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Lupifenac S 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet Questions

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Soft Drinks - How Hard Can They Be On Your Health?

Soft Drinks - How Hard Can They Be On Your Health?

Do you have an overwhelming craving for soft drinks? Are sodas and soft drinks part of your everyday diet? Soft drinks are very popular and common among today's youth and adults alike. However, the consumption of soft drinks may have several impacts on your health and may lead to severe consequences. Soft drinks contain chemical preservatives and other harmful substances, which are capable of affecting all major organs of the human body. Here is a list of disorders, health conditions and complications, which may arise from the consumption of soft drinks:


  1. Asthma is common in many consumers of soft drinks, which contain sodium benzoate as a preservative. These preservatives may mix with your diet and lead to reduced potassium content in the body. The chances of rashes are also enhanced.
  2. Dissolving of tooth enamel
  3. Soft drinks contain solvents, which are highly reactive. When these mix with the saliva or the stomach acids, they may turn acidic. Your mouth and teeth may get affected. Tooth enamel may dissolve, and the esophagus may get damaged.

Heart diseases

  1. Soft drinks contain fructose corn syrup, which increases the risk of metabolic disorders in the body. The chances of heart diseases and diabetes get enhanced. 
  2. Sugar overloading
  3. This is a phenomenon which occurs a few minutes after consuming soft drinks. The blood-sugar level may shoot up, and an insulin burst is possible. Blood pressure increases, the pupils may get dilated, and the liver may dump more amounts of sugar in the bloodstream.

Kidney disorders

Many soft drinks contain phosphoric acid, which causes a disturbance in the digestive system, affecting all the supportive organs. The chances of kidney stone formation get increased because of phosphoric acid. Other renal problems are likely as well. 

Reproductive problems

The cans of soft drinks have a coating of resin for looking good and having a shiny appearance. Resin is composed of Biphenyl A, which is a cancer-causing chemical. The endocrine system gets affected, which may lead to reproductive health problems and premature puberty. 


When soft drinks are consumed, urine contains calcium along with phosphoric acid. This may lead to osteoporosis, which is a condition where the bones get weakened and deprived. Calcium deficiency is also observed in people who consume a lot of sodas and soft drinks. 


  1. Obesity is very common among regular consumers of soft drinks and soda based beverages. According to research, one single can of soda may increase the chances of getting obesity by quite a percentage.
  2. You should not drink soft drinks and soda regularly. This will keep you away from many health conditions. You should consume alternatives for soft drinks such as homemade iced tea and natural fresh veg juices and whole fruits, which contain no added chemicals and preservatives. 
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Sunscreen - Why Should You Use It Daily?

Sunscreen - Why Should You Use It Daily?

We all think of sunscreen as something that goes into our vacation kit when heading out on a hike in the hills or to the beach. What we fear is being out in the sun can reduce fairness, can cause a tan, and a sunscreen will help maintain complexion.

Well, these are completely wrong notions. What we need to be aware of is that even the regular, daily sun exposure during driving or going to the office can do as much damage, if not more. The sunscreen, therefore, assumes a very important role in your daily personal care. Read on and find out more.

Relationship with skin cancer: Studies in the US have shown that skin cancer is the most common type of cancer and sun exposure is the leading cause of this. It is the regular exposure on a daily basis that cumulatively leads to this, rather than a one day exposure minus the sunscreen. Using sunscreen on a daily basis provides a good shield against skin cancer.

Slows down agingDry skinwrinklessun spots, and dark circles on the skin are more related to unprotected exposure to the sun rather than just aging. The sun is the most powerful agent that can lead to these effects and it is very essential to guard yourself against it.

While a general belief is that the sun is less harmful during cloudy days, it is not so the case. The ultraviolet rays of the sun filter through clouds and can cause equal damage as they would during sunny summer days. Studies have shown that the rays, which filter through the clouds are capable of accelerated aging effects and continue to do so, even after you have reached home.

It is not just the amount of time, you are actually out in the sun that counts. The collagen in the skin that gives it the firmness, if is damaged, leads to sagging and bagging of skin. Using a sunscreen provides a shield against these harmful ultraviolet rays.

Research has shown a 73% reduction in the invasive forms of skin cancer by using sunscreen on a regular basis. It is a popular belief that fair complexion is more affected by exposure to the sun. It is true that darker complexion has more melanocytes that increase the natural protection, but this does not ensure complete protection against the harmful ultraviolet rays.

