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Hello, I am the kind of person who eats 5- 6 times meals in a day however from past 4-5 days ,I am not feeling much hungry n feeling nausea all the time. Having weakness also. I do gym regularly. No signs of abdomen pain or headache please help.
1 Doctor answered
I am suffering from depression and anxiety from 10 year. I am taking medicine Pexep25 cR from six month but there is no relief. What medicine should take. Suggest.
1 Doctor answered
I am 23 years old male. I was in habit of smoking for almost 4 months at an average rate of 1- 2 cigarettes per a day. I left the habit of smoking and it have passed 5½ months. Since almost a month I am suffering from dry cough. I have consulted ENT specialist I got relief when I'm using any dry cough syrup or tablets. Is there any severe health problem for me? Please suggest me the proper way to cure my dry cough and I hope you will help me.
1 Doctor answered
I have an skin rashes on my chest and chest back on backbone. Its causes from 4 weeks. Please give me a suitable reasons.
1 Doctor answered
I am 18 year old girl. From past 1 month I am feeling dizzy ,like fainting feeling. From past 1.5 months, I suffered from acidity, indigestion,vomiting, pain in left arm. Sore throat, cold which is under control now. I also lost 2.5 kgs in 1 month possibly due to changes in diet. My stomach has become bloated. And I still feel uneasiness, dizziness, and am not able to concentrate on studies.
1 Doctor answered
My age is 24. And my amh level is 1.78 ng /ml. My husband reports are normal. Can I get pregnant with this amh level? We are trying for pregnancy past 5 years.
1 Doctor answered
Hi doctors I am 39 years and my wife is 38 we are planning for pregnancy My wife had suffered two measures in last 20 months My query is about aminocentist test and CSV test. Can we go for aminocentist or CSV test for confirming all is well in pregnancy for safer side I know it is non invasive procedures but we are ready for small risk for big benefits Otherwise we go for IVF with pgs test Pls suggest which is best option?
1 Doctor answered
Hello, I am 54 having weight 87 kg. I am having problems of snoring. How to get rid of all this problem?
1 Doctor answered
Hi, If girl has taken two unwanted 72 in 15 days. Is it will cause. Her infertility? And if not then for how much day her period will be delayed? If she not pregnant what tablet will be given her to get her period early? please sir really scared. And tensed we are afraid.
1 Doctor answered
I had the problem of constipation. But now I'm better but still I smell like poop all the time. And feel I need to go to the washroom. Why do I smell like that?
1 Doctor answered
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