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Hi, from last 4-5 days I do not have penis erection. I thought it might be due to I was not feeling well. Is it normal OR should I consult. Any tablets OR any treatment?
2 Doctors answered
Hey doctor my patient is 53 years old he has fatty liver 7.8kpa and iqr is 0.4 he is nonalcoholic but he is a chronic smoker from last 30 years .so wht should I do. Let me know .is there any serious problem.
2 Doctors answered
I am only 19 but my hair is going white what to do. And are the reason which causing it.
1 Doctor answered
In my urine examination the RBC is showing 10 to 12 and pus cells is showing 6 to 8. Please advice what this means.
1 Doctor answered
I had unprotected sex with my bf my period is not occurring since from 8 days from my regular period date im I pregnant please suggest me any tablet to get my periods as soon as possible im 18 years.
1 Doctor answered
I fell from train, my heel was hit by stone, consulting the doctor after few days I can walk, But I can not walk more than 1 km per day .please tell me the solution heel pain. Or any exercise.
1 Doctor answered
I have a large lump on my left hip that is very painful and I can barely walk. It is red and warm to the touch. What might this be? I'm very concerned.
1 Doctor answered
I am having dysentery from last one month, not getting permanent cure. Had taken several medicines including Econorm sachet. What could be the reason.
1 Doctor answered
Sir I got married in last year but after marriage at that time of intercourse I can't maintain hard erection please suggest me any tablet I have no any health issues and I master bate from 12, year is due to that this problem occurs I hardly relationship with my wife with this erectile dysfunction please suggest me any cheap tablet.
1 Doctor answered
I am suffering from dry cough from last 2 days. I am taking honitus syrup and constantly drinking warm water but there is no improvement. Please Help.
1 Doctor answered
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