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Importance Of Sound Sleep!

Importance Of Sound Sleep!

Sleep is the best reliever of all stress and physical pain. Not only is it important to get sleep but also to sleep soundly and without any disturbance, as even quality matters. Here are a few tips to get better sleep: 

  1. It is important to maintain the same sleep schedule every single day. This helps to naturalize your body clock and get the best quality sleep.
  2. Switch off all mobile phones, laptops and other electronic devices. Their artificial glow not only hampers your eyesight, but also prolongs the amount of time your body takes to relax and fall off to sleep.
  3. If your back pain causes you to continually wake up in the middle of the night in discomfort, then sleep with a pillow or cushion between your legs so as to straighten out your back and relieve pent up stress. 
  4. The importance of your pillow can never be stressed upon enough. Your pillow should be not too fat, hard or soft. It should just about support the natural curve of your neck, so that it is perfectly aligned with the centre of your body. Correct sleeping postures are extremely important.
  5. Make sure your room is nice and dark so as to stimulate the secretion of a hormone called melatonin that is regulated by light exposure. Darker the room, greater melatonin, making you more sleepy.
  6. Those who exercise regularly and well are known to be fitful sleepers. Exercise well before bedtime. If required, do some light yoga or stretching exercises that promote sleep.
  7. What you eat throughout the day makes a difference in the quality of your sleep. Stay away from too much caffeine, alcohol, or a heavy meal just before sleeping. They only make you stay awake for longer and may cause heartburn or stomach trouble. Don't drink too much water, or else you will be making more midnight trips to the bathroom than clocking those sleep hours.
  8. Try to keep your head clear of all worries and stress when in bed. Regular meditation and deep breathing can help.

There is no end to all the things you can do to sleep well and comfortably. It is important to be self-disciplined to sleep well and hence be a healthy individual.

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Six Common Causes Of Shoulder Pain!

Six Common Causes Of Shoulder Pain!

The shoulder is one of the most important joints in the body that uses a ball and socket to join the arm to the rest of the body. Any pain can make it difficult to carry out motion in a comfortable manner. The shoulder consists of the long arm bone called the humerus, the collar bone or the clavicle, as well as the shoulder blade called the scapula. A layer of cartilage provides essential padding to the bones in this area and its two main joints. There are a number of issues that can cause shoulder pain.

Let us get to know the six most common ones. 

  • Rotator Cuff Injury -
    This is the most common cause of shoulder pain and it occurs when the four muscles or the tendons are injured. These muscles and tendons usually control the movement of the arm. This injury can involve strains and tears which may also be caused by constant lifting of heavy objects. 
  • Rotator Cuff Tendinitis -
    This condition affects the tendons and muscles that help in moving the arm freely. This usually happens due to inflammation in the tendons. It is commonly experienced by patients who are actively involved in sports and other heavy physical pursuits in their line of work.
  • Frozen Shoulder -
    This is a weakening condition that restricts the free movement of the arm and is also known as adhesive capsulitis. When the shoulder tissues become too thick, it leads to the growth of scar tissue that hinders proper movement and causes pain.
  • Osteoarthritis -
    Osteoarthritis is a condition that comes as part of aging bones that also become hollow and brittle over the passage of time, which leads to joint and bone pains in various parts of the body. It is a degenerative disease that is caused due to prolonged wear and tear as well as other factors including family history and sports injury.
  • Bursitis -
    This condition is known to affect the fluid filled sacs that lie in between the joints. These are known as bursae. When the bursae suffers from swelling, the effect usually shows up as pain in the joints.
  • Tendon Sheath Inflammation - 
    The fibrous tissue that connects the bones and the muscles is called a tendon. The presence of the tendon makes it possible to pursue activities like running, jumping, lifting, gripping and more. It is protected by a sheath known as synovium, which also lubricates the same. Any injury or tear to this sheath can cause shoulder pain.

Acute and persistent pain that does not abate and gets even worse should be treated with immediate medical intervention.

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Dizziness - Can It Be Caused Because Of Ear Issues?

Dizziness - Can It Be Caused Because Of Ear Issues?

Dizziness is usually described as variety of sensations which comprise of a feeling of faintness, unsteady, weak, light-headed, giddy or woozy. When dizziness causes a false feeling of spinning and the moving surroundings is known as vertigo.

Dizziness can be one of the most common reasons for a visit to the doctor. However, the constant feeling of dizziness can affect a person's life drastically, but it is rarely life-threatening. The treatment of dizzy sensation and dizziness mostly depends on the symptoms.

