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Captomer 50Mg Tablet Questions

I am 39 years old male and having ulcerative colitis for last 6 years. I had two colonoscopies and was found with inflammation in lower part of intestines. I am currently taking mesalazine (4mg daily), mercaptopurine (1 mg daily) and pridnisone (5mg daily). Over the last years. My flare ups are reduced but no major change. I am looking for some help with alternate therapy or any special diet recommendations which can help to control. Thanks,

Refrain from having anti-inflammatory pain medications. Causes are more or less idiopathic, ie reasons for this is unknown yet! one possible cause is an immune system malfunction. When your immune system tries to fight off an invading virus or bacterium, an abnormal immune response causes the immune system to attack the cells in the digestive tract, for diet: avoid foods that you know cause you trouble. You can have lots of probiotics and curd. Consult privately so as to question you to ascertain your personality and ailment. Permanent cure is available in biochemics.
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