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Sleeping More Than 6 Hours - Know Advantages Of It!

Sleeping More Than 6 Hours - Know Advantages Of It!

There are lots of benefits recommended by doctors all over the world about getting adequate sleep. Lack of sleep can have an adverse impact on your daily work-life balance and health. Thus, you should never let it happen. If you sleep more than six hours a day it can have a lot of benefits, some of which are mentioned below:

1. Better health: Studies have shown that having a good night sleep can help your body avoid serious health problems like diabetes, obesity, heart attacks and various other cardiac problems.

2. Lesser Pain: According to research, if you have chronic or acute pain from an injury, then sleeping for more than six hours can help you get better pain relief. It has been proven in multiple studies that good sleep can be an excellent supplement to pain medications. However, being in pain can make it harder for you to sleep. You should use pain relievers in such cases which can promote sleep but ensure that you have more than 6 hours of shut-eye.

3. Lower risk of injury: If you have adequate sleep then there are chances that you won’t feel tired during the day while you are out at work. This can prevent accidents if you are driving or even within the household. Deprivation of sleep has lead to many accidents in the past and continues to do so till today.

4. Better mood: Adequate sleep can help you to stay in a good mood and research has found sleep has a direct effect on regulating your emotions. This is due to the fact that sleeping for more than six hours a day can prevent you from being exhausted at work.

5. Better memory: Sleep loss can be the reason you have become forgetful. Studies have shown that your brain processes and consolidates the memories from throughout the day while you sleep. So if you don’t get enough sleep it may affect your professional life as you may tend to forget important things that you should remember. 

6. Stronger immunity: Sleeping for more than six hours will give your body the strength required to fight diseases. 

7. Better weight control: Lack of proper sleep can increase your weight. You would feel hungrier and would crave for high-calorie food since lack of enough sleep causes the levels of leptin to drop in the body. Leptin is the hormone, which is responsible for the feeling of satisfaction you get from food and a drop in its levels will result in a desire to eat more.

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COPD - Diet For People Suffering From It!

COPD - Diet For People Suffering From It!

One of the best and easiest ways to manage the symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD is through a healthy and nutrient-dense diet. This would not only help you to keep the severity of the symptoms in check but also to maintain a healthy weight.

Tips to keep in mind when choosing a diet

  1. Managing Weight: It is essential for patients with COPD to manage their weight. The symptom of breathlessness could be more severe if you are overweight. You might feel fatigued and tired if you are underweight. Therefore it is crucial to monitor your calorie intake and therefore also your weight as recommended by the American Lung Association.
  2. Balanced Diet: It is essential for patients with COPD to eat a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet. One that is varied and rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats or proteins according to a study published in the August 2014 issue of the International Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. A well-balanced diet will ensure that you get all the necessary vitamins such as C, E and D that are necessary to help you cope with this condition.
  3. Protein: Lean proteins such as eggs, meat, poultry, nuts, beans and fish especially oily fish such as mackerel and sardines, should be incorporated into your meal plan. These proteins are necessary for patients with COPD especially if they are managing their condition through exercise.
  4. Carbohydrates & Fibre: Food high in fibre and carbs such as lentils, oats and beans will improve the functioning of the digestive system.
  5. Potassium: Fruits and vegetables such as beets, potatoes, bananas are especially beneficial in preventing water retention in patients.

Foods To Limit Or Avoid
Different people react differently to food, there are some food items that patients with COPD should limit or avoid but if they do not seem to have an impact on your symptoms you can make them a part of your meal plan.

  1. Limiting salt intake irrespective of whether you are a COPD patient or not, it is always a good step to take. But if you are a COPD patient, excessive salt in your diet could cause fluid retention which could worsen your shortness of breath.
  2. Dairy products such as milk and cheese can irritate the respiratory pathways making phlegm thicker.
  3. Certain fruits and vegetables such as apples, cabbage, soybeans and stone fruits such as peaches can cause gas and bloating.
  4. Caffeine in coffee and chocolate could interfere with certain medications that you have been prescribed. Confirm with your doctor if you can still include them in your diet. Patients with COPD need to drink plenty of fluids and it might be beneficial to opt for non-caffeinated beverages.
  5. Fried, greasy and spicy food can cause gas and indigestion which can affect breathing.