After reading this, a sunscreen lotion with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or more should surely find its way into your grooming kit.

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Frozen Yoghurt - A Healthy Dessert That's Good For Your Health!

Frozen Yoghurt - A Healthy Dessert That's Good For Your Health!

Frozen yoghurt is a healthy food that is free of fat and contains a good amount of protein. Yoghurt is rich in various nutrients such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium and zinc which are all essential for the body. Enriched milk, if used in making yoghurt, imparts the very essential Vitamin D and A to the yoghurt.

Frozen yoghurt is rich in probiotics which are very beneficial for the digestive system, as they aid your digestive function and also good for you if you suffer from lactose intolerance. It also aids in reducing symptoms of IBS and other inflammatory diseases. It is also good for your cardiovascular health as it converts fiber into good fats that help maintain cholesterol levels in the body.

Add fruits
Yoghurt basically is a milk derivative that is formed when lactic acid bacteria is added to milk. This bacteria helps in coagulating the milk protein and thus causes the milk to thicken. You may also add various fruits to your frozen yoghurt for nutrition. Some fruits that you may add are -

1. Chopped apples
Apples contain antioxidants and flavonoids in large amounts which reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. It has also been proven to reduce the symptoms of dementia and improve neurological health.

2. Strawberries
This fruit is rich in folate, potassium and other nutrients that boost your immune system and help to maintain optimal blood pressure. Strawberries also help in reducing premature signs of ageing.

3. Bananas
Bananas are rich in potassium that helps improving heart function and aid in maintaining electrolyte balance in the body. They also help you in gaining weight as they are rich in carbohydrates. Vitamin A present in bananas aids in improving your vision.

4. Cherries
You may add cherries to your frozen yoghurt to add to the flavor. They are also rich in anthocyanin which is a strong antioxidant. They also help in preventing cancer as they contain carotenoids and vitamin C.

5. Grapes
Adding grapes to frozen yoghurt not only adds taste but also nutrients which assist in preventing cancer. They contain quercetin that assists in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels in the body.

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What Should You Do To Control Your Diabetes?

What Should You Do To Control Your Diabetes?
For diabetic patients, missing out on prescribed medicines is at times beneficial. True or False. Take this quiz to know now
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Doctor, had checked the blood sugar levels recently on successive weekends. The glucose level during fasting is 90 mg/dl whereas post prandial is 75 on one occasion and 91 on the second occasion. Is that abnormal?

Doctor, had checked the blood sugar levels recently on successive weekends. The glucose level during fasting is 90 mg...
No, Do not worry. Some times pp value comes lower than fasting which may be due to insulin secretion in response to type of food taken.
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I have taken isotretinoin 20 mg tablet for last 25 days I should increase dose of tablet.

I have taken isotretinoin 20 mg tablet for last 25 days I should increase dose of tablet.
No. It depends on the grade. Acne or pimples. Due to hormonal changes. Oily skin causes it. Common in adolescent age. May occur in adults also. Food like oily foods, ice cream, chocolate and sweets increase it. Treatment depends on the grade of pimples or acne. So, please send photos by direct online consultation as it's a must to see which grade of pimples or acne for accurate diagnosis and treatment.
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Hello sir I want six pack abs and I do not like to take non vage and protien supplement powder. Please suggest good food and workout tips.

