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Diser 50 mg/10 mg Tablet Tips

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Antibacterial Soaps May Do More Harm Than Good!

Antibacterial Soaps May Do More Harm Than Good!

It has been observed that roughly 3 out of 4 antibacterial bars and soaps contain triclosan which is a certain type of drug previously used in hospital premises. The usage of triclosan in other products like hand wash and gels is yet to be verified and proven safe. Due to the lack of proper evaluation, there have been a number of instances where antibacterial soap has done more harm than good.

Here are a few reasons why you must reconsider using antibacterial soap:

1. It creates bacterial resistance.
Triclosan is closely associated with a number of health issues, bacterial resistance being the chief among them. Repeated usage of antibacterial soap can promote the growth of antibiotic resistant bacteria. It might effectively terminate regular bacteria but it is basically useless against the resistant bacteria. The bacteria resistant formula present in these hand washes might cause complications in the long run.

2. It can potentially disrupt endocrine functions.
Triclosan has a close resemblance to the thyroid hormone and hence can tip off its receptor sites. This occurrence can lead to major complications like artificially induced early puberty, fertility issues, obesity and sometimes even cancer. Hence it can be said that antibacterial soaps should be avoided in order to prevent such far-reaching side effects.

3. It can cause serious health problems in children.
Triclosan present in hand wash can adversely affect the development of the immune system in children. At a growing age, children develop natural resistance to certain diseases. Prolonged use of antibacterial hand wash and soap can diminish their exposure to bacteria and obstruct the proper development of their immune system. Therefore, it is safer to use normal soaps instead which are as effective and do not contain triclosan.

4. It is extremely harmful to the environment.
Prolonged and regular usage of hand wash containing triclosan would, in turn, increase the amount of this drug that gets flushed through the drainage. Triclosan is generally left untreated in the sewage treatment plants which later enters the water bodies and disrupts the food chain since it primarily affects the growth of algae.

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Walnuts - Why To Consume Them?

Walnuts - Why To Consume Them?

As one of the oldest tree food to be cultivated by humans, walnuts have long since been known as a wonder fruit that can treat and manage many diseases, even as it ensures that one gets to enjoy many other health and cosmetic benefits. This is a nutrient-laden dry fruit that can be eaten in any season and can also be used as a healthy snack.

Read on to know how walnuts can help you in the health departments -

1. Weight Management:

  • One can obtain weight loss by switching deep fried and other snacks with this fruit as the snack of choice.
  • This will help in weight loss because it is known to be loaded with many ounces of protein as well as Omega-3 fatty acid, which can make your metabolism work overtime so that you end up burning all that useless fat.
  • Regular consumption of walnuts will ensure that you get the right amount of calories in just a fistful of this dry fruit.
  • You can also combine this with almonds and raisins for a healthy breakfast if sprinkled in your oats or any other cereals.

2. Hair growth:

  • If you have been facing problems like thinning hair, hair loss as well as dandruff, then walnuts can easily come to your rescue.
  • Eating lots of walnuts will help in restoring the oil and moisture balance of the scalp which will make your hair rich and bouncy again.
  • You can also apply walnut oil to your scalp in order to boost the health of your hair to a great extent.
  • This is due to the fact that walnuts contain Vitamin B7 which is known to prevent hair loss.

3. Heart Disease:

  • You can prevent a majority of cardiovascular issues and heart disease with the help of walnuts.
  • This is due to the fact that walnuts also contain a lot of antioxidants, which can help in regulating cholesterol levels as well.
  • One can actually remove the bad cholesterol and keep the good cholesterol so that lifestyle issues and conditions like diabetes and heart disease can be avoided.
  • One should have at least 28 grams of walnuts in a single day so that these kinds of diseases can be successfully prevented.

4. Fertility:

  • Walnuts are very important for male fertility.
  • One of the main things in male fertility is the sperm, especially its quality. So, if you have had a sperm test and it does not have very encouraging results, then eating walnuts can easily solve this problem along with whatever other medication you may be having for the condition.
  • One should have at least 75 grams of walnuts every day in order to increase the vitality of the sperm for those men who fall in the age group of 21 years to 35 years of age.
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Know Vegetables That Can Boost Our Immune System!

Know Vegetables That Can Boost  Our Immune System!

The immune systems in your body are always at work trying to fend of many of the attacks that happen on it every day. Although it is able to protect the body most of the time, sometimes it fails in doing so. While medicines can help to restore the balance, it is advisable to include certain food items in your diet which boost the immune system naturally. Let's take a look at six vegetables which can help your immune system in getting supercharged:

Ginger - This food item is very good in regulating mobility within the gut and regulating bowel movement and is also known to relieve nausea, cramping and bloating. Ginger is also known to have many anti-inflammatory properties as well as being an antioxidant and antimicrobial. All of this makes ginger very good for the immune system.

