Sehna and of course the type of lifestyle we are living bahut sari cheezein aisi hai jo body ko jarurat hai wo hame nahi milti jo nahi jarurat hai jo hame bahut acchi lagti hai as I am talking about hamare diet ke hisaab se bhi, so tamam maida, besan, cheeni and all the things which is not going to suit our body so usse there is an accumulation of toxins in our body so agar usko hum puri tarah se shareer se nikaal nahi paate kisi bhi reason se to hamara shareer kahi na kahi usse affect hona hi hai so wo kis tarah se affect hoga?. So it is going to show you on your body you are going to get little fat side, you will become a little healthier or weight weight will increase and agar wo nahi ya uske sath-sath you will see skin ka texture kharaab hone lagta hai, tamam pimples, acne aane lagte hain, hairfall, dark circles because agar is tarah se khaana-peena hai to usi tarah se hamara lifestyle hai, tamam bojh hai padhne likhne ka bhi hai, bahut saari other jimedaari bhi aane lag jaati hain aur ye sab hone ke baad shayad aap poori tarike se share nahi kar paate ki mujhe iski wajah se bahut saari takleefein hoti hain aur andar hi andar kyunki itni saari cheezein chal rahi hoti hain of course your body’s toxins are going to give you a little more problem then accumulation of the toxins are going to affect this area to PCOD uske alawa menses se related problems uske alawa maine bahut saare cases dekhein hain jisme menstruation ke case mein bahut saara pain hota hai, mood swings hota hai to kahi na khai aap usko cope up nahi kar paate. Again I would request all of you, if you are too young pehle se hi apni jimmedari lijiye, samajhiye, sochiye, discuss kariye, share kariye to usse kya hoga ki aapko bahut saari problems se nikalne ki shakti milegi aur samajh milegi to jitna aap in cheezon ko samjhenge apne aap ko fit rakh sakte hain.

Secondary, genetically kuch log mote hote hain, kuch log patle hote hain, kisi ko aap dekhoge pimples ke problems hote hain unke siblings main bhi aisa raha, unke parents mein bhi aisa raha ya to mummy ko ya to daddy ko and it is ok. So usme kya karna chahiye? Usme sabse pehle aap breathing exercise karein, apne khaane-peene ka dhyaan rakhein koshish karein ki aapka pet clean hota rahe aapko constipation na ho jaaye to uske liye aapko roughage khaana jaruri hai, aapko maida, besan, cheeni ye jo 3 cheezein shareer ke liye sachmuch bahut nuksaandeh hai, zeher ke barabar inki tulna kari jaati hai to uska dhyaan rakhein, kyunki aaj se hi yadi apne apne shareer ka dhyaan rakhna shuru kiya to aage chal ke jo challenges jo ate hain usse bahut haad tak aap apne aap ko nikal paate ho.

Hum kya karte hain at our clinic. We are into acupuncture treatment and naturopathy treatment so our acupuncture is helping a lot for all these problems even lots of cases we have cured like
PCODs, their hormonal problems and hormonal mein again thyroidism bhi aata hai logon ko kam umar mein maine dekha hai 20-25, 25-30 ya after pregnancy maine bahut saare cases dekhe hain, so acupuncture is helping naturally for all these things and of course I have seen lots of girls ya wo jo suffer karti hain after pregnancy like weight put on karna, uske saath unke thyroidism aa jana usme bhi bahut saara hair fall, skin ke problems to unko bahut takleefein hoti hain, bahut saare log jab hum counselling karte hain to hum logon ne dekha hai ki unke andar se pain dikhta hai unke wo jab us cheez ko hamare saath share karte hain to humko bhi ye baat samajh mein aati hai ki kis tarah se hum aise cases ko deal karein. So luckily over the period of time we have learned lots of special things to treat and help all these cases.

So friends anybody who are suffering abhi tak hamare pass 2 hi centre hain but still i would say wherever you are seeing someone in your family or relatives so please unko guide kariye natural therapies ke liye, unke khaane-peene ke liye, unko acupuncture, yoga, pranayaam, meditation ke liye aur it is the simple and very effective way so they can get cured, they can get really good health with this so uske baad agar nahi samajh mein aata hum log jaldi-jaldi chemicals mein lag jag jaate hain bahut saari dawayian khaate hain, unke bahut saare other side effects bhi hote hain to koshish karein ya unko is\s tarike se train karein aur natural therapies mein jayen aur is tarike se apne shareer ko fit rakh payen.