Hello sir I want six pack abs and I do not like to take non vage and protien supplement powder. Please suggest good f...
If you are a non-vegetarian and do not like to eat a lot of vegetables to lose weight, then there is no need to worry. You can also lose a considerable amount of weight by including non-vegetarian dishes in your daily menu. The following is the non-vegetarian indian diet plan for weight loss. Early morning (7 am): o a glass of lukewarm water with lemon (0 calories). O a cup of tea with skim milk, no sugar and 2 biscuits (90 calories) breakfast (8 am): o 2 slices of brown bread + 2 hard boiled eggs (290 calories). Or o 1 slice of brown bread + 2 scrambled egg + 1 cup skimmed milk without sugar (310 calories). Mid morning snack: (10: 30 am): o a banana or 20 grapes or ½ cup melon or fistful of almonds or walnuts (50 calories). Lunch (1 pm): o 1 cup of brown rice (200 grams) + ½ cup mixed vegetables + 100 grams of chicken (boiled or stir fried in olive oil) + 1 bowl vegetable salad (360 calories). Evening (4 pm): o butter milk 1 glass or 1 cup (35 calories). Dinner (8 pm): 1 chappati or roti + ½ cup of lentils dal + 50 grams of fish (rich in omega 3 fatty acids) + 1 bowl of raitha (380 calories). The total calorie that you will be consuming a day by following this non-vegetarian diet menu is around 1225 calories. By following this diet plan, you will be able to lose weight by eating all your favourite foods. You do not need to do rigorous workouts and just need to do mild exercises to enjoy weight loss with this diet. If you are looking to lose weight within a short span of time, then the 1200 calorie diet plan will help you to shed extra kilos by making a little bit of adjustment to your lifestyle and diet.
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I got a patch on my beard. It is alopecia barbae, can I know the medicine that can I apply for the same.

I got a patch on my beard.
It is alopecia barbae,
can I know the medicine that can I apply for the same.
Apply the paste prepared from indian gooseberry and leucorice to the hair roots and wash with the decoction of gooseberry fruits after 45 min. Please consult us online for prescription.
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Oily Skin - 8 Tips To Take Care Of It!

Oily Skin - 8 Tips To Take Care Of It!

Oily skin is a result of overactive sebaceous glands that produce excessive oil, thus giving the skin its characteristic greasy look. Oily skin is usually caused by a number of factors, such as stress, food, genetics and hormonal changes in the body. Blackheadswhiteheads and acne are some complications that can result from oily skin.

It is important to take care of oily skin to prevent breakouts. Mentioned below are 8 tips to assist you in your skincare regimen:

  1. Use warm water to clean your skin: Cleaning your face with warm water opens up the pores and clears the dirt from; thus removing the layer of oil from the face more effectively than cold water. 
  2. Face masks: You may use face mask, such as sandalwood or fuller earth to get rid of the excessive oil on the skin. In addition to removing oil, it also cleans and removes impurities from the skin. 
  3. Limit scrubbing: You should restrict exfoliating your face 2 to 3 times a week as too much exfoliation may result in excessive oil production. Over scrubbing may cause the skin to lose its natural oils and turn dry.
  4. Use a toner: You may apply toner on the skin regularly for its astringent properties, that help in cooling and soothing the skin. It also reduces pore size, which thus decreases oil production. 
  5. Diet: Diet plays an important role in the health of your skin, so consuming too many oily and fried foods can increase the chances of getting acne and pimples on your skin. Eat more vegetables and fruits to keep your skin healthy. 
  6. Stay hydrated: Drinking water regularly helps in replenishing the lost fluids from your body and it also improves overall body health. 
  7. Use medicated pads: To freshen up your face, use wet tissues or medicated pads to soak up the oil, which shall help in freshening up your face.
  8. Choose makeup wisely: It is not recommended to use heavy makeup if you have an oily skin. Instead use water based makeup that is light and oily skin friendly.

My dad is going to be 60 by next year and have done bypass through pm yojana in the year 2014 but now he feels tired, always with gastric problem and even his food intake has lower. he is a taxi driver and smoking is his habit even after bypass. Please suggest me a medicine for him to clear his heart blockage naturally. Please help. We can not afford high level medicine and cost. I am his daughter please help me.

My dad is going to be 60 by next year and have done bypass through pm yojana in the year 2014 but now he feels tired,...
Hello, thanks for your query on Lybrate "as" per your clinical history is concerned feeling tired can be due to many causes so to know exact cause do a clinical examination by your nearest doctor and ask him to do an ECG to rule out heart problems, do adjust blood pressure medications, check fasting blood sugar to rule out diabetes, check tsh to rule out thyroid problems and check deficiency of iron and b complex. Do take treatment for the exact cause only. Hope that helps and wish you good health.
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I want to gain muscles in 5 months. Target weight 84 kg, in 5 months. Please suggest exercise and diet plan.

