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Hello, I don't know what happened but I have been using femfresh (feminine wipes) to clean my vaginal area for 2 weeks already but today after I bath I felt a bit itching down there so I decided to use the wipes again (as mentioned above), while wiping it I felt a bit of a burning sensation. Can I ask what causes the burn? I was just confused, I don't know. Is it because of the wipes or is it something else? I need help asap as I'm just turn 20 this year.
1 Doctor answered
I am 33 year male ,I m married and I have 2 child From few month I noticed when I have sex with my wife I fall down very shortly and if is very simple foe me I am very sad pls help me.
1 Doctor answered
My age is now 18 but my weight is not gaining for that I should start my diet but there is no any effect on my effect there for you suggest me the protein powder or any other suggestion please.
1 Doctor answered
Hi Sir, I have done unprotected sex. My first day of last period was 11th July. Is there any chance of getting pregnant? How can I stop my pregnancy? Can I take any unwanted emergency pill available in market?
1 Doctor answered
Hi Sir, I would like to know the treatment available for breathing, gas, piles. Cholesterol, chest pain.
1 Doctor answered
Sir tell me any medicine to grow up sex timing because I can sex only two minute.
1 Doctor answered
I am having small red spots on Penis head after oral sex with girlfriend. Even after 10 days, spots still remain. No pain or itchiness is there. What can it be?
1 Doctor answered
I am 18 year old girl. My weight is 45.5 kgs and height 5 foot 5 inches. I am having light headedness. I feel as if I am going to lose balance. I am feeling numbness in my head and weakness. I am having confusion in head. I had acidity, pain in left arm, indigestion,cold in past. I also have short breaths sometimes. I not able to concentrate on my daily activities. What could be the reason? please suggest some way.
1 Doctor answered
Me Girlfriend went through a sonography few days ago and Reports says that there is a block of water inside uterus. She was feeling difficulties in periods like body pain, stomach cramps and fever. Now it was worst time so we decided to do sonography and blood test in that we came to know that water is collected in uterus that's why the pain is going on. I am having doubt that this water is nothing but squirt water which comes out on great intercourse but in case for her it was just sounds coming out from her vagina as air is thrown out. Even she use to feel like something is coming out and use to go to pee but there used to be nothing. So I am thinking that the water is nothing but squirt which is blocked. Any solutions to get relif from it? Doctor said it water and it should go in 7-8 months by treatment or directly while giving birth to baby. But is there any other solution rather than this?
1 Doctor answered
Hello, I am suffering from stomach infection from past two years. I suffered infection twice a month. I am fed up now to take medicine. What should I do?
2 Doctors answered
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