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Demisone 0.5 MG Tablet Tips

Unable To Perform Sex For The 1st Time

Unable To Perform Sex For The 1st Time

Vaginismus is a condition characterized by significant pain in the vagina generally during sexual intercourses. This pain occurs on penetration due to the contraction of the vaginal muscles.


The exact causes of Vaginismus are not exactly known to the doctors. But some researchers suggest that the pain might result from severe anxiety or illogical fears before sex. The pain is also sometimes due to hymen tearing which results in excessive blood flow.

Vaginismus can be primary or secondary depending on the concerned woman’s previous sexual experiences. Vaginismus can be linked to an earlier sexually painful experience, sexual trauma or psychological factors. In some cases, the pain tends to exist without any direct physical cause.

The causes of the pain might vary from women to women and might occur in some cases with only one specific partner and not with others.

Sometimes the pain might stem from underlying infections or any other underlying complications.


The symptoms of Vaginismus are as follows:

  1. Severe pain during intercourse.

  2. Severe pain during insertion of tampons or during any medical check-ups.


The following treatments can be useful to treat Vaginismus:

  1. If the pain arises due to anxiety or fear, counseling sessions can help you to a remedy.

  2. If the pain arises whenever something penetrates the vaginal walls, progressive desensitization can be useful to treat the pain. The process aims to loosen the vaginal muscles so that you don’t experience any pain during sexual intercourse.

  3. Kegel exercises (at least 20 of them) can help in the initial stage to relax the vaginal muscles. After you exercise for a few days, you should try inserting one finger into your vagina while doing the exercises. Try doing it gently and if it still hurts, try doing it with a lubricating jelly. This continuous procedure will help in the contraction of the vaginal muscles which eventually relax.

  4. Mind gaming treatment can also be tried that is, imagine a penis sliding down your vagina and you are contracting and relaxing your vaginal muscles around it. 

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!


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Flat Feet or Over pronated Ankle (ST)

Flat Feet or Over pronated Ankle (ST)
People with flat feet or over pronated ankle (st) joint suffer from inadequate support of the bones and joints, and abnormal joint motion during gait. Fortunately, foot orthotic devices can correct these problems and reduce the occurrence of painful symptoms.
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HIV - Understanding The 1st, 2nd & 3rd Line Of Drugs!

HIV - Understanding The 1st, 2nd & 3rd Line Of Drugs!

HIV-Human Immune Deficiency Virus is a virus known all around the world and has contributed to a large number of deaths over the years. As its name suggests, HIV is a virus that attacks an individual’s immune system by destroying the white blood cells and reproducing itself inside the same cells. This slowly weakens the immune system of the affected person and eventually, without treatment the body finds it difficult to fight any disease. A person with HIV, and taking no treatment, is estimated to survive for ten to fifteen years. However, this also depends on the health, background, and age of the patient.

The treatment for HIV has been a huge challenge for the medical fraternity, ever since the virus was identified some years ago. The difficulty with this particular virus is that it spreads itself or multiplies, and this poses a different kind of challenge for physicians. In the process of multiplying, this virus can alter its form, which is medically known as mutation and the newly formed or mutated virus can be resistant to the drug being administered. The doctor will then have to recommend a second line of treatment and prescribe another set of drugs. In some HIV patients, a third line may also have to be resorted to after observing the progress with the second line of drugs.

Drug Resistance Tests Used
When a person is under HIV treatment, it may emerge that the drugs are not yielding the results expected from that line of treatment. It is then that the doctor will advise a drug resistance treatment to determine the resistance level of the virus, and therefore, a new set of drugs will then be prescribed. With experience, doctors have now started advising drug resistance tests on new HIV patients also. This is to check which drugs the virus is resistant to. This is similar to the culture analysis conducted in the conventional system.

Second and Third Line of Drug Resistance

A lot of research has already been done to find the cause of failure for the first line of treatment of HIV and how the second line can then be started. But there are cases, where about 3% of patients develop resistance to the second line of drugs being administered as well. It may not be practically feasible for the medical team to detect the level of drug resistance at the time of starting one level. This is because the multiplication and mutation of the virus might start to occur after some time. Doctors will therefore have to wait for a while before the drug resistance test can be done. This holds equally good for the subsequent levels as well.

Choosing an Optimal Path Essential
After studying the impact of the virus mutation and the difficulties posed in the treatment of HIV, doctors have now turned to planning the treatment in an optimized manner. The patient is put through tests to identify the virus and then the appropriate combination of drugs is prescribed. Subsequently, a close surveillance is maintained to monitor the outcomes and progress of the treatment. If any new mutations occur, then the treatment course is modified to ensure that the effect of the mutations doesn’t cause any further damage to the patient. Ensuring the patient follows the treatment regimen stringently is a challenge and patients have to cooperate with the medical team to see that they don’t miss a dose of medication even once. 

