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Erbitux 100Mg Infusion Questions

Hi, My husband aged 51. Diagnosed case of carcinoma Colon completed 12 cycles of chemotherapy (July 2017) with FOLFOX 6 Q2 post surgery (December 2016). Relapsed again in November PetCT (29november 2017) showed soft tissue deposits in perihepatic, perisplenic, omental, mesentery, pelvis and ascites are new findings. FNAC: s/o moderately diff adenocarcinoma. Doc planned 6 cycles of chemo with Folfiri n added Avastin targeted therapy during 2nd round of chemo completed today. Please advise me the effective course of treatment to be given The patient. Whether Immunotherapy will be helpful in this case?

Immunotherapy is a new treatment approach for patients with colorectal cancer. There are currently six approved immunotherapies for colorectal cancer patients. Bevacizumab (Avastin®) and ramucirumab (Cyramza®) are drugs that target vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), which helps tumors form new blood vessels to get nutrients (a process known as angiogenesis). Cetuximab (Erbitux®) and panitumumab (Vectibix®) are both monoclonal antibodies that specifically attack the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR), which is often highly expressed on cancer cells and helps them grow. Two anti-PD-1 checkpoint immunotherapies—nivolumab (Opdivo®) and pembrolizumab (Keytruda®)—have also been approved for colorectal cancer patients with advanced, relapsed tumors that are characterized by high microsatellite instability (MSI-hi).
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This is regarding my mother - 69 years, chronic Asthma patient. Here is the history of her illness : - Diagnosed with Colon Cancer stage 4 (after a colon blockage was detected in Hospital in Bhubaneswar in Nov 2014, she was taken to Manipal Hospital in Bangalore for treatment and went through Right hemicolectomy surgery) followed by a full body PET CT scan in Jan 2015. - 4 CAPOX Chemo cycles were done at Manipal Hospital and a follow-up Abdomen/Pelvis CT scan was done in Mar 2015. The scan reports showed visible progress - 5th CAPOX was done in Bhubaneswar and during that chemo WBC counts went down - 6th CAPOX was done in Bhubaneswar on 2nd May and WBC counts reduced further. - 7th CAPOX was done in Bhubaneswar on 23rd May And either after 6th or 7th Chemo she had not taken all the prescribed medications (Floxacin?). She had very bad fever/breathing issues and was taken to Casualty for treatment with a bad oral thrush and urine infection. Because of her health condition, the 8th planned CAPOX cycle was skipped. Follow up CT scan was done in Nov 2015 - and the disease had worsened. She was advised second line of chemo with FOLFIRI with Erbitux. 5 Cycles of FOLFIRI Erbitux was given (Erbitux was given every week). She then had a very bad Asthma/COPD attack and was advised to stop chemo in Feb 2016. In May 2016 she again had a major COPD attack and was admitted to ICU for 6 days. After recovery she complained about discomfort in the lower abdomen area. The ultrasound reports found a very large mass in the suprapubic region. She now feels like going to toilet every time she eats something. Also there is pain (feeling as if there is gas) in the lower abdomen area. Please advise what would be the next phase of treatment. We would like to do whatever possible to make her go through minimal suffering during her last days If needed I can share all the CT scan and ultrasound reports via email. The last ultrasound was done on Aug 06th 2016 with the impression : A fairly large mass with cystic and solid components measuring 132x99x151 mm (approx volume 1044 cc) is noted in suprapubic region. Irregularly marginated hypoechoic masses with punctate calcifications also noted in the right paracolic region, the largest measuring about 55x33 mm

This is regarding my mother  - 69 years, chronic Asthma patient. Here is the history of her illness :
- Diagnosed wit...
I think this chemo has worsen her condition. You need to take homeopathic medicines for her condition. Also note that you should give allopathic medicines for her acute condition. Initially give her kali mur 6x - thrice daily 4 tabs. Also mag phos 6x - thrice daily 4 tabs continue treatment.