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Dr. Shantanoo Joshi

B. PTh

Psychiatrist, Mumbai

11 Years Experience  ·  800 at clinic
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Dr. Shantanoo Joshi B. PTh Psychiatrist, Mumbai
11 Years Experience  ·  800 at clinic
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Hello and thank you for visiting my Lybrate profile! I want to let you know that here at my office my staff and I will do our best to make you comfortable. I strongly believe in ethics; a......more
Hello and thank you for visiting my Lybrate profile! I want to let you know that here at my office my staff and I will do our best to make you comfortable. I strongly believe in ethics; as a health provider being ethical is not just a remembered value, but a strongly observed one.
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Dr. Shantanoo Joshi is a renowned Psychiatrist in Dadar West, Mumbai. He has been a successful Psychiatrist for the last 11 years. He is a B. PTh . You can consult Dr. Shantanoo Joshi at Dr.Shantanoo Joshi (Palkars Polyclinic) in Dadar West, Mumbai. You can book an instant appointment online with Dr. Shantanoo Joshi on has a nexus of the most experienced Psychiatrists in India. You will find Psychiatrists with more than 44 years of experience on You can find Psychiatrists online in Mumbai and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


B. PTh - Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik - 2007
Languages spoken


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Dr.Shantanoo Joshi (Palkars Polyclinic)

73-B, Laxmi Terrace, Ground Floor, Room No 3, Opposite Senapati Bapat Statue, Shivaji Park, Ranade Road, Dadar WestMumbai Get Directions
800 at clinic
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I forget simple things names spellings etc after some time remembered that .very stress in mind for simple problems .I feel negative thinking. I consult which doctor what is our problem. I am working in pharma industry.

MSC Human Development , Hypnotherapy , Special Educator , ms- counselling and physiotherapy, Applied psychology Hons
Psychologist, Faridabad
Take a consultation from a neurologist and a psychologist near from you and try to solve some brain games daily it will help you. If you want any other help you can contact us.
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Stress Due to Work

Partners in Health
Multi Speciality, Gurgaon
Stress Due to Work

Stress in mechanics is a load, pull or force or a system of forces producing a strain. In life, any event or situation that produces a strain therefore induces a physiological strain.

At work place, a system of forces work to produce desired results which more often than not produce a state of strain or makes an individual's life stressful. But the consequences of chronic stress are not just on individual health and well being but on the organizations as well. This affects the productivity and competitiveness. When an organisation faces a challenge, the flight or fright reaction ensues leading to increased threat perception, alertness and activity. In short term, it can improve productivity, but in case a state of threat is perpetually present like in case of a team led by an anxious or high strung individual, it produces chronic stress leading to lowering of performance. More often, sources of stress at work place are poor communication, unclear roles, discrepancies in expectations and skills, insecurity and sudden and significant change in work structure , to list a few.

Sources of Organisational Stress

  • Poor communication

  • Unclear role / objectives

  • Change

  • Role conflict (project management)

  • Career uncertainty/stagnation

  • Over / under promotion

  • Lack of training

  • Social or physical isolation

  • Unrealistic deadlines / targets

  • Travel

  • Lack of control over decisions

  • Inadequate supervision

  • Lack of feedback on good performance

  • New technology

  • Work overload / underload

  • Long working hours

The nervous system of an individual facing work stress due to any factor will react by producing a flight or fight response with ensuing physiological and/or psychological changes. These changes produce behavioural effects which if prolonged can be identified as signs of stress. While physical effects of stress lead to higher sick leaves, accident and absenteeism, psychological effects cause high anxiety and irritability leading to lower performance, disturbances in interpersonal relationship and more mistakes and miscalculations due to disturbance in concentration and self confidence .

Signs of rising stress:

  • Disturbed sleep

  • Loss of pleasure in things once enjoyed

  • Appetite changes

  • Irritability and impatience

  • Tiredness, lack of energy

  • Inability of concentrate, meet deadlines or make decisions

  • Increasing cynicism or loss of trust

  • Anxiety / panic attacks

  • Sense of losing control over events

Concerns over the effects of organizational stress on productivity, absenteeism and health related problems and consumption have substantially increased over past few decades. Employee health and well being are important assets to organizations and businesses. The Human Resource Department thus needs to watch for signs of stress in the employees and create an environment where the effects of stress can be mitigated. It requires understanding individual skills and deficiencies, clear and adequate communication, promoting an environment where deficiencies can be worked on without lowering self esteem or producing insecurity, encouraging support among team/staff members etc. On a personal level, individuals need to reduce stress by prioritizing their goals and following time management and self -fulfilment activities.

Ways to control stress


  • Agree targets

  • Review progress

Take control

  • Participate in decisions

  • Ensure travel commitments are reasonable

  • Update training

Make time for yourself

  • Allocate 'self' time

  • Pursue a hobby

Look after yourself

An in house counsellor who can maintain confidentiality and acts a bridge between the organization leaders and teams goes a long way in ensuring adequate stress management.

