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Gufiserad 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet Questions

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Muscles - Know Food That Can Strengthen Them?

 Muscles - Know Food That Can Strengthen Them?

The obsession over getting the perfect body has gotten into everyone's essential nature. Thanks to well-equipped gyms and easily available home kits, this obsession is no longer a dream. But the gym trainers and bodybuilders suggest that in order to build muscles, following a healthy diet is also necessary. A healthy diet helps to develop the central muscle mass and burns the extra fat in the body.

Here is a list of foods you should include in your diet which will help you to gain muscle:

  1. Eggs - Eggs are rich in proteins and help in the overall development of the muscles, making it a must-have inclusion in your dietary regime. Also, the good cholesterol found in the egg yolks helps to prevent atherosclerosis.
  2. Nuts - Nuts such as cashews, almonds or pistachios are a perfect blend of fats, fibres and proteins. Every ounce of cashew or almonds contains 150-170 of top-class calories. Daily intake in a small amount will help you to get the calories without any significant weight gain.
  3. Lentils - Lentils are useful to develop the central mass of the body. A cup of ready-to-eat lentils has a protein content of 18 grams and an overall content of 40 grams of top grade carbohydrates. A diet consisting of green salad, lentils and brown rice is recommended by gym trainers for the development of body muscles.
  4. Spinach - Spinach contains rich amount of amino acid called 'glutamine', which helps in the development of the lean muscles. Besides, a daily intake of spinach might also help to build the overall muscle strength of the body.
  5. Apples - Apples contain certain polyphenols which help to build the muscles and prevent any form of tiredness in the muscles. Also, polyphenols are also useful in burning the extra fat which makes it an essential fruit to have before workouts. If you are not comfortable with apple, you might also try oranges as your pre-workout fruit, which perform more or less the same function as apples.

Note: Besides the above-mentioned ones, you can also include oatmeal, yoghurt, organic milk, fat-free chicken and beans in your dietary routine for muscle development, along with regimented bodybuilding schedules.

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An Overview Of Stomach Bloating!

 An Overview Of Stomach Bloating!

Bloating isn't a medical condition. It doesn't necessarily mean that a person has eaten too much. It can be a case of eating the wrong food which has not been digested by the body. Bloating occurs when air and water get trapped inside the stomach or intestine. As a result, the stomach gets swollen well past its normal level.

Culprits of bloating: Bloating can result from a number of cases. Fatty or junk foods are one of the biggest culprits of bloating. It hinders the digestion process and doesn't let the stomach empty on time. Carbohydrates too can cause bloating. Even carbonated drinks can play spoilsport. It creates bubbles in the stomach leading to indigestion and bloating. Some food items related to gas include cauliflower, lettuce, hard candy, beans, Brussels sprouts, broccoli etc. Apart from this, the consumption of excessive junk food and soft drinks can lead to bloating.

Steps to avoid bloating: The best way to avoid bloating is to refrain from bloat causing foods as mentioned earlier. If you wear dentures, it should be ensured that it fits properly. There are instances when excess air gets inside the stomach due to an improper fixture of denture leading to bloating. Eating or drinking slowly is another good way of staying away from bloating. When you eat slowly, there are fewer chances of extra air getting inside the stomach. In the case of beverage consumption, avoiding the straw is a good idea. This way the unwanted air cannot make their way inside the tummy and play foul.

Taking a small walk after every meal is another good way of staying away from bloating. This way the gas inside the tummy cannot rise above the surface. The practice of calming technique such as yoga, deep breathing and meditation also goes a long way in giving relief from bloating.

Some home remedies to get rid of bloating include:

  • A cup of ginger, lemon and honey in a cup of hot water once every day
  • 1 cup of herbal peppermint tea freshly prepared in boiled water
  • In the case of regular stomach bloating, intake of one caraway seed on a daily basis fetches immediate results
  • Consumption of a cup of baked pumpkin twice a week
  • Consumption of warm lemon water before you start your day is another good way of keeping bloating at bay.

Bloating can also be a symptom of other intestinal related problems as well. If the general method of control and measured diet doesn't suffice, it is time to visit a doctor to find the underlying cause of your problem. Doctors perform a series of tests to understand the problem and prescribe the required medicine to control or cure the problem.

