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1. I have hyper Acidity 2. I do not come sleep at night Dr. Pshchytric doctor give me 3 tab 1. Qutipin 50 mg 2.Libotryap Ds. 3. Mirtaz 15 mg and 4. Clonotril tab .25 mg sos 3. I have chronic neck pain at after midday I take Dicloplus + rantac 4. Just last month I have suffered from 2 nd stage hemorrhoids give me best suggestion.
1 Doctor answered
I am jumping ropes 10 sets a day a set being 50 jumps along with light cardio for 30 mins everyday. Is this much exercise enough for weight loss?
1 Doctor answered
I feel pain in my neck and back side .for long time working on office to sitting on chair.
2 Doctors answered
Hello, Can hypothyroid patient eat soybean oil as I heard hypothyroid patient should reduce soybean? Please suggest.
2 Doctors answered
Hello? I'm 30 years old married. Trying to conceive from 2 years but no success. All reports are normal except my AMH level was 2.75 last year and came down to 1.82 this year. My doctor give me Ovy Dsr 75 mg for 1 month. What should I do?
2 Doctors answered
I am suffering from insomnia, and sometimes feel weakness too. I also have severe headache due to even little tensed situations. Kindly suggest me some tips.
1 Doctor answered
Hi Sir, Blood sugar control. My reading today fasting 150, post meal 230. P;ease advice on it.
1 Doctor answered
I am taking amaryl m1 but blood sugar is not under control. Kindly suggest remedies.
2 Doctors answered
Exercise krne ke bad sar Dard hone lag jata hai pura din sar bhari bhari rehta hai, pain killer lene par bhi thik nhi hota, chakar bhi aate hain.Please kuch bataiye?
1 Doctor answered
How can a young boy aged 18 prevent arthritis after having acl reconstruction surgery?
1 Doctor answered
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