Discuss your diet with your doctor or ask for a recommendation of a nutritionist who would help you to work out a meal or diet plan best suited for your condition.

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Can Healthy Diet Help In Maintaining Good Heart Health?

Can Healthy Diet Help In Maintaining Good Heart Health?

Your diet plays a major role in the health of your heart, so eating healthy should be somewhere on the top of the list for keeping your heart healthy as well. There are numerous heart disorders that occur due to unhealthy food patterns and consumption. Lifestyle factors are the major causes of heart disease, and diet occupies an almost compelling spot when lifestyle factors are taken into consideration.

Here is a list of foods that keeps your heart healthy:

  1. Salmon: Omega-3 fatty acids are very important for your heart to function optimally. Fishes such as salmon and sardines are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which lower the risk of heart diseases such as arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) and atherosclerosis (accumulation of plaque in the arterial walls).

  2. Oats: Like oats and milk for breakfast!? Congratulations! You are in luck; oatmeal has soluble fibers which help in lowering bad cholesterol levels. Just make sure that there is no added sugar in your oatmeal, as it will defeat the entire purpose.

  3. Blueberries: Blueberries are rich in antioxidants that reduce the risks of heart attack and also decrease your blood pressure. So go ahead! Toss some blueberries in your oatmeal to get your daily dose of antioxidants which are such pre-requisites for supreme health.

  4. Dark Chocolate: This will probably bring a smile to your lips. Dark chocolates contain polyphenols, a type of flavonoid, which is very good for your heart. Dark chocolate is known to reduce the risks of strokes and heart attacks. Watch the portion size as no matter what its benefits are, dark chocolates are still rich in calories.

  5. Citrus Fruits: Citrus fruits such as lemons and Indian gooseberry are rich in compounds that lower cholesterol levels in the body. Tip – Start your day with a lemon juice and warm water. This betters your metabolism and also keeps your heart in fine shape.

  6. Soy: Lo Behold Vegetarians! (and non-vegetarians as well). Soy is a protein-rich food that is so good for your heart. It also contains heart-healthy fats and fibers that help bring down and normalize cholesterol levels.

  7. Tomatoes: Tomatoes are rich in an antioxidant called ‘lycopene’, which is very effective in getting rid of bad cholesterol. It thus helps in keeping your arteries healthy and reduces the risks of heart attacks.

  8. Nuts: Nuts such as almonds and walnuts are rich in Vitamin E which helps in lowering bad cholesterol in the body. Avoid nuts that come with added salt.

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Applied Intentional Epigenetics In Autism - Know More!

Applied Intentional Epigenetics In Autism - Know More!
Does Applied Intentional Epigenetics in autism involve medicine? True or False? Take this quiz to know more about Applied Energy Medicine and/or Applied Intentional Epigenetics solution for Autism.
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My tsh level was 6.45 .i was under medication taking thyronorm 37.5 mg. Now my tsh level dropped to 0.03. Does it converted to hyperthyroid. Shall I stop my medicines?

Hello, Thanks for the query. You may reduce the dosage to 12.5 mcg then check TSH after 6 weeks. Thanks.
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Can be use ebernet cream for eczema problem, because I am suffering from dryness, patchy skin, which reduce dead skin layer and make red my face. What can I do please doctor suggest me to best cream which is available online app.

Can be use ebernet cream for eczema problem, because I am suffering from dryness, patchy skin, which reduce dead skin...
no...Don't are suffering from seborrheic dermatitis causing this.. Medicine available for good control... Treatment depends on the severity..Do direct online consultation for detailed prescription by sending photos.
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If platelets count goes down for 31000 of a dengue patient what will happen to the patient.

If platelets count goes down for 31000 of a dengue patient what will happen to the patient.
If platelet count is decreasing then visit nearby hospital. Maintain hydration. Patient with less platelet count may have gum bleeding. So observe pt. & do the platelet count everyday till it starts increasing.
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DEXA Scan For Osteoporosis - An Overview!

DEXA Scan For Osteoporosis - An Overview!