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Lack Of Growth - Can Your Hormones Be The Culprit Behind It!

Lack Of Growth - Can Your Hormones Be The Culprit Behind It!

The pituitary gland, a small gland located at the base of the brain, is responsible for producing growth hormones. When the growth hormones are not produced sufficiently by this gland, then the rate of growth is slower. In children, the hormone needs to be adequate to ensure the right amount of growth. To maintain the right amount of fats in the body, adults need this hormone. The hormone is also required to maintain muscles and bones in the body. Lack of growth hormones can cause an emotional disturbance, tiredness, and motivation issues in adults. When the pituitary tumors are treated, cholesterol levels, too, are affected because of insufficient hormonal production. This deficiency can occur at any age in children and adults.

Symptoms in children and adults: When one is affected by slow growth hormone production, a number of symptoms may manifest. The most important symptom is short stature. Growth velocity for the corresponding age is also lower, and puberty is also delayed. One can also see the mid-area accumulating more fat in the body. In children, this deficiency can make them look much younger for their age. The tooth development is much delayed and they do not stick to their developmental milestones. Adults find it difficult to do exercises or they have low endurance when the growth hormones are insufficient. The skin becomes thick and dry, and they are also prone to anxiety, depression, and other emotional disorders.

Diagnosis: A hypoglycemia test is conducted to confirm the diagnosis. The individual is administered insulin through an intravenous line. The growth of hormone level is measured after 30 minutes. If the result is less than 10 mcg per mL in children, then it is considered that there is growth hormone deficiency. An adult is considered deficient in growth hormones when the level is less than 3 mcg per mL.

Treatment methods: As low growth hormones can lead to stress and fatigue, it is important for the people who are affected by this condition to get enough sleep. They should also concentrate on taking healthy foods. The cholesterol and triglyceride levels are already increased in people who have low growth hormone levels. So, avoiding fatty and oily foods is necessary. Doing physical exercises every day is also recommended.

Growth hormone therapy is one of the ways to improve the growth hormone levels in the affected individuals. The treatment not only aims at improving these hormone levels but it also ensures that the metabolism is maintained in a healthy way. The drugs for this condition are injected under the layers of fat in the skin. The drug is given via injection once a week throughout the treatment duration. If the disorder is because of tumors in the pituitary gland, then it can be treated only with surgery. For the same condition, radiation therapy is also given, if the tumor is not removed successfully with the surgery. People with low levels of growth hormones are advised to lose fat and avoid eating a heavy meal before bedtime. Intermittent fasting is also recommended.

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What Should You Do To Control Your Diabetes?

What Should You Do To Control Your Diabetes?
For diabetic patients, missing out on prescribed medicines is at times beneficial. True or False. Take this quiz to know now
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My doctor prescribed meprate tablets because it was 20 days I got my cycle still it's bleeding so I started taking meprate tid when to stop these tablets and how to use in next cycle, please tell me i'm confused when to stop these tablet now bleeding has stopped actually.

My doctor prescribed meprate tablets because it was 20 days I got my cycle still it's bleeding so I started taking me...
As bleeding has stopped reduce meprate dose ,start taking tab meprate 10 mg twice daily for 5 days ,abd then once daily, take them for 20 days in total .on stopping you will get withdrawal bleeding within 3-7 days.
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I am diabetes patient from last 8 years and I have taken gluconorm 500 sr to diabetes tablet. Now I have very sensation (झनझनाहट) in my legs/foot when I start sleeping in night whereby I have problem in sleeping for 30 minutes to 1 hour. So please suggest a tablet/capsule for that problem in foot.

I am diabetes patient from last 8 years and I have taken gluconorm 500 sr to diabetes tablet. Now I have very sensati...
Hello, Thanks for the query. I have seen the details given and understand your concern. However, there is no mention of glucose levels (fasting, pp) and hba1c%, so difficult to know how good is the glucose control. Peripheral neuropathy is one of the most common complication of diabetes. This can result in burning sensation, tingling and numbness in lower limbs and hands also. One of the primary needs is to achieve a strict glucose control with fasting glucose < 100 mg or closer to 100 mg, pp 150 to 170 mg & hba1c% closer to 6.5%. Since none of these values are mentioned, it is difficult to know the situation. My suggestion is please come back with all the details in a private conversation (paid consultation) then I will be able to give specific guidelines and needed prescription. In this communication we are supposed to give only general guidelines. No drugs can be prescribed. Or contact your local physician. Thank You.
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My sis is having 2 years boy and is breastfeeding, can she use terbinafine cream for jock itch? She is suffering since 1 year. She is on itraconazole 100 mg twice a day and let b lotion.