Thank you!

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Namaskaar, <br/><br/>I am Santosh Kumar Pandey. So today I'm in front of you to share something v...


I am Santosh Kumar Pandey. So today I'm in front of you to share something very special and which is very common nowadays I'm seeing lots of patients suffering from sciatica. Sciatica mostly app logo ko pata hai ki sciatica kya cheez hoti hai, lekin fir bhi I would like to just give you a brief about that and what we can help into that. So you know most of the problems are due to our lifestyle, so what is that and why it is? sometimes it's common, sometime it's uncommon, but it's still what I'm seeing at my clinic right from youngest to very old ages patients are coming for the lower back pain. The pain, it travels towards the knee, some time till the ankle from the mid of the back to side-ward of the legs, knees and it's reaching to the toes also, sometimes small toes. I'm seeing that patients are suffering from sciatica, so why is it so common?

First, what I do understand is due to our lifestyle, why lifestyle? we are not exercising properly, we are not taking care of the health properly or our working style, working hours, sitting longer hours. So most of the patients they are like in the 30s and 40s, 45s and sometimes 50s also and I would say it is the unbearable type of pain they are suffering. Most commonly what I have seen are the girls after the pregnancy, they are coming to us for the pain and people who are actually working on the computer all the time or sitting for longer hours or carrying weight. Jo log bahut jyada wajan dhote hain, proper stretches nhi karte hain, so sabse badi baat hai ki yadi unhone ne dhyaan nhi diya aur ye puraana hota gya, it becomes chronic then and it's really very difficult and then there they had it. So at our clinic we are taking a lot of care for that and we are getting lots of wonderful results and I would say within ten to twenty days they're out of the problem.

So what do we do? first we check a lot of things and then we check their muscles with piriformis assist, very tight, very stiff and then of course along with that we avoid their lifestyle problems and whatever they are suffering. So what we do normally? we start with checking SLR(straight leg raise), if SLR is positive, of many cases SLR is positive of course, so we do acupuncture for them, we do physiotherapy exercises for them and the third part is their diet. So in diet we suggest what is avoidable for them it's like khatta-teekha, people are having lots of sour and spice and all these things, so mostly we avoid their bad eating habits and acupuncture is one of the magical treatment from what I am seeing at my clinic and this month I think I have seen more than 30 sciatic patients and why I am talking eagerly about this case?

because if they are not taking care of sciatica or back pain, if it becomes very chronic then it is very difficult to handle. Log 10-15 saal suffer karte hain aur bahut saare cases mein kuch din ke liye dard kuch kam ho jata hai, subside ho jata hai and again it comes back and if it remains for a longer period, it is very difficult to deal with. so friends agar kabhi bhi yadi agar kisi ko bhi aapne dekha ki is tarah ka pain ho raha hai, sciatic nerve compress ho rahi hai. It is almost a disc like cell, open the reports or MRI scan and you will see their is a herniation of the disc. So acupuncture along with exercise, physiotherapy exercises and postural awareness and with the diet, it is very much curable very much treatable.

Thanks a lot!

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Hi,<br/><br/>I am Mr. Santosh Pandey, Acupuncturist so, aaj kal jo samay hai, jis tarah se humare...


I am Mr. Santosh Pandey, Acupuncturist so, aaj kal jo samay hai, jis tarah se humare pass question aate hain like youth are asking about migraine, cervical pain, acidity problems and indigestion or gases, us se bhi jayada questions hain IBS ko leke. So, aisa kyun hai? Ek toh hai lifestyle disorder ki vajah se. Dusra hai unawareness food ka. Agar dekha jaye toh ye koi bimari nahi hai. Isko agar hum bimari samajh ke ilaj karte hain toh bohot sara samay lagta hai. Bohot sari dawaiyan khani padti hai. Bohot sare reports nikalne padte hain. Humne mila kar dekha hai ki reports mein aisa kuch samajh nahi aata hai doctor ko ki exactly kya ho raha hai. Which means something is wrong with our lifestyle. So, we need to understand our lifestyle. Which type of lifestyle we should live? Iske liya humein kya karna padta hai. Apna pura dhayan apne khan paan, rehen sehen aur exercise per lagayein. Puri raat hum jag rhein hain and pura din hum kam kar rhein hain. Bohot sari parties karte hain and junk food khate hain jiski vajaha se bohot sari bimariyan pilled up ho jaati hain. Joki koi bimari nahi hai. We are seeing so many patients that they are coming with so many results but there is nothing. So, iska matlab kya hua? Humein kya karna chaiye. Kis tarah se aware hona chaiye. Uske liya sabse jruri hai apne khan-paan ka dhyan rakhna.