Wheatgrass - One of the most densely packed green nutritional food ingredients when consumed in the form of a juice, it helps the liver by increasing its ability to flush out toxins. This results in an improved immune system. Wheatgrass is also rich in B complex vitamins, beta carotene, chlorophyll, magnesium, potassium and many other vital nutrients.

Garlic - This vegetable has been used for centuries in home remedies such as to lower blood pressure, prevent blood clots and many others. Garlic is also known to boost healthy cholesterol. Inclusion of garlic in your diet will not only boost your immune system but it also contains allicin; which is known to improve the health of your heart.

Papaya - An extremely good food for digestion as well as digestion problems, the extracted enzyme from this plant known as papain, is used in many medications. Papaya is full of beta-carotene that is very well known to be good for the health of tissue, skin and the eyes as well as boosting the immune system through the production of vitamin A within the body.

Carrots - This is one vegetable which has been encouraged to be included in diets as it contains copious amounts of beta carotene and is extremely good for the eyes as well as boosting the immune system.

Turmeric - Possibly the most talk about ingredient on this list in the last few years, it is known to have almost an unending list of health benefits. Turmeric has detoxifying properties as well as being anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and great for digestion along with boosting the immune system. Rich in many minerals such as Zinc, iron, B group vitamins and manganese, turmeric is also known to have caner preventive properties.

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Applied Energy Medicine/ Applied Intentional Epigenetics Solution For Autism!

Applied Energy Medicine/ Applied Intentional Epigenetics Solution For Autism!
Does Applied Intentional Epigenetics in autism involve medicine? True or False? Take this quiz to know more about Applied Energy Medicine and/or Applied Intentional Epigenetics solution for Autism.
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Hi, I want to know the effect of sildenafil citrate tablets on sperm. What are its effects on sperm. Does this medicine have any effect on fertility. Does it make hard time for sperm to fertilize an egg for pregnancy.

Hi, I want to know the effect of sildenafil citrate tablets on sperm. What are its effects on sperm. Does this medici...
Sildenafil has no effect on sperm it is blood vaso dilator and helps the internally layer of uterus to grow and receive fertilize egg.
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I am 30 years old. I am facing problems with scabies mite from last 3 month and using permethrin lotion 5%. I want to know spray to kill live mite in home.

I am 30 years old. I am facing problems with scabies mite from last 3 month and using permethrin lotion 5%.
I want to...
Don't worry... specific medicine available for complete cure.. Medicine available for good control... Treatment depends on the severity..Do direct online consultation for detailed prescription by sending photos.
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I have checked my vit d in lab. My age is 38. It is 19 which is insufficient my doctor suggested neuro d3 capsules for 8 weeks. Which one should I take, 2k or 60k iu.

I have checked my vit d in lab. My age is 38.
It is 19 which is insufficient
my doctor suggested neuro d3 capsules fo...
If you plan to take daily you can take 2 K and if you find it convenient to take once a week, you need to take 60 K IU
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Sir/madam, my brother is suffering from dengue. He has fever from last 6 days and hi platelet count goes down to 15000. Yesterday night, 6 unit of platelet was transfused. His age is 22 yrs. What to do now?

Sir/madam, my brother is suffering from dengue. He has fever from last 6 days and hi platelet count goes down to 1500...
Dear Lybrateuser, - let him remain under medical supervision in a hospital for expert care till he recovers & follow what the treating physician advises.
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Achalasia - How To Treat It?

Achalasia - How To Treat It?

Achalasia is a serious disorder of the esophagus in which your nerves and muscles fail to work properly. This disorder causes problems in your body such as chest pain, difficulty to swallow food and excessive coughing.

You will also face problems in breathing in case the food enters into the lungs. There is a valve in your lower esophageal splinter, which closes the esophagus from your stomach. If you have problems like achalasia then perhaps your lower esophageal splinter fails to open while swallowing food it can lead to accumulation of food in esophagus. In this condition, the nerves in your body get damaged and hence cause health complications.

You are at risk of achalasia when you are middle-aged, but it can also occur during childhood. Autoimmune disorder often places you at risk for achalasia.

Symptoms of achalasia:

The major symptom of achalasia is dysphagia in which you face problems while swallowing food. You may feel that the food is stuck in your esophagus which causes choking and problems when you breathe. There may be other symptoms of achalasia which includes:

1. Loss of weight
2. Heartburn
3. Discomfort or pain while you eat food
4. Chest pain
5. Risk of esophagus cancer

Treatment for achalasia:

Esophageal manometry is a technique your doctor may use, if he suspects achalasia when the symptoms include difficulty while you eat and swallow foods. A tube measures the muscular activity in your stomach and reports about the functioning of your esophagus. Another way to diagnose is through X-ray of the esophagus or endoscopy.

