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Seeds To Enhance Your Health!

Seeds To Enhance Your Health!

Seeds are the most basic parts of a tree. Without the seed, there won't be any tree. But some seeds have more functions than growing trees. Some seeds can help you become healthy as well.

Here is a list of such seeds: 

  1. Sunflower seeds - They are a rich source of Vitamin E which are essential to the body to fight cancer. It also helps in improving the immune system of the body. It reduces oxidative stress caused due to work out.
  2. Chia Seeds - Chia seeds are full of carbohydrates and fibre. It helps the body control blood sugar level. It also helps the body reach the satisfaction point after a meal, which helps in controlling digestion. It is a good source of plant protein and omega-3 fatty acid. Chia seeds contain antioxidants which help in repairing damaged cells.
  3. Sesame seeds - Sesame seeds are known for being a source of calcium. Hence they help in making the bones strong and keeping them healthy. They are also required for the muscles to function properly. Sesame seeds produce energy for the body to work on.
  4. Pumpkin seeds - Pumpkin seeds contain good amount of Magnesium, Zinc and plant-based Omega-3 fatty acid. Pumpkin seeds also help in protecting against type 2 Diabetes and are good for heart, liver health and also prevent insomnia.
  5. Flax seeds - Flax seeds are a rich source of fibre. They contain a lot of soluble fibres which help in the process of digestion. Flax seeds also help control hunger and blood sugar level. Daily consumption of flax seeds keeps a check on the blood pressure level, which in turn reduces the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Due to the presence of lignin, flax seeds promote smooth blood flow.
  6. Hemp seeds - Hemp seeds are whole proteins. Hemp seeds help to keep your hair and skin healthy. This is due to the presence of omega -3 and omega-6 fatty acid. They also help to lower the cholesterol level, due to the presence of phytosterols. 
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PUBG Addiction - Know How It Impacts The Overall Health!

PUBG Addiction - Know How It Impacts The Overall Health!

One of the most popular mobile games right now is PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battleground). More than 400 million people all over the world play the game, including both adults and children. With so many people participating online to play the game every day, tournaments and competitions are being organised all over the world.

However, apart from the fun and playful, the game has become notorious (famous for some bad quality) for being extremely addictive. It has led to many health issues and behavioural problems among users. This has resulted in many countries banning the game.

To enjoy the game without being negatively affected by it, you have to know all the details.

What is PUBG?

PUBG is an online multiplayer where users participate in real-time. In the game, each round starts with around a hundred players parachuting on an island and look for weapons to protect themselves. The idea is to kill the other players before they hunt you down. The last player surviving wins the game.

The thrill of being the last survivor in each game gives us instant gratification. This constant adrenaline rush keeps us hooked to the game that might lead to addiction. 

The addiction has increased to such a point that cases of self-harm and suicides have been observed. 

Symptoms of gaming addiction - 

Doctors have stated that gaming addiction is most common among male adolescents within the age of 12 and 20. According to them, games like PUBG prompt a neurological response in our brain that triggers feelings to pleasure and reward. Therefore, after every achievement in the game, the mind wants more and thus leads to addictive behaviour.

Here are the common symptoms of gaming addiction – 

  • Feeling more comfortable in the virtual world than the real world

  • Spending most of the waking hours in gaming rather than other activities

  • Continuously thinking about the game even not playing

  • Loss of interest in other activities

Effects of gaming addiction -

The following issues may arise from playing games like PUBG addictively – 

  • Playing for long hours can weaken eyesight, joints and muscles. It can lead to obesity, poor posture and headaches

  • Spending less time with others leading to social isolation

  • The sleep patterns may get disrupted as players may sleep less to play more

  • Aggressive behaviour or emotions

  • It can affect their academic performance

How to prevent PUBG addiction?

These steps can cure PUBG or any game addiction – 

  • Limit gaming hours – Playing the game for 1 or 2 hours is safe but avoid going above that limit. You can allot a specific time of the day when you will play the game.

  • Engage in more activities – Have a more active social life by spending time with friends and family. Work on your passions like music, painting or writing.