My sis is having 2 years boy and is breastfeeding, can she use terbinafine cream for jock itch? She is suffering sinc...
no.. Treatment depends on the severity...Fungal infection or Ring worm.. when occurs in groin, called as jock itch.. Usually fungal infection is common in moist areas of body like skin folds..It's mostly circular or round in appearance.. May be red or black in colour.. Treatment depending on the type and severity.. Avoid sharing clothes, towels and soap; sweating also increases it..As it has to be differentiated from eczema and infection, its a must to see and confirm the diagnosis for proper treatment..So, please send photos of the affected area by direct online consultation for accurate diagnosis and treatment.
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I am 23 years old, I had dengue fever last month which is cured platelets count upto 2.5lakh now I am having again cold and cough sometimes fever ,there are no any symptoms of dengue is there any chance of dengue comes again?

I am 23 years old, I had dengue fever last month which is cured platelets count upto 2.5lakh now I am having again co...
Majority of d cases immediate recurrence of dengue chances are less after cure .but we can not completely ignore as there are chances of recurrence if person having low immunity levels or any other riskfactors and complications. So better check cbp and dengue once again to rule out.
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Tobacco - How Can It Cause Cancer?

Tobacco - How Can It Cause Cancer?

Conventional wisdom makes us believe that the only type of cancer caused due to smoking is lung cancer. However, recent studies have greatly detailed the fact that smoking or the consumption of tobacco products can cause esophagus, pancreas, liver, kidney, stomach, among other types of cancer.

The Various Chemical Carcinogens Present In Tobacco
Thus, smoking is by far the largest preventable cause of cancer. The solution is simple: stop smoking. Tobacco products contain certain elements that are widely believed to cause cancer. These elements also referred to as carcinogens are either naturally part of the tobacco producing plant or are added to it by the tobacco manufacturer. The latter carcinogens include benzene, certain tobacco-specific nitrosamines, and formaldehyde. The quantity and the specificity of carcinogens differ from manufacturer to manufacturer and country to country.

Continuous consumption of products which contain carcinogens will inevitably result in the formation of cancer. The IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) has already designated certain chemicals found in tobacco and tobacco-related products as human carcinogens.

The Effects of the Chemical Carcinogens -
It must be emphasized that there is no safe way to consume tobacco. From cigarettes and pipes to smokeless tobacco and cigars – all of them lead to the same result. Chemicals found in tobacco reduce the ability of our immune system, making it harder for it to kill cancerous cells. This ensures that cancerous cells simply multiply without it being stopped or killed. Moreover, the same chemicals also alter the “DNA structure” and the instructions of the DNA which leads to cells growing out of control and abetting the cancerous tumor.

How do the carcinogens enter our bloodstream?
These chemicals are delivered into our bloodstream by virtue of us breathing in the smoke. Once the chemicals enter our bloodstream, it travels to all parts of our body – carrying this carcinogenic chemical. Non-smokers who stand beside individuals who are smoking (secondhand smoking) become passive smokers, also inhale the harmful smoke. The World Health Organization estimates that 10% of all smoking-related deaths are due to passive or secondhand smoking.

How long does it take for cancer to develop?
While there is no specific time-frame linking consumption of tobacco to the development of cancer, it is estimated that it takes many years or even decades for cancer to develop. Our body’s immune system is vested with the power to cope up with limited damage, however, persistent smoking tendencies and the chemical carcinogens entering our bloodstreams – irreversibly damage the DNA in many lung cells.

Thus, in conclusion, it is highly advisable to quit smoking sooner rather than later. Tobacco causes long-term and irreparable damage to our bodily organs.

I am 26 years old girl I have noticed so many small moles on my face during 2-3 years my face looking dull because of moles what should I do.