Kis tarah ka food aap ko suit hota hai, use samajhna. It is actually not very difficult. If you are aware, you will come to know. So, friends, aaj ka mera topic isiko mene choose kiya tha kyuki bohot sare log mere pass aate hain aur is tarah ke questions rakhte hain. Toh jo mene dekha after treating so many cases like thousands of cases we are handling and what is the outcome. Just lifestyle. So, iska matlab yahi hua ki agar aap ko apne aap ko sawasth rakhna hai, toh sabse pehle janna hai ki aap ke sharir ko kya suit hota hai aur kya suit nahi karta hai. Kuch log hain jo bolte hain ki main raat bhar kam kar sakta hun, main din bhar kam kar sakta hun, unko kuch nahi hota hai. Aise bhi kuch cases hain. Lekin jayada din tak is lifestyle ko nahi chalaya ja sakta hai. Iska matlab ye hai ki jis tarah se aap kam karte hain usi tarah se aap ko apne sharir ko aram dena hai. Jis energy ko hum kamate hain, vo long lasting honi chaiye. Jo humare parents ke through humein energy aayi hai, usko hum bohot jaldi khatam karte ja rhein hain. Bimariyon se humara system gadbad ho jaata hai. Body acidic ho jaati hai.

Iska matlab migraine and then muscular pain, eyes related disorders and seen a lot of cases in the UTI because we are not drinking enough water. So, doston, morning aap pani ke sath shuru karein. Kam se kam 2 glass pani peena chaiye. Healthy breakfast karna chaiye. Fruits and vegetables include karein apni diet mein. Baki jo aap ko acha lagta hai o khayein but moderate way mein. You should understand your body system. According to that you should plan your eatings. Agar suke baad bhi aap ko lagta hai ki ye bhi chizen mere ko set nahi ho rahi hain toh uske liya kisi expert se salah lein. Rahi baat agar aap bimar ho gaye ya aap ko bohot dard ho raha hai aur samajh mein nhi aata hai ki kya karien toh uske liya sabse pehle aap ko koshish karna chaiye ki aap apne aap ko natural tarike se treat karein. Aap ko breathing exercises karni chaiye. Yoga karna chaiye aap ko. 45 mins regular walk karein. Iske alawa bohot sari natural therapies hain like we are doing for migraines. We are expert into acupuncture. We do therapy to detox your system well. Jaise jaise aap ki body detox hoti hai, heat kam hota jaata hai. Aap ke sharir se pain ki matra kam ho jaati hai. Uske alawa insomnia ki problem kuch logon ko ho jaati hai. Aap ki elasticity khatam ho jaati hai. Iska matlab aap apne sharir me bimariyon ki dawat dete hain. So, try to be very healthy. Do regular exercises. Eat healthily, drink lots of water and best thing smile.

Thank You.

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Good morning friends,<br/><br/> My name is Santosh Kumar Pandey and I am acupuncturist and naturo...

Good morning friends,

 My name is Santosh Kumar Pandey and I am acupuncturist and naturopath. So today I have chosen the subject of acupressure and acupuncture to talk about. Dosto, acupuncture aur acupressure ek aisi padhati hai jisme aap apne aap ko bohot hadd hadd tak fit rakh sakte hain. Iska jaha tak hamara anuman hai jo hamne dekha iska koi side effect nahi hai aur agar hai to usko ache dhang se kisi se puch ke, kisi se seekh ke, samajh ke usko taala ja sakta hai. Side effect me kya hai kabhi kabhi agar hamne acupressure kiya to zada pressure dene se kabhi hame takleef ho sakti hai, thoda pain badh sakta hai. Uske alawa kabhi loose motion, diarrhoea ya kabhi fever jaisi feeling aati hai; ek ya do din mein sab kuch normal ho jata hai. That is body's automatic procedure or process of detoxing herself. So dosto, acupressure abhi bohot known hai, sabko pata hai, sab logo ne suna hai, sab log iske baare mein jante hain lekin fir bhi ek technically strong person ya jisne seekha hua hai usko thoda zada knowledge hota hai. Sab log acupuncture seekh sakte hain, acupressure seekh sakte hain and it’s such a wonderful technique to heal ourselves.