The treatment for achalasia generally starts with oral medications. Sphincter nitrates and calcium blockers often help to relax the muscles. Botox can also help to relax your sphincter and help you swallow food.

Esophagomyotomy also helps to treat achalasia in which your doctor can use an incision to access the sphincter and also alter it to enable better flow into the stomach. It’s a generally successful procedure but sometimes can cause gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD) which causes heartburn and would require intensive care. Sometimes surgery can also help to give relief but it can also cause acid reflux, respiratory problems, tearing of esophagus along with other serious complications.

Laparoscopic surgery is a simple and effective way of treating this problem. The tight lower esophageal sphincter is released to make way for easy passage of food. The patient recovers in one day and is discharged home following this operation.

The lump on my neck is here for 3 weeks and it hurts sometimes it radiates to my ear and back of my head. And I have no recent infection case. Is this already alarming?

The lump on my neck is here for 3 weeks and it hurts sometimes it radiates to my ear and back of my head. And I have ...
Don't need to be panicked right away. Please go for esr, tlc test and wait for the results. In case if it shows any derangement then you can contact us for further details.
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I have been suffering from acne spots and scars .the spots are not going away after consulting doctor also. Please help me and recommend some good medicine so it goes away quickly.

I have been suffering from acne spots and scars .the spots are not going away after consulting doctor also. Please he...
You can apply aloe vera juice/gel from its leaf (fresh), not from readymade gels available in market. Remove skin of an aloe vera leaf. Take /scoop out gel. Apply this gel to your face skin. Wash with plain water after an hour. Stop using soap on face. Instead take a spoon of milk, add a pinch of turmeric (haldi). Mix n apply on face with the help of cotton. Leave for a few minutes then wash off. Apply moisturizer like coconut oil. Use some sunblock with spf (at least 50) every time you go out in sun. Apply it 30 mins before going out use umbrella when going in sun. Wear full sleeves clothsdrink plenty of fluids. Don’t be stressed. For more details consult online.
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Ayurvedic Treatment For Baldness

Ayurvedic Treatment For Baldness

Ayurveda, translated into science of life and longevity, has been practiced in India for more than 5000 years old and has gained worldwide popularity. It uses noninvasive and natural methods and produces minimal side effects and therefore is being widely accepted.

Ayurveda believes that the body is made of pitta, vata, and kapha doshas. Any disease is the result of imbalance between these or predominance of one over the others. Hair loss or alopecia is believed to be imbalance in the pitta dosha. This leads to slower hair growth, weak hair, and greater hair fall rate. Something that affects image and self-esteem, many would like to cure or at least halt baldness.

There are various treatment options that have a dual effect on baldness - reduce hair fall and promote hair growth, thereby providing a holistic treatment for baldness.

  • Bhringraj Oil (Eclipta Elba): Used since centuries ago, it promotes the normal hair growth cycle in an accelerated way.  It activates a large number of hair follicles and therefore regular application is believed to help prevent alopecia (baldness).
  • Amla (Phyllanthus Emblica): While baldness has many reasons, dandruff is one of the most important and common causes. Amla is added to many hair oil formulations because of its proven effect to reduce dandruff. It acts on the fungi that thrive on the scalp and reduces inflammation of the scalp.
  • Shikakai (Acacia Concinna): Another very popular herb is the Shikakai. Used as a hair cleansing agent by many people, it is devoid of the chemical effect that shampoos carry. The pods are proven to prevent dandruff and promote hair growth. 
  • Tectona Grandis: Another active ingredient of Ayurvedic formulations, the seeds of Tectona promote growth and development of hair follicles. Large number of follicles are activated, thereby producing thicker, fuller hair. 
  • Cuscuta Reflexa: Another reason for baldness is hormonal imbalance, especially in males. Abnormalities with androgen, the male hormone, can trigger abnormal hair loss. Adding cuscuta has been proven to reverse baldness by promoting a better anagen/telogen ratio where hair follicle maturation happens.  In baldness cases, maturation happens only in about 20% of the follicles. Cuscuta activates the follicles and increases follicular density.  It also manages the hormonal imbalance by preventing conversion of testosterone into a variant called dihydrotestestone that is believed to cause the damage.

While these and various other substances are believed to reduce baldness and promote hair growth, it is always important to remember that each body will respond differently to these substances. Thorough physical examination and a detailed history should be done before starting any of these products.