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Abd Plus Tablet Tips

MPT - Orthopedic Physiotherapy
Physiotherapist, Mumbai
performing ankle toe movements and static quadriceps or setying exercises help to improv the blood circulation around the knee and help to keep the joint warm and well mobile . Following this hot water fomenting or hot packs can help in winters in order to alleviate pain abd reduce stiffness by increasing muscle flexibility.
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8 Ways To Make Your Hair Grow Faster!

MBBS, MD - Dermatology
Dermatologist, Delhi
8 Ways To Make Your Hair Grow Faster!

1 get frequent trims it may seem counterproductive but getting trims get rid of spilt ends 
2. Resist the urge to get your hair lightened as the bleach that is used damages the hair 
3. Distribute the hairs natural oils never go to bed without brushing your hair it distributes the scalps oil evenly into the hair and keeps it moisturized 
4. Eat the right food. Try increasing your protein intake by eating nuts, fish beans abd whole grains 
5. Skip daily shampoo as it removes the natural oils of hair 
6 don't use too hot water to wash your hair rinse it with cool water 
7. Be careful when you brush wet hair as wet hair is more to break 
8. Start using minoxdil for hair fall and hair growth

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Dr.Raj Bondre 87% (63ratings)
Bachelors Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery, Masters In Advanced Homoeopathy, Post Graduate Diploma In Emergency Medical Services
Homeopath, Jalna
Dear friends, these days there is a great scare of dengue all over. I wish to share a few things.
1. Once infection occurs, one can get fever within 1- 7 days.
2. Fever, usually high, comes daily for 4-5 days. This time is troublesome due to fever & body aches. At this time, patient should be given lots of fluids, water, juice, cold drinks, tea, milk or soup any thing can be given. Just keep patient well hydrated. One simple way is to see tongue. It should appear wet. Also patient should pass adequate urine. Some people will not be able to drink adequate fluids, due to vomiting, pain abd, or just apathy for any thing orally. If patient can't take enough orally, and his urine output is getting less & lesser, this is an indication that patient should be admitted for intravenous fluids. Pl take him to nearby hospital. One important thing to remember is, the blood test should be done early in the fever, but rather than plt count, at the fever stage we should see hb level. It should be within normal basal limit of that patient.

If you find hb is high, it is a danger sign, even if plt count is normal. Most of people including doctors wait for plt count to fall, & keep waiting, telling patient not to worry as plt count is normal. But this is wrong. Recent rise of hb should not be overlooked. If it is 14 or more, we need to give fluids very rapidly, oral as well as i. V. To bring down hb level to basal level. So do not wait for plt count to fall, take action when hb has gone up, even when plt are in normal range.

Next stage starts when fever becomes normal. At this stage, patient feels better, but plt count is likely to progressively go down. Still, we need not worry due to falling plt count. A count upto 10, 000 is certainly safe, unless patient has active bleeding. There is no role of plt transfusions in a patient, who has no active bleeding. So pl do not insist for plt transfusions in the absence of bleeding.

So friends, let us remember-
1. Once patient has fever, start plenty oral fluids, (appx. 3-4 litres in an adult,& proportionate in children).
2. Give paracetamol for fever. No aspirin/ brufen/ numulid etc.
3. Monitor for breathless during this period, especially when patient does not have fever. If patient complains of breathless ness, when he is afebrile, take him to a doctor. This is important symptom & indicates severe infection, iikely to worsen. Do not overlook breathlessness, especially when patient does not have fever.
4. Once fever settles, this is the time when plt count will fall further. But do not panic, mist pts will recover without complications, just be in touch with a doctor.
5. With best wishes for a dengue free delhi.
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