  • Self-improvement – Read more books, take courses, work on your career and academics to improve yourself.

  • Take medical help – If you still cannot curb your gaming addiction, talk to a counsellor or psychiatrist.

You have to remember that real life is more rewarding than virtual life if you work hard for it. However, if you find yourself falling into the prey of gaming addiction, seek medical assistance immediately.    

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Veggies - How Can They Keep You Young?

Veggies - How Can They Keep You Young?

Vegetables have always been an integral part of every healthy meal. They contain nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins which ensure smoothness of skin and prevent wrinkles. Here are some of those veggies which would help you maintain your youthful, healthy appearance and visage. Read more to find out about them:


Make sure you have a generous portion of this vegetable when you are on a meal as this green cruciferous vegetable is stuffed with phytonutrients which reduce inflammation and also help in preventing lung cancer and stomach cancer. They also contain essential nutrients which help in cell repair and help to slow down the aging process.


Spinach is your good to go food if you want you to retain your hard-earned muscle tone. Studies indicate that spinach helps in strengthening your muscles. It contains magnesium, more than any other food item per serving. It helps to maintain muscle definition and nerve function as well as regulates blood pressure and blood sugar.


Kale is full of vitamin K which is very essential for blood coagulation and preventing internal hemorrhaging. It is also essential to maintain the strength in your bones as you age. Studies have shown that kale also helps to prevent prostate cancer. Consume it cooked to maximize its benefits.


Onions are very helpful to prevent and end your stomach trouble. It prevents the growth of H. pylori bacteria which causes ulcers, gastritis and gastric cancer. Unfortunately, deep-fried onion rings do not count. Garlic and tea, other food items which are rich in flavonoid are some other alternatives which you can go for.


Eggplants are rich in Nasunin, a nutrient which helps in the anti-aging process and helps prevent cancer as well. Eggplants also help prevent Alzheimer's disease.

Red Bell Pepper

Red bell peppers contain vitamin C, which triggers the production of white blood cells that fight against germs and bacteria. Consuming a diet which is rich in vitamin C helps to lessen wrinkles because it helps in the production of collagen.

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What Should You Do To Control Your Diabetes?

What Should You Do To Control Your Diabetes?
For diabetic patients, missing out on prescribed medicines is at times beneficial. True or False. Take this quiz to know now
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My wife had uncontrolled urine problem, especially in winter. She is diabetic, mild hypertensive and on telmisartan (telday 40) and metformin. We visited our diabetes doctor and he suggested to do sonography. Sonography reported 'renal parenchyma the doctor then suggested urine test. The urine test showed high protein. The blood test showed uric acid in blood. The doctor suggested febustat 40 tabs. We went to nephrologist. He prescribed telmisartan 40 mg. He said go to urologist. We found that there is nothing like urologist but all are uro surgeons. We went to uro surgeon, who said go back to nephrologist. There is nothing from his side to explain or prescribe as he is surgeon. This is not surgical case. Ridiculous. I want to know why there is uric acid in the blood? Is it related to some kidney problem or anything else? I also need to know what is the remedy to permanently stop uric acid high levels? Febustat is symptomatic relief. This cannot be stopped as after stopping the blood report goes back to positive uric acid. Also let me know if there is any such speciality as urologist or uro surgeon himself is called urologist.

My wife had uncontrolled urine problem, especially in winter. She is diabetic, mild hypertensive and on telmisartan (...
Urologist and uro surgeon are same. High uric acid is not only due to kidney problem. Uric acid is produced as a byproduct of purine metabolism and is normally found in blood. It is excreted by kidneys. High uric acid in blood may be due to its overproduction or may due to inability of kidneys to excrete it. Fabuxostat is a medicine prescribed commonly to reduce uric acid in blood. Your description is not clear. 1-what do you mean by unconrolled urine problem. Is it inability to hold urine or something else? 2-"sonography reported renal paranchyma" which does not explain anything. 3-what was the full urine report? 4-what is latest fasting, pp blood sugar and hba1c report. As uro surgeon has declared there s no surgical problem means physician or nephrologist can solve it.
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I am taking half of 10 mg tryptomer antidepressants. How to cut dose mam /sir. Please help.