Causes of Dizziness

The common causes of dizziness are medication, motion sickness and ear problems, especially disturbances of the inner ear. An injury, infection or poor blood circulation can also lead to dizziness. The triggers of dizziness and the sensations it provides are used to evaluate the cause. Also, the duration of the dizziness and the symptoms lead to a clue towards the cause of the same.
Dizziness Caused By the Inner Ear Problems
The balance of the body depends on the combined effort of many parts of the sensory system. These are:

  • Sensory Nerves: These send messages to the brain in regard to the body positions and their movements
  • Inner Ear: The inner ear has the organ of corti which are responsible for detecting the motions and thereby help in the balance of the body.

In vertigo, a person might feel that the things around them are moving thus creating a swaying or a spinning motion. Vertigo is usually caused by the problems of the inner ear. 

The common causes are:

  • Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV): This happens when the calcium particles accumulate in the inner ear canals. The inner ear is responsible for body movements and balance.
  • Meniere's disease, a problem of the inner ear mainly caused by the build-up of the fluids thereby leading to a change in pressure. This causes vertigo along with hearing loss and tinnitus.
  • Vestibular neuritis is the problem of the inner ear and is largely due to infection. Infection leads to swelling of the nerves of the inner ear which affect the body movements.

Treatment of Vertigo Includes:

  • Rehabilitation of the vestibular system by physical therapy in order to strengthen it.
  • Canalith repositioning by suggesting some body and head movements basically for BVVP. These movements help to move the calcium deposits from the inner ear canals to one of the chambers, which are further absorbed by the body. When the canaliths (calcium deposits) move, it might give rise to vertigo.
  • Medicines are given to relieve symptoms of motion sickness and nausea. Antibiotics can be taken in case of infection and swelling.
  • Surgery in some cases.
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What Should You Do To Control Your Diabetes?

What Should You Do To Control Your Diabetes?
For diabetic patients, missing out on prescribed medicines is at times beneficial. True or False. Take this quiz to know now
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My fasting sugar is 226 and post prandial sugar is 391 what precautions and medicine should I take to cure.

My fasting sugar is 226 and post prandial sugar is 391 what precautions and medicine should I take to cure.
Hello, thanks for the query. Both fasting and pp glucose levels are two high, suggesting totally uncontrolled diabetes needing urgent appropriate treatment. You will have give following details: apart from fasting and pp glucose, hba1c%, weight, height, dietary pattern, extent of daily exercise, lipid profile, bp readings and medicines being taken if any. It is necessary to come in a private conversation (paid consultation) then I can give specific guidance plus prescribe the necessary medications also. In this communication we are supposed to give only general guidelines, no prescriptions can be given. If not interested, please contact your local doctor and start the treatment immediately. Because delaying can lead to early setting in of complications associated with diabetes. Please remember this condition can be well controlled, but there is no cure> I hope you realise. Thanks.
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Meri wife ki age 28 year hai. Usne birth control ke liye injection lagwayai this for 3 months. But first month period time bleeding not coming. Then what she is pregnant or not.

Meri wife ki age 28 year hai. Usne birth control ke liye injection lagwayai this for 3 months. But first month period...
There will be irregularities in periods when taking injections and she need not be pregnant and if the time gap between injection and ovulation was incorrect you need to need to check up for pregnancy.
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I am 26 years old girl I have noticed so many small moles on my face during 2-3 years my face looking dull because of moles what should I do.

Mole are very common on our skin, they appears like small spot on kin with different in colour (brown, dark,and red) mostly notice in childhood and in adolescence. More usually harmless, in very rare case mole become cancerous. Mole can remove nowadays but it's very risk as well as expensive.(so many method out there to remove mole but be careful) but personally I wouldn't recommand you to do. Due to above mention points.
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Pimples - How To Get Rid Of Them?

Pimples - How To Get Rid Of Them?

Pimples are the bane of a teenager’s life. Pimples or acne are caused when an oily substance called sebum produced by the skin clogs pores. This provides a fertile breeding ground for bacteria and before you know it, pimples pop up. Though they are not a health risk, severe acne can cause permanent scars. So it’s best to prevent pimples rather than deal with the skin blemishes and scars due to it.