Osteoporosis is a disease that affects the bones of its sufferers. This is most commonly found in women, especially in those women who are close to, or going through, menopause. Hormonal changes around this period in a woman's life usually lead to various changes in her body. One of these changes includes loss of bone tissue which can leave the patient with brittle and weak bones, a condition that is also known as osteoporosis. This condition literally imbibes the word porous, meaning hollow bones. It is born from an acute deficiency of calcium and Vitamin D. The DEXA Scan or bone density test, also known as the Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry Scan, is one of the most effective tests that can help you in detecting this kind of damage or thinning bones. Here's why.

1. Fractures: The DEXA Scan is an important one because it sends low energy beams to areas like your joints and tissues to show how susceptible you are to fractures. It does so by measuring the strength of the tissues as well as the bones to see how brittle they may be.

2. Other Ailments: Measuring the thinning of your bones can also point to the presence of other ailments that may have gone unnoticed or undetected, earlier. These can include kidney disease, hyperparathyroidism which happens due to overactive secretions of the said gland, as well as liver disease due to a malfunctioning liver, intestinal disease and various disorders in the intestinal tract, and a serious Vitamin D deficiency. With this scan, you can get an insight into the other parts of the body affected by the bone density, and whether or not they are functioning properly.

3. Estrogen: Simply checking the estrogen levels cannot ascertain whether or not you have osteoporosis, as a high estrogen level can be credited to a particularly heavy period cycle. It does not show the bone health the way a DEXA Scan does.

4. Easy and Standardised: This method of scanning usually happens with the help of a mounted X-ray machine type, a handheld gadget which can be extended to conduct the scan. This is an easy and standardized method that releases low levels of radiation which also makes it a healthier option.

5. Bone Density Scores: The T Scores and Z scores point towards the bone density and help in diagnosing the condition efficiently. With a systematic scoring system, it is a sure shot test for osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a serious condition. The first step in treating the same is to get a detailed scan like the DEXA scan done, so as to test the extent of the bone-thinning to ensure that proper and timely treatment takes place.

Hallo pls suggest me remedy how to stop hair dying itching as I am facing problems after using hair dying. My head is soiling with burning and licking of small liquid. I was using it before long time but now since one month I am facing this problems.

Hallo pls suggest me remedy how to stop hair dying itching as I am facing problems after using hair dying. My head is...
Use shampoos containing topical corticosteroids, such as clobex, on your scalp. Apply hydrogen peroxide. It's a mild antiseptic and may help calm the skin and reduce irritation and blistering. Take an oral antihistamine, such as benadryl, to help reduce skin inflammation and itching.
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Mari beti 11 month ki h uska only 6.5 kg vo bar bar bimar bhi padti usko kya khillau jisse vo weight gain or immunity bhi acchi rahe.

Mari beti 11 month ki h uska only 6.5 kg vo bar bar bimar bhi padti usko kya khillau jisse vo weight gain or immunity...
Eleven month ki baby ko naram khana jaise khichdi dal chawal, mashed boiled sabzi, mashed fruit de sakte hain. Din mein ek baar 1/2 teaspoon badam aur khajoor ka paste khilaye, ya anjir ya kaale kismis ka paste, pani accha pilaye. Koi bhi khana pahii baar try karen to thoda khilakar uska digestion par dhyan dijie. Bahar ka fast food ice cream chocolate na den. Immunity ke liye tulsi ka juice shahad mein dijiye. Is umar mein bache jo dikhe wo cheezen muunh mein lete hain jiske wajah se infection hota hai. Piano boiled dijiye.
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I have bally fat and I do exercise for burn fat. But it is not loosing. What should I eat to have flat slim bally fat nd body?

I have bally fat and I do exercise for burn fat. But it is not loosing. What should I eat to have flat slim bally fat...
To improve your metabolism you sholud take some initiative for calorie intake then go for exercise it will help you.
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I am 25 years old female. I am not fat. But my belly is getting increased. Only fat comes in belly. How can I reduce belly fast to get flat belly.

I am 25 years old female. I am not fat. But my belly is getting increased. Only fat comes in belly. How can I reduce ...
You can reduce it by proper exercise and diet plan which will give you only target results without reducing your muscle .so contact me on Lybrate private chat book online consultation with me I will help you personally.
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How To Boost Hair Regrowth?

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Regaining lost hair is not a very tough process but you just need to show some dedication towards following certain tips suggested by your doctor.