Iske alawa jaha tak hai isme jis tarah se aap jitna zada jante hai utna logo ko help kar sakte hai kam se kam apne pariwar ke liye aur apne liye bohot sari cheeze kar sakte hai. So today I am going to show you one technique which is going to help all of you without any side effect and without taking any probe or anything. Suppose you are out or you are exercising, you don't know anything also about acupuncture, acupressure and all the points also if you don't know, still it’s going to help you as a proper acupuncture. Mai aisa kyu karne jaa raha hu kyunki mai begart 18 varsho se acupressure, acupuncture ki practice karta hoon aur jo maine seekha hai uska ek tarah se bol sakte hai this is like an essence of that technique, ek nichod hai jo bohot sare logo ko faida karega aur sabse khushi ki baat ye hai ki isko har umar ke log kar sakte hai aur iska koi bhi side effect nahi hai, kahi bhi, kisi bhi tarah se koi takleef nahi deta hai, infact it will make a strong value, strong health value and it will be additional help for you. To improve your health, to improve your energy, to improve improve your coordination of body and mind and to restore that energy. Yeh is tarah ki technique hai jo aap ke digestive system se leke ye aap ke hormonal system se leke aap ke muscular skeletal system se leke neurological system tak kaargar ho sakta hai.

Sabse khushi ki baat ye hai ki bohot zada effort nahi hai, bohot zada kisi bhi cheez ki avashyakta nahi hai ki aap ko kuch iske liye chahiye hota hai, aap ghar pe hai, aap bahar hai even if you have 5 minutes time to spare with you can do it anywhere. So kya hai vo technique? That is something such a wonderful thing to do it, do the way it’s you know hum shuru se jante hai ya bachpan se hamne dekha hai pooja path mein baithte hai ya fir kisi bhi tarah ki khushi hoti hai, kisi bhi tarah ka ek tarah se khushi manane ka jo system hota hai hum bohot khushi se jab bhi kuch karte hai to we clap, clapping is something which is going to help you to press all the points of your body.

Clapping mein kya karte hai, you know jab hum pooja path mein hote hai ya hawan mein hote hai ya keertan mein hote hai ya fir hum game bhi khel rahe hote hai to hum clapping karte hai. Kyu karte hai? Abhi tak iska jo iska jo sabse acha effect ye hai ke hamare body ke jitne bhi aveyvar hai, jitne bhi vital organs hai aap ke hath ki hatheliyo mein hote hai aur jab aap clap karte hai is tarah se is tarah se jab aap clapping karte hai to sare points ko aap knowingly unknowingly press kar rahe hote hai. Knowingly means jab aap jaan rahe hai ki mai acupressure ke liye kar raha hu to aap knowingly you are doing and you know I am pressing all the points of my hand. Is tarah se agar aap 20 bar continuous jaise is tarah se matlab breathe in kare, breathe out, breathe in breathe out, breathe in, breathe out; if you do 20 times believe me you feel something like running towards your body, internal and external both the way, you'll feel heat, aap ko lagega ki shareer mein kuch garmi jaisa sensation start ho raha hai.

It means whatever points you are clapping, after that clapping of your hands points are there, our vital organs are there, circulatory system start working for them, iske liye unko kahi bhi kisi bhi tarah tarah ka ka blockage ho raha ho, kahi bhi kisi tarah ka weakness ho raha ho ya kahi aap ke jo most vital organ like liver, kidney, bladder, heart, lungs aur uske alawa aur bohot sari cheeze even prostate aur uske sath sath jo hai aap ko brain related jo cheeze hai agar kahi bhi kuch blockage ho raha ho when you will start clapping like this just 20 times to if you can do twice in a day it's very effective, even if you are doing once in a day it's very effective. Just breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out; is tarah se agar aap ne 20 times khali clapping kari to bhi uska aap ko bohot acha effect milta hai. Ye ek technique hai aap ko fit rakhne ka.

Uske alawa dusra it’s also superb, it’s a one technique of sujok acupressure, sujok acupuncture. You know yeh aap ka jo anghootha yeh aap ke head aur neck ko denote karta hai, 2 pass bhagwan ne is tarah se hamare shareer ki rachna kari hai ki aap is tarah se karte hai to is tarah ki feeling aati hai ki like I am just nodding my head like this way aur ye 2 ungaliya aap ki jo hoti hai ye aap ke hath aur ye 2 ungaliya hai ye aap ke pair. This area this is this area is the trunk of your body and this is your chest. So iska matlab agar aap isko touch kar rahe hote hai, isko press kar rahe hote hai iss tarah se to aap ke lungs, aap ke heart, aap ka ye pura area isse cover hota hai. Uske alawa ye sara jo area hai usme aap ke liver, kidney, bladder even stomach ye aap usko press kar rahe hote hai ya massage kar rahe hote hai.

