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Liver Cyst Removal - What To Expect

Dr.Amitava Chakraborty 89% (13ratings)
MS - General Surgery, MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
General Surgeon, Kolkata
Liver Cyst Removal - What To Expect
Shrinking liver cysts may result in shrinking the liver as a whole? True or False? Take this quiz to find out.
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Anal Cancer - What Should You Know?

MBBS, MS - General Surgery, Fellowship in Gastroenterology
General Surgeon, Hyderabad
Anal Cancer - What Should You Know?
Anal cancer is characterized by a formation of malignant tumor in the tissues of the anus, that is, the distal opening of the gastrointestinal tract. Most of the anal cancers are diagnosed as squamous cell carcinomas, which tend to arise near the squamocolumnar junction. Other categories of anal cancer include sarcoma, lymphoma, melanoma, or adenocarcinoma. Attempt the following quiz to discover that how well do you know about anal cancer.
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