I am taking half of 10 mg tryptomer antidepressants. How to cut dose mam /sir. Please help.
Reducing the dosage is entirely dependent on your doctor and your symptoms. This is a good medicine that can be used for a long time. But if you want to come off of medication, you need to combine medication with therapy. The fact that you want to go off of the medication is your drive to work really hard to come off of it. Here is what you need to do: combine medication with therapy to learn some coping skills and develop tools to face the day-to-day challenges with confidence. Then if you go episode-free for three years under the combination of medicine and therapy, you could initiate weaning you off of the medication gradually and under strict monitoring of the psychiatrist. I know that this may sound discouraging but if you had contacted me many years ago I would have told you at that time to combine the two therapies. But it is never too late, and now you have a clear agenda and time plan to resolve the depression. In the meantime please do the following: when you are depressed, you will feel lazy though I would like to call it lethargy. There is an inertia and lack of energy to even think, let alone act. You are required to literally do the opposite of what you feel like doing. Depression makes you want to withdraw, lie down, sleep, become lethargic, slow down, make you too lazy to even think etc. So when I suggested doing the opposite, you will need to fight this disease. You must become active; stay upright during the daylight time; meet people; never sleep during the day, wake up by 6 am every day, play some active games, especially contact games, do physical exercises, talk to people and join some social clubs, eat more of proteins and vegetables, attend yoga classes etc. Watch sitcoms on tv or comedies and cheer yourself up. Go for excursions in groups, for outings, camps, conferences, and religious conventions. Get a pet dog and spend time training it, exercising it and relating to it. Expose yourself to some sunlight every day, at least 30 minutes but not in the scotching heat. I hope you can find someone to love and be loved too. Whatever happens, please incorporate these three important adaptations in your life: always be responsible, be respectful, and be functional. If you did these three things, lots of things will go well in life. Please pray and have faith in god to alleviate your sufferings. Don’t wait for others to help. Use your own motivation, which might be at its lowest, but persevere and win this battle. You have youth on your side.
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I feel crawling tingling sensation beneath my skin from 3-4 years along with some weird outgrowths throughout my body.

I feel crawling tingling sensation beneath my skin from 3-4 years along with some weird outgrowths throughout my body.
The most common, everyday cause is temporary restriction of nerve impulses to an area of nerves, commonly caused by leaning or resting on parts of the body such as the legs (often followed by a pins and needles tingling sensation). Other causes include conditions such as hyperventilation syndrome and panic attacks.
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Hello I am experiencing palpitations once a week, they appear for 5secs and gone! normal rhythm and pulse. I've done echo, ecg, thyroid profile, blood tests, everything is normal! the palpitations are like "lub dub lub dub lub dub" on chest and back to normal!

Hello I am experiencing palpitations once a week, they appear for 5secs and gone! normal rhythm and pulse. I've done ...
I would recommend you to go for 24 hours or 48 hours holter monitoring, because ecg is an instantanious investigation, so it may miss any rhythm change happening at times different from ecg is done, do you have dizziness or vertigo then you must go for the above mentioned test, & also you should look whether you are too much anxious about anything, then it is taken care of first.
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Hair Replacement - 10 Useful Tips!

Hair Replacement - 10 Useful Tips!

In recent time there has been great progress in the field of hair restoration and affordable hair replacement techniques. Today we have new and improved surgical techniques of hair replacement or hair restoration for both men and women.

Here are some guidelines to be followed while choosing a clinic for affordable hair replacement.

1) Determine your type of hair loss: Before determining hair replacement, you should get confirmed about the type of baldness you have. First of all, you must know about the cause of your hair loss, for this purpose you can consult with your regular physician, a reputable hair surgeon or a dermatologist.

2) Define your goals: Before going to a hair replacement centre, take a look at yourself in the mirror, if you are satisfied with your hair and appearance but worried about your future, then you should go for some other treatment of your hair and not hair replacement. Consult a hair specialist for advice.