Ab bache aap ke hath aur pair uske liye aap ko kya karna chahiye. And this is very good to you know for your body's coordination and mind coordination. How? I will show. If you just make your hand like this, just start doing. When you are doing this, breathe in; means breathing in and breathing out. Iska matlab ye aap ke ek to apne puri tarah se neck ka area, aap ke shoulders ka area ko press kiya, uske sath sath aap ke body and mind ka coordination. Aap ke kitni bar isko iss tarah se change kar kar ke aap karte hai iska matlab aap ka co-ordination badhta hai. Theek hai, agar aap young hai to itna aap ko samjhta nahi hai but if you are little elderly suppose 50,60 so its little taking efforts also. So ek ye effort aap ke liye kya karega ki aap ka coordination badhata hai uske sath sath jab aap breathing bhi kar rahe hote hain to aap ko uska double benefit mil raha hota hai. This is good for your neck, this is good for your shoulder, this is good for entire this area to make us fit. Uske baad aap ke pairo ki bari aati hai. Pairo ke liye aap ko kya karna hai aur aap ke hatho ke liye kya karna hai? Like this way like it’s a wing, same thing aap ke legs. Jab aap isko iss tarah se karenge tab aap ka jo ye friction hoga ye aap ke hath aur pair dono ko puri tarah se strengthening karta hai, isko kaise karna hai. Chest up and apne kiya breathe in. Breathe in and breathe out, breathe in and breathe out; this is very good for back pain, sciatic pain even this area which is like our inner thighs, we are not using that, we are not doing any exercise for that. In yoga there is few exercises are there which we practice like butterfly and some matsyasana and all, when we are there in the duck position, then this area is getting the strength but generally it's not.

Suppose we are doing this it means we are making the reach of our blood to the system, so this is very good for even urogenital disorders ke liye bhi bohot achha hai because area is related to urogenital. Isme kya hoga prostate ke liye bohot faida hoga, usually knee hurt mein problem ho to uske liye bohot faida hoga, frequent urinations ke liye bohot acha hoga and uske sath sath apke blood ka flow tip to top if you are doing this, if you are doing this, if you are doing this it means you are making the reach of the blood flow in the entire system. So dosto, very simple technique to be healthy, very simple technique to be healthy without any maximum effort or anything extra effort, you have to just practice 5 minutes in a day, if you can do twice its very effective and this is very good exercise for working on the computer, very active work type of people, very you know sedentary lifestyle of people; this is superb technique to practice.

Since this is going to make your body's posture or alignment very well, so if you do practice it, it it is going to give you superb effects plus jiske pass bohot kam time milta hai, bohot sare log hai jo complaint karte hain ki mere paas samay nahi hai exercise karne ka this is nothing just 5 minute you take out and you feel fresh whole day. If you are doing twice in a day it's going to help you more. So dosto, bohot hi aasan tarika hai ek baar fir se mai aap ke samne bataunga. Sit straight, back straight if you can smile with that you'll be feeling more better just practice like this: breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out; so this way your this muscles are going to work, chest is getting open as I told you post if you are sitting straight for 5 minutes, your postural awareness will also get will increase. So zada se zada 5 minute aur usse zada 7 minute, isse zada isko karne ki zarurat nahi hoti hai and within 5 minute 5-7 minutes you are going to feel very fresh, very nice, very energetic and this will balance your system.

Thank you.

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Hi,<br/><br/>I am Mr. Santosh Pandey, Acupuncturist, last time I told you about acupuncture. Toda...


I am Mr. Santosh Pandey, Acupuncturist, last time I told you about acupuncture. Today I will tell you about Colon Hydrotherapy. Aaj kal ka hmara lifestyle busy and stressful hai. Hmari diet achi nhi hoti hai. Due to lack of exercises, unhealthy diet, we are suffering from constipation. Treatment ke lia hum through rectum 30-40 liters water hum rkhte hain. Is therapy se apka bowel ek dum clean ho jata hai. Aap light feel krte hain. Iske kafi benefits hote hain.