The progress from line one to third line regimen shows development in treatment options. While reports show that more patients die when the second regimen is being undertaken, a lot of value and research are being put towards the third dline. Increasing access to first line of treatment in some countries are constrained and it would be difficult for patients to get third line treatment.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Super fact of the day - 21st October, 2015

Super fact of the day - 21st October, 2015
Super fact of the day: Lack of sleep kills faster than starving!

A person will die from lack of sleep far sooner than they will from starvation. It causes loss of vision, memory, dementia and hallucinations on the way.

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Post root canal treatment instruction - 1st Sitting

Post root canal treatment instruction - 1st Sitting

1. After 1st sitting is completed, temporary filling is given so be gentle in chewing from that side whithin that tooth as it is quite brittle.

2. You may eat when numbness worn off.(1.5-2 hrs)

3. After 1st sitting, you might face problem of ulceration, than you would be prescribed with reliving gel, apply it with cotton applicator tip.(you can use ear bud)

4. If your tooth was in pain prior to treatment, it may take few days for tooth to heal pain to be relived.

5. If your tooth was not in pain prior to treatment, your tooth may be quite sore for a few days after appointment, this soreness/pain will relieved with time, it may take as much as seven-ten days.

6. Take medicine on time complete the course, if you stop taking it your tooth may become infected.

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Treatment of Multiple Myeloma

Treatment of Multiple Myeloma

Weekly Bortezomib injections and dexamethasone tablets followed by autologus bone marrow transplant is the treatment of choice.

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Artificial weight gainers vs Herbal weight gainers.

Some young boys and girls come with the problems of underweight body built and often seek suggestions for Dexona and Practin and B complex

Honestly saying Dexona and Cyproheptadine should not be used for weight gain which is side effect of these medicines. These hormonal and anti allergic medicine also have fatal reactions sometimes by in discriminatory use of these medicines. Side effects are imminent.

Becosules supply vitamins to your GIT and supplements the shortage of such elements in body but is not responsible for weight gain.

If at all weight gain is required, be active, take good food with iron and other essential constituents. Adequate exercise, maintain good digestion. Yes you may take safe herbals which are slow but do not interfere with normal physiological activities in the body.
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Antenatal Corticosteroids - How Important Is It ?

Antenatal Corticosteroids - How Important Is It ?

Injection dexamethasone is recommended by goi for antenatal corticosteroid therapy:

Dexamethasone sodium phosphate & betamethasone acetate + phosphate are the only two efficacious and safe corticosteroids to be used during antenatal period. 

Both these drugs are identical in biologic activity and readily cross the placenta.

Dexamethasone: it is listed in the who essential medicines list, is inexpensive and widely available in facilities for multiple indications.

Betamethasone: in india, the salt betamethasone acetate + phosphate, which requires only two doses at 12 hourly interval, is not available. 
The available salt in india is betamethasone phosphate which is short acting and requires more frequent administration as compared to the former. 
Hence, the dosage schedule of betamethasone phosphate is similar to that of the dexamethasone and has no added advantage over dexamethasone. 

Further, betamethasone is more costly and less stable than dexamethasone at high temperatures. 

However, in individual cases where inj. Dexamethasone is not available the service provider may use inj. Betamethasone phosphate to give the advantage of corticosteroids to the newborns.

Advantage of antenatal corticosteroid therapy:

Timely use of antenatal corticosteroids in a mother reporting with preterm labour before 34 weeks of gestation has the following clinical impacts in newborns who receive good supportive care:

1) 34% reduction in respiratory distress syndrome (rds) 
2) 46% reduction in intra ventricular haemorrhage (ivh) 
3) 54% reduction in necrotising enterocolitis (nec) 
4) 31% reduction in mortality
(goi data) 

Also, it has been reported that use of antenatal corticosteroids leads to other benefits too like reduction in the incidence of pda, reduction in systemic infections, decreased need for respiratory support and therefore, reduced length of hospital stay, low rate of intensive care admissions and finally reduced the cost of care.

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RCT And Cap

RCT And Cap

After 1st sitting is completed, temporary filling is given so be gentle in chewing from that side within that tooth as it is quite brittle.

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How many days we can have sex before or after period?

The day you start period is called 1st day
Your cycle is 28 days,means your next period is expected on 28th day
Deduct 14 from 28 it is the ovulation day, it means ovulation will take place on 14th day.
Sperms is shed in vagina will remain active for about 4 days could be more
Safe days- 1st to 7th day, and 21st to 28th day
Fertile days- 13th day to 16th day are highly fertile
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