3) Once you have chosen a hair replacement center then try to go for follicular unit hair transplantation since it is successful in most cases.

4) Find the most committed, experienced and reliable permanent hair replacement surgeon that you can, regardless of their location.

5) Have a discussion with other patients, who have undergone hair replacement transplant.

6) Time yourself for a personal consultation with your hair replacement surgeon.

7) Reflect upon and discuss the plans, side effects if any and gain a good understanding of your treatment.

8) Make sure you are a good candidate for affordable hair replacement and that you have reasonable expectations.

9) Search for an affordable hair replacement centre that is popular. You can even browse through the Internet to find more options for affordable and permanent hair replacement. You can even study the brochure of Tulsa hair replacement centre; they are expert in male hair replacement.

10) Once you are confident with your permanent hair replacement decision, go ahead, and then wait for your beautiful transplanted hair to grow.

It has no effect on hair fall. I'm experiencing more hair loss. Should I continue it?

It has no effect on hair fall. I'm experiencing more hair loss. Should I continue it?
Hi, Lybrate user, what medicine your are taking is not expressed in order to suggest you its recourse, please. Tk, care.
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Hello mam and sir my height 6.3 weight 68 im doing 1 hour gym but weight gain is not improve so tell me dait plan for weight gain any supplement.

Hello mam and sir my height 6.3 weight 68 im doing 1 hour gym but weight gain is not improve so tell me dait plan for...
Dear user, your ideal body weight should be around 91-92 kg so there is need to loose around 23-24. Gaining weight by the natural way helps to keep your weight steady and healthy. If your average calorie intake is smaller than your calorie expenditure, you won’t gain weight. Weight gain needs to take care of your diet and lifestyle for the whole day. Tips never work to achieve your target, but you may do certain changes like avoid gaps in between two meals, add a healthy meal and reduce junk meal. You may add paneer, potatoes, legumes, nuts in your diet. We are having weight gain program which based on customized diet, no medicine, no herbs, no starvation along with clinic fitness so there is no side effect. You can connect us through private consult or through our website kg to become fit.
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Non-Surgical Ways To Loose Weight!

Non-Surgical Ways To Loose Weight!

An increase in your body weight can be due to many factors. But excessive weight gain usually leads to future complications in the form of life-threatening diseases, such as obesity, heart problems, depression among others. It can also hamper your self-confidence when you see your flabby body in the mirror. Clothes may no longer fit and you may feel your self-esteem dipping.
However, there is no reason for you to feel let down since there are so many ways to lose that extra weight. One of those many ways are certain non-surgical methods, such as:

Ultrasound Lipolysis

Ultrasound lipolysis is the newest technology among non-surgical methods to reduce fat. Ultrasound lipolysis or U-Lipo is painless as it uses ultrasound wave energy to break down the fat cells into simpler fluids which the body can naturally metabolise. This method is very selective and you can only use it to reduce fat in your chin, face, lower back, upper back, calf, arms, thighs, hips and tummy.


1. Results of U-Lipo are immediate and you can lose up to 10 centimetres of your problem areas after a single treatment.
2. The application of low frequency ultrasound waves makes the treatment painless and absolutely safe.
3. Compared to other non-surgical treatments, U-Lipo is much more affordable.


Endermology uses a vacuum suction to deeply massage the subcutaneous tissue (the innermost skin layer) and skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite. However, the effects are temporary and you may require multiple treatments.


1. It is painless since it is non-invasive procedure
2. Stimulates the fat cells and increases production of elastin and collagen
3. Sculpts your figure and firms your skin


Mesotherapy is a non-surgical weight loss method that aims to melt fat using injections. It is increasingly popular. A solution comprising of natural nutrients breaks down the fat cells which your body later gets rid of.


1. The procedure is non-invasive
2. No general anaesthesia is needed
3. Boosts blood circulation in the treated areas
4. If combined with a healthy lifestyle, effects can be long-lasting

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