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I feel sleepy during day times due to that I can't concentrate on studies pls help me.

MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Chennai
You need to get evaluated medically as thyroid dysfunction, anemia, vitamin deficiency and many conditions produce excessive sleep. If all are negative it can be idiopathic narcolepsy, which needs to be treated by stimulants. Kindly consult a psychiatrist for the same. All the best.
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I have some mental disorders, suggest me with a particular solution to be a practical.

Masters in Clinical Psychology
Psychologist, Lucknow
I have some mental disorders, suggest me with a particular solution to be a practical.
Hi lybrate-user. There are various kind of mental disorders and treatment varies with the type of disorder person has. Its advised to tell your symptoms in detail and get screened by a psychologist to decide the mode of treatment for you which will be best suited. Consult for same.
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I am 26 years old. Female. Always am at upset and am not able to separate happiness and sad.

M.B.B.S., F.I.C.A. (USA), P.G.D.I.H, F.C.G.P., D.C.A.H
Psychiatrist, Vadodara
This is all stress and worries of life. May be issues of married life/future marriage, you may be having insecurities and fear. Just relax. Ask yourself what bothers you? have a positive self-talk, and learn what are those things you don't like. You need to accept your self and move on. You need to take care of your lifestyle and learn to be happy. If you cant do it yourself, meet a life coach/ stress management super-specialist like me. Once you open your heart out, you will feel free and begin to fly in life.
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Hello sir Actually my problem is I am student & Iam alway thinking about sex. Sir pls tell me how to be control of my mind Sir.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MD - Alternate Medicine, CFN
Sexologist, Karnal
Hello sir
Actually my problem is I am student & Iam alway thinking about sex.
Sir pls tell me how to be control of my...
Thinking about sex is normal at this age and you can't help it, you are not a sage. Exercise atleast1 hour per day. Stop watching porn if you do. Avoid company of boys who always talk dirty and use abusive language. Spend some quality time with your parents daily. All the best.
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I am having body pain from last 4 year and taking tramadol hydrochloride, and become addicted for the same. What should I do? Is this tablet harmful?

MBBS, MD - Psychiatry, MBA (Healthcare)
Psychiatrist, Davanagere
I am having body pain from last 4 year and taking tramadol hydrochloride, and become addicted for the same. What shou...
Hi there ~ what is tramadol? tramadol (brand name: ultram) is an opioid analgesic (painkiller). It is prescribed to treat moderate to moderately severe pain and is considered a safer alternative to other narcotic analgesics like hydrocodone (vicodin, lortab) and methadone. Additional medications containing tramadol include ultram er, an extended release formulation for round-the-clock pain relief, and ultracet, a combination of tramadol and acetaminophen (tylenol). No one should have to suffer from addiction alone. Dependence additionally, abusing tramadol can lead to tolerance and dependence. Psychological dependence individuals who abuse tramadol for an extended period of time and develop psychological dependence may begin to experience compulsive cravings to take the drug and to feel that they need it to cope with everyday problems. People who are psychologically addicted to tramadol can feel anxiety if they do not have access to the drug and will engage in behaviors such as doctor shopping or prescription forgery in order to maintain their supply. Peer recovery organizations such as smart recovery, lifering secular recovery, and 12-step groups provide a forum for people in recovery to share their experiences and offer support to one another.
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While speaking English I m stammering and repeating the words, but when I talk with my friends I m taking better Like one situation, I m talking with my teacher well in English than suddenly I remember, I have stammering problem I don't want to start again stammering Then I start stammering, because the fear of stammering. What should I do to overcome this problem It's a actually disease, or my mind creativity And this is problem start since my child hood. When I taking with my teacher I start stammering even though in my native Language

M.Sc - Psychotherapy
Psychologist, Bangalore
Stammering is not a disease. It occurs due to lack of confidence and fear. Whenever you talk to someone forget that you have this problem and be fluent. Even while talking if you feel like stammering ignore it and continue talking. Whenever you are stuck in between just pause for a while or cough and later continue. By doing this no one can notice. Try this and let me know. The best thing is to practice talking in front of the mirror.
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Dentist, Guntur
Smoking or consuming smokeless tobacco is very harmful for your teeth. It can lead to various oral diseases like oral cancer, gingivitis, periodontitis and tooth decay.

I am urmi from India .My age is 25 year old . I am patient of Ocd from last five year and taking prodep 60 mg but when I took medicine then I get relief for some time like 2-3 hr and overall relief is 50 to 60℅ . By this Ocd problem I am get depressed many times also my weight get increase by taking prodep please suggest permanent cure of ocd.

MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Chennai
You can have 90 to 100% symptom reduction for OCD. Prodep i.e. fluoxetine is a wonderful druh, it s dose needs to be upped or some drug combined to achieve this, If u have weight gain, the medication can be changed or a drug added to prevent weight gain property of prodep
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