I want to gain muscles in 5 months.
Target weight 84 kg, in 5 months.
Please suggest exercise and diet plan.
Dear user, hope you are doing well. The best weight gain diet is which you can follow consistently without any difficulty. The focus should be on energy and nutrient dense foods, or foods that are high in calories as well as high in vitamins and minerals. Tips never work to achieve your target, but you may do certain changes like avoid gapping in between two meals ,add healthy meal and reduce junk meal. You may add paneer, cheese, potatoes, legumes, nuts in your diet. We are having weight gain program which based on customize diet, no medicine, no herbs, no starvation along with clinic fitness so there is no side effect. You may connect us through our website.
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Doctor for many years my mother is suffering from thyroid and she used to take eltroxin hundred every morning recent last couple of years she gained weight now she is 72 kilos does this weight gain is also the reason of thyroid.

Doctor for many years my mother is suffering from thyroid and she used to take eltroxin hundred every morning recent ...
Hi sir, No, sir thyroid is not responsible for wt gain. Ask her to take exercise regularly. Take a healthy and nutritious diet.
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I am 25 years old. Worried about my increasing weight. Currently I am 112 kg. Obese on bmi. I used to do brisk walk for 5 kms daily on regular basis. Kindly some information about weight loss.

I am 25 years old. Worried about my increasing weight. Currently I am 112 kg. Obese on bmi. I used to do brisk walk f...
Hie lybrate-user. You should work more on modifying your deitary habits .you should be taking a balanced diet inclusive of all food groups .should be eating timely meal .drink water frequently. Avoid refined flours. Focus more on complex forms. We do specialize in weight loss and that too not cutting down foods that are needed and nutritious to your body .
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Weight Loss Program During Summers!

Weight Loss Program During Summers!

Summer is the best season to lose weight. It's warm outside and you can indulge in light aerobic exercises like swimming and walking at your will. Choose from nature’s basket of healthy, low-fat and low-calorie summer fruits and vegetables to lose weight easily. So when the hunger bug strikes, you can snack on low carb foods, which help you lose weight fast.

Still not convinced? Read on to understand why you should plan to chuck the extra kilos during summers.

  1. Hot summer weather suppresses your appetite: Sunlight may help weight loss in the summer season by increasing serotonin levels. That’s one way doctors treat the depression of seasonal affective disorder. Increased levels of serotonin reduce some people’s need to eat, especially if the cravings are for comfort foods. In a 2013 study, people who worked out in a hot environment (86° F) ate less afterward than those who exercised in a cooler setting (50° F). This suggests that sweltering temperatures during summer may, in fact, reduce your desire to eat—even after you’ve done a tough workout.
  2. Its easier to eat better when it’s scorching hot outside: It’s easier to eat better in summer because there’s an abundance of seasonal, fat-burning foods that are relatively low-priced. Summer foods such as Ladyfinger (an important source of vitamin B6 and folic acid), cucumbers (a good source of silica, which is good for the skin), peaches, (a good source of fiber), asparagus and broccoli (which are full of hunger-satisfying protein), are all readily available. These foods not only promote a healthy digestive tract but are a key for weight loss in summers. Hence include this local produce in your weight loss diet plan.
  3. Choice of delicious low-carb fruits and veggies: Summer comes with an abundance of seasonal, nutritious and fat-burning fruits and vegetables like cucumbers, peaches, asparagus, broccoli and watermelon to name a few. Health professionals say that these low-calorie food items should make up about 50% of your diet, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. If you make half of your plate or half of all your meals a fruit or a vegetable, you straightaway promote weight loss as both fruits and vegetables are naturally very low in calories and contain loads of water. Eating limited amounts of whole grains and having more lean proteins in the form of fish, eggs and chicken in moderation, helps you cut down on high-calorie foods and fastens weight loss. A low carb diet has been shown to help people lose more weight in a shorter period of time as compared to low-calorie or low-fat diets; so concentrate on low carb foods.
  4. Water becomes ultra-attractive: In summers, we tend to drink more water than any other season and this wonder drink is a big friend of weight loss. Studies show that drinking water before meals helps you to lose weight as it makes you feel full.
  5. Mood swings are out of the picture in summers: We know women and men both binge eat when they are low or depressed. Studies have shown that 27% of people with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) binge eat during winters. Almost 90% of these have severe cravings for carbs that makes one fat, especially when it’s cold outside. 
  6. Summer makes exercise and weight loss easy: All you have to do is to ensure that you choose indoor exercise programs like indoor gymming, swimming, etc. to beat the heat.

Summer is a great time to try and lose weight, but remember to not let yourself go and pile on the kilos during the long winter months.