Read on for hot tips for managing pimples

  1. Keep your face clean: Wash face twice to remove grime, dead skin cells, and extra oil from skin surface which can breed bacteria and cause pimples. Washing more often than twice daily can be counterproductive, though. Always use warm and not hot water as the heat can strip oils from the skin and cause premature ageing. Try also to stick to a mild facial cleanser in favour of a harsh soap. Men should avoid deodorant body soaps as these can irritate the already inflamed skin.
  2. Don't scrub: If you have pimples, don’t scrub your face with an exfoliating glove or coarse cloth. This can help spread the infection to the other parts of the skin. Use a soft cloth instead.
  3. Moisturize: If you use products to get rid of pimples, they can leave your skin dry and stretchy. Use a moisturiser to minimise dryness and skin peeling. Look for "noncomedogenic" on the label of moisturisers, which means they will not cause pimples.
  4. Use an over-the-counter acne product to tackle pimples: These can be bought without a prescription and contain ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or lactic acid, which curb bacteria and remove excess oil from the skin. These products can cause drying or peeling of skin so start with a small amount at first. You can also use a topical retinoid gel which prevents pimples from forming. Use this gel sparingly if you have sensitive skin.
  5. Stay off makeup during a pimple breakout: Avoid wearing foundation, powder, or blush as these are especially harmful. If you do have to wear makeup, wash it off before sleeping at night. Choose oil-free cosmetics without added dyes and chemicals and one which are labelled as "noncomedogenic". Always read the ingredients list on the product label before buying.
  6. Watch products that you use on your hair: Avoid using oils, pomades, or gels on your hair. These can irritate your skin if they get on your face. Always use a gentle shampoo and conditioner. If you have oily hair, keep them off your face as they can add more oil to your face. Wash your hair often, especially if you're breaking out.
  7. Don’t pick and squeeze pimples: This can make your pimple breakout worse.
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I have concern regarding mental health issues or couldn't concentrate on working things. Please suggest me.

I have concern regarding mental health issues or couldn't concentrate on working things. Please suggest me.
Need to take anxiety relieving medicines for proper treatment. Please consult with me on my private chat window for full treatment details.
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My self manjula and I am 30 years old single meri problem ye hai k mera period irregular rehta hai jiski vajah se mere face pe bahut hi pimples hain and mera weight bhi gain ho gya hai abhi last month maine iski medicine li thi ovral g par uska side effect ho gya hai meri body me swelling aa gyi hai bharipan mehsoos ho raha period to ho gya tha usse lekin body fool gya hai please suggestion dijiye k mai kya karu.

My self manjula and I am 30 years old single meri problem ye hai k mera period irregular rehta hai jiski vajah se mer...
Hi, have you got your thyroid profile and s prolactin and fasting fbs and ppbs and fasting insulin and postprandial insulin, kft, lfts, complete hemogram, testosterone. Dheas,17 alpha hydroxy progesterone, ultrasound whole abdomen, to look for adrenals, kub, and status of ovaries. You need to change medicine. Review wid reports.
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PRP & Microneedling - Why Is It Required?

PRP & Microneedling - Why Is It Required?

Not excited about your 30th birthday because you think you will look old now? No doubt skin issues are a major concern for women entering this age bracket. Many are afraid of skin sagging and losing its natural elasticity.

But this shouldn’t stop you from living your life to the fullest. Skin tightening is an advanced process which is nearly painless. It also delivers quick results. Micro-needling and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) are the two most sought after methods for skin tightening.

Let’s have a look at the details of both these procedures.

What is Micro-Needling?

Also known as ‘Collagen Induction Therapy’ it is a reliable skin tightening method. Here tiny needles are used to puncture the skin at specific points to maintain the collagen and elasticity. One can get the following benefits from this treatment.

• Lightens stretch marks on the skin

• Increases tightness and firmness of the skin

• Reduces the size of pores

• Fixes broken capillaries and spider veins

• Removes scars and wrinkles from the skin

• Improves the texture of skin and adds a natural glow

Treatment Process

During this treatment, the doctor pricks your skin with a fine needle-like tool. This is done evenly across the skin to achieve better results. An hour before the procedure the doctor applies a topical anaesthetic to reduce chances of pain. Following this 30-minute treatment, the doctor applies a calming cream.

Warnings – The most common side effect is redness and slight irritation on the skin. However, this is not harmful. If you are suffering from any of the following conditions, you should not opt for micro-needling treatment.

• Skin disease like psoriasis

• Open wounds • Radiation therapy

• Severe skin scars


What is PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma?

PRP are injections which are used to enhance the micro needling process. It uses your own blood platelets to revive your skin. Platelets have the power to increase collagen and elastin production which helps to repair skin tissues.

Treatment Process – For the PRP process, blood is drawn from the arms in a syringe. This blood is then put inside a centrifuge to separate the PRP from the blood. This PRP solution is then gently massaged onto the face either during or after the micro-needling treatment.

Possible Side Effects – The most common side effects of a PRP injection are bruises and inflammation. They last for a period of 3-4 days following the treatment. It is advisable to avoid sun exposure during this time. Since the PRP contains your own blood, there is no chance of infection. By combining micro needling and PRP treatments you will see amazing improvements on your skin within a very short time. Even though combining both the processes may be a bit costly, the results are worth it.