Ye apka metabolism improve krta hai. Agar apka stomach clean nhi hai to aap nutrients absorb nhi kr pate hain. Ye toxins eliminate krta hai. Ye apka stress release krta hai. Lekin agar apki koi recent surgery hui hai ya cardiac issues hain, rectal cancer ho, piles, fissure, fistula ho to ye treatment nhi dia jata hai.

Colon ka cleaning kyu jruri hai? Jab apka stomach acha hota hai to apki body me energy kafi hoti hai. Nahi humko achi sleep milti hai, stressful life hai, lack of exercise hota hai, poor diet hota hai. Hum aaj kal bhut sare rectal cancer patients dekh rhen hain. Agar apka bowel thik hai to less risk hote hain is cancer ke. Agar aap timely treatment nhi krate hain to apke lia risk badh jate hain.

Is therapy ka benefit hai digestion and excretion ke lia. So, agar aap apna stomach natural tarike se clean kr skte hain, well and good. But agar apko acha nhi feel ho rha hai to immediately Dr se contact kren. Aap apne apko clean krayein and healthy bnayein.

For more information, you can connect me on Lybrate.

Thank You.

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Personal Statement

I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care....more
I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care.
More about Mr. Santosh Pandey
It is believed and witnessed by a lot of people that a great number of our health issues can be resolved simply by practicing acupressure. Santosh Pandey, who is an acupuncturist in Mumbai, strongly agrees with the fact that a lot of health problems can be relieved when you use acupressure in the right manner. With the help of the best and the most learned acupuncturist like Mr. Santosh, you can find out the most appropriate ways to find healing for your physical aches and worries. Mr. Pandey practices from the Shenmen Healing Centre in the Santacruz West region of Mumbai. While Mr. Santosh Pandey has had a 17 year experience to back him in his pursuits or treatment, he also is the winner of numerous awards and accolades in his career, that make him a highly sought after acupuncturist in Mumbai. Mr. Pandey has received the Gold and Silver Needle awards in acupressure along with a certified course in Panchkarma treatment. Mr. Pandey is also an integral part of a lot of associations that help in contributing better to his knowledge and growth. The specialist holds specialization in a number of streams such as Sujok, Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Ozone therapy, Panchkarma and alternative medicine. Mr. Santosh Pandey has become a highly regarded name among his patients. There are people who owe their life and happiness to the treatments of Mr. Pandey the acupuncturist from Mumbai. The way in which the specialist works is extremely progressive and that is something that helps his patients recover much sooner than they may have ever imagined. Lots and lots of patients throng his place of practice to ensure relief from pain and health problems, you can also discuss your issues and find solutions by getting in touch with him online.





Bachelor in TCM - Indian Academy of Acupuncture Science - 1999
Diploma in Acupuncture - Indian Academy of Acupunture Science - 2009
Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Science (DNYS) - All India Naturecure Fedration, Rajghat, New Delhi - 2012

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Member of AINCF and Indian academy fo Acupunture Science
International Naturopathy Organisation
Executive Member Of International Cupping
Certified Course In Panchkarma Treatment
Member Of Khar Bandra Medical Association
Executive Member Of Indian Acedemy Of Accupunture Science - 2007
Silver Needle Award - 2012
Golden Needle Award - 2016


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Cervical Spondylosis

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Ageing is a process which is not always kind to people. One of the things which occurs along with ageing is cervical spondylosis, which causes extreme pain and stiffness of muscles. Although it may be an excruciating thing to have, it really does ...
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Tinnitus - Some Exercises You Must Try

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If you hear a constant ringing in your ears without any external stimulus, it is called tinnitus. The sound can also manifest as incessant roaring, hissing, buzzing or clicking. The sound can be loud or soft, low or high pitched. Tinnitus can occu...
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Sciatica - Things To Know About It

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Namaskaar, I am Santosh Kumar Pandey. So today I'm in front of you to share something very special and which is very common nowadays I'm seeing lots of patients suffering from sciatica. Sciatica mostly app logo ko pata hai ki sciatica kya cheez ho...
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Women's Health

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Namaskaar doston, I am healer Santosh Kumar Pandey and today my topic of the talk is ladies health, girl s health and the problems they are suffering from so exactly what you guess. First in the younger age you see lots of pimples, acne and then l...
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Is Acupuncture Any Good Against Allergies?

Is Acupuncture Any Good Against Allergies?
"Is Acupuncture any good against allergies? An allergy is the result of hypersensitivity of the antibodies in your body to otherwise harmless foreign substances. Conventional practices rely on suppressing the function of antibodies to cure allergi...
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