Mole are very common on our skin, they appears like small spot on kin with different in colour (brown, dark,and red) mostly notice in childhood and in adolescence. More usually harmless, in very rare case mole become cancerous. Mole can remove nowadays but it's very risk as well as expensive.(so many method out there to remove mole but be careful) but personally I wouldn't recommand you to do. Due to above mention points.
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I'm agnes .i am 18 year old. My height is 164 and my weight is only 46. Please say the ways to increase my weight quickly without affecting my health.

I'm agnes .i am 18 year old. My height is 164 and my weight is only 46. Please say the ways to increase my weight qui...
You require health guidance and necessary associated health evaluation by a physician connect to us for proper guidance so that you can gain healthy body.
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Hello. I am 22 years. I always have dark circle. I may not sleep early at night, but I sleep in the afternoon. I wear sunglasses to protect the eye area but still the dark circles never go away. What shud I do?

I am 22 years. I always have dark circle. I may not sleep early at night, but I sleep in the afternoon. I wear...
Drink at least 3 liter water and fresh juice and apply day time sunscreen and avoid late night sleep.
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Finasteride 1 mg tablet help to growthing hair? And any side effect continuously using this tablet?

Finasteride 1 mg tablet help to growthing hair? And any side effect continuously using this tablet?
Dear Lybrate user, finasteride 1 mg is indicated for the treatment of the first stage of the hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) in males. Finasteride 1 mg stabilizes the process of the androgenetic alopecia in the 18-41-year-old males. Its effectiveness in bitemporary recession nor in the loss of hair has not been determined. Finasteride is not indicated for use in women or children and adolescents. Our doctors mainly deal with this kind of issue by administering hair fast medical treatment. It is a cyclical vitamin therapy program. It triggers hair growth in a balanced micronutrient environment.
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Cuts And Bruises - How Can Homeopathy Resolve Them?

Cuts And Bruises - How Can Homeopathy Resolve Them?

No matter how careful you are, cuts and bruises are something everyone has to deal with. While in most cases, these are not serious enough to require medical attention, sometimes, you may need to fasten the healing process. In such cases, it is a good idea to have a few homeopathic medicines at hand. Homeopathy is a holistic form of medication that addresses the body as a whole and is very effective at speeding up the healing process of cuts and bruises. Homeopathy has negligible side effects and hence can be taken by children and adults alike. Some homeopathic medicines to have at hand include the following:

  1. Arnica: Arnica is the ideal medicine to treat bruises and inflammation. Arnica can be taken internally in pill form or applied topically as a cream or gel. The potency of arnica pills depends on the severity of the injury. However, arnica should never be applied on skin that has been cut. Arnica can also be used to speed up recovery after a surgery or childbirth.

  2. Calendula and Hypericum: These two medicines are usually taken together to heal cuts and bruises. Calendula is applied topically and speeds up the healing process. When applying calendula, care should be taken to clean the site properly before applying for medicine. Calendula can also be used to treat nappy rash. Hypericum ensures that the wound heals completely and is very useful in cases where injuries have caused nerve damage or where fingers or toes have been bruised by being caught in a door. It is also often prescribed to speed up recovery after a surgical procedure.

  3. Ledum: Ledum is very useful in cases where the skin has been punctured as a result of an injury. It promotes the removal of pus in cases of acne and boils and prevents septicaemia from setting in. Ledum is commonly prescribed after animal bites or insect stings.

  4. Staphysagria: This homeopathic medicine is prescribed in cases of sensitive wounds, which involve tissue laceration. Staphysagria is also given in cases where the cornea is injured due to the presence of foreign bodies and after abdominal surgeries. Staphysagria can help speed up the healing process in case of clean cut wounds.

  5. Phytolacca: This homeopathic remedy is used to treat wounds that have a tendency to ulcerate and in cases of injuries associated with soreness and aching. Tissue muscle injuries that can lead to tetanus can also benefit from Phytolacca.

These are just basic indications and there are more than 150 Homeopathic medicines that can be right for you. The homeopathic treatment for Cuts And Bruises is customized for you so that you get long term relief and permanent cure. The homeopathic treatment for Cuts And Bruises is proven to be effective. The right homeopathic medicines for Cuts And Bruises has to be chosen by a qualified and an experienced